WOYWW # 617 {Loot}


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 This is my desk on Wednesday AM. Last weekend found me poking around on the internet and I was searching for the photos of the stamps that had arrived from eBay previously. punched in the mfg not finding the specific stamps and came across Boyd's bears stamps. ( remember those?) funny thing 4 auctions followed me home and two have already arrived. (the wood is something like balsa I think, these have no weight to them) off to the left is a new set of watercolor paints, yes I know what you are thinking really? yes really this one has several purples and pinks in it. and most of my set or loose tubes are more greens and browns with a few primary colors type of sets. and these were cheaper than most the others. I did make a cheat sheet of the colors and played around a little bit on Monday night ( in the kitchen) in the sprial bound pad of WC paper I have going on with mostly just strokes in it. but, I am hoping to steal some time to paint some images soon. The weather has been off and on really nice here so, quite a bit of deadheading and cleaning out the flowerbeds has been going on in the daylight after work more than puttering around up here.

This was an impulse buy from last weekend that showed up from Amazon on Monday. ( there are a few purples in this set) and I have mostly been watching flower painting water coloring video's and so, with the limited blues and reds I have I tend to make the same shade of purple over and over. and I decided to buy this set because, there are a few shades of various colors and the price was not as bad as say Daniel Smith or one of the other "professional" quality paints. I bought those brushes to get the cats tongue one. That's about it from me, I hope you all are continuing to do well. Thanks for stopping by. The nest from last week was pretty much finished off just as you seen it with the addition of some black shadow across the bottom a little bit that evidently I forgot to blog about it oops, but it is in the gallery at SCS.


Hunting buddies Scene

 This week's featured Stamper is Francine and I love what she does with scene building with her cute critters like this pond scene here or these Christmas tags found here. And you know for all the stamps I own and or scenes I build I never really do it with the cute cartoon ones so that tickled my imagination and I decided I could use the real foliage to do a scene for these cute guys from Art Impressions that came to me from eBay recently.

A glance at how much space was left after I cut this out of the scene ( which was too tall to become a slimline design) and a peek at the piles of stamps and inks. there is a spot inside the gallery uploads at SCS where you list the stamps but, I ran out of room so, here is a list. the tallest grass is from the SU set called Inspired by Nature, the man facing forward looking through binoculars is called Hollis bird watching front from Art Impressions ( I also have the back view and I did consider doing another panel for the inside of the card but, ultimately did not because, the hunting guy to the right is only a forward facing stamp as far as I know. the largest tree to the left is the large Acacia tree from Coronado Island stamping the tree that is smaller and masked behind Hollis is the tall cypress and the one on the far right in the back is the Monterey small pines. From Stampscapes there are Prickly branches, cloud bar, oak tree medium, Migrating birds large, ducks in formation ( which got cut out) and reeds large. One of the shorter rounder clumps of grass is from the stamp in the hand, The speckley textured rays in the sky ( under the clouds) above the guys & through the birds is from Love you to bits.  I believe every single one of these stamps is probably retired.  I did pick up a humorous sentiment from Riley & Co. that reads
"Vegetarian is an old Indian word for bad hunter" And I thought it would pair well with the scene because, they are looking away from the birds...

but, ultimately it will be up to hubs if he'd like me to add it in as I am thinking this will work for his friends birthday in a couple of weeks. The skin on the guys was colored with copic markers and the clothes were done with pencils. I did end up doing a little bit of color blending with a peeled paint and speckled egg distress oxide inks along the edges of the panel to erase some of the white space in the un-stamped spaces of the scene. That's about it from me, thanks for stopping by.


WOYWW # 616 {the usual}


Happy desk peeking day, if you'd like to see more spaces or play along 
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So, on Tuesday afternoon I spread around some things that had arrived in the mail and were in a pile so they could be shot and then as soon as that happened I had the idea to stick that nest to the glass mat and stamp some off, the others were done on regular cheap white card with various brown inks ( all too dark) and then I finally grabbed the acorn Versafine Clair and liked it best so, stamped one off on some watercolor paper and started playing. The pearls are from Amazon. the first two I bought around Christmas had smaller sizes in the containers. and I was so excited to see they came in just black ( I like these to add to critter eyeballs on things) and the blue was just because I liked the color a lot. but, these have larger pearls in the containers. I will still use them but, it was just a tad disappointing. I see now looking at them the other pearls had more than double the amount of pearls in the container. So, there ya go. if you are like me and do not read sizes... double the pearls means smaller ones. Sometimes I just have to laugh at my self.

Just a single layer, have not looked at it this morning to decide how much more it will need. I think I want to have some blues peeking through where the light should come through the twigs. ( not sure yet)

Some other things that arrived in the mail the last week or so. (eBay) a lot of the ones down the right and bottom were part of a huge lot that I bought just to get the Coronado Island Stamping horses and then found the other horses being sold by it self from a seller that had flat shipping if you bought 3 so tossed in the Emerson fishing chick and the Art impression sentiment to the other CIS horse cart. the tweety bird and fishing guy were single auctions. and I have been a shopping fool. I am seriously considering doing one of those no go shopping things but, when ever I have tried them in the past I end up shopping more so, I am hoping that with more daylight the creating can start balancing out the new things to play with piles. Because, I have not put any of it away its all piling up where I can see it to remember to play with it. and teetering piles annoy me after a while. Its probably just the missing Grace thing. Izzy seems to be doing OK with being an only dog. And in the good news dept. my Dr's office called one Friday (two Fridays ago) and said hey, we got some vaccine thawed that needs to go in an Arm in the next couple of hours can you make it down here so, I did. what a relief. That's about it from me, thanks for stopping by.


Sparkly Tweety

 I knew there was going to be a spring/summer coffee lovers hop starting on Friday when I happened to see that Toni had issued a glitter challenge on Thursday at Splitcoaststampers. And so, that started me thinking about what I have that has not come out to play yet in one of these hops and what is new etc and so forth. but, I really wanted to do a card for my sister in law who survived an heart attack early in the week who loves Tweety Bird & Coffee.

And so, the idea for this one came about. I did use the index sticker on the vintage rubber stampede bed time Tweety stamp for coloring ideas and then because, this stamp is pretty small I used some glitter gel pens to add sparkle to the cap, pants & mug for work for Toni's challenge. along with a regular white gel pen and some zig clean brush markers with Polychomos pencils. I did use some new stash with this, the printed paper is from the Memory Box Madras print coral & green pad ( it has some foiled lines in the plaid which adds to the shine) and the sentiment here is from the My Favorite Things a very sweet something set. And this finished out at A2 in real life.

If you'd like to play along with this hop and or view some really fun creative projects you can find the details here. Thanks for stopping by.

Inspired by {Penguin Random House}

 This week the Inspiration Challenge is taking a look at the Penguin Random House publishers pinterest boards. and I seen so much book cover art to be inspired by, but I tend to do my sample late in the afternoon early evenings on Fridays and yesterday evening our 13+ year old "fox red" English Lab Grace had gone over the rainbow bridge after a long battle with cancer. 

So, that changed what I wanted to do and in the books about Animals board I stumbled across this one and the title grabbed me by the throat and I water colored this simple one below jump started by that.

This is Stella Puppy from the picket fence studios line, she was stamped with some Versafine Clair Acorn ink on Strathmore 400 series watercolor paper. the watercolors on this one are Daniel smith and the sentiment is in that same stamp set. I did cut this with a Waffle flower A7 rectangle die and mounted it flat to some speckled cream cardstock and it finished out at 5X7 in real life. We are of course heart broken and yet, relieved she is no longer in pain at the same time. If you'd like to play along with this challenge you can find the details here at Splitcoaststampers.  Thanks for stopping by.


Inspired by { Rug & Design Lovers}

 This week Kia has shared a link to Colorful Rugs where I found this one on their "green" board. 

I have been messing around with watercolors off and on lately so, that was what was "out" when I went to make something and so, I ended up doing a kind of a wash of blues and greens of Daniel smith watercolors on some Strathmore 400 series paper. ( twice) and it was pretty streaky and a little bloom-y since I did it twice and added water to it both times. and I was OK with that, I decided I wanted it to be a colorful frame so, I cut the piece 3 times with some Waffle flower A7 rectangle dies. and then added foam pop dots to the mid center cut piece. 


Then I started looking through my already colored images and I found this gal from Katzlekraft called Windy Day. ( she was colored with watercolors and pencils a while back) and I decided the colors in her coat were close enough to work with this rug inspired frame. 

 A closer look at the image which tends to make me smile every time I see her, so I started looking through some humorous sentiments in that envelope. This sentiment is from the My Favorite Things greetings & salutations set and was diecut with a Simon Says Stamp sentiment strip die. So all in all this was probably a 20 minute quick card for me. 

At any rate this is seriously what I look like every single time the wind blows ( which is pretty much a daily occurrence around here) You can find this challenge here at Splitcoaststampers to play along with us. Thanks for stopping by.


WOYWW #614 {mostly loot again}


Happy desk peeking day, if you'd like to see more spaces or play along 
the link up for this blog hop starts here at our hostess
There is also a new Instagram hashtag of #WOYWW

So, this is a Tuesday afterwork before dark shot. some happy mail had arrived (again) off to the left you'll see some PSX Quilt stamps had arrived over the weekend from eBay auctions..on Monday the Art Impressions people arrived and Tuesday the dick blick painting supplies arrived. So, I cleared off a spot in the middle without picking up the mess I made Monday after work doing the card below. ( the folder and such is under that round palette cover. ( it does not fit tightly on it but, I think it will keep the dust out of the paint when you walk away. ( its ceramic and has some paint brush grooves kinda like an ashtray)

A closer look at that. oh I did pick up one cheap paint brush from Amazon to try too. ( I have seen a bunch of videos where the gal doing them loves that line) personally what I have found is since I am just a beginner I have better luck with the black velvet silver brushes so far, so I did pick up a few more sizes of those in round.

just because, they make me happy scale wise I am not so sure the idea I had when I seen them all will work. so also off to the left are bits and pieces of ones I stamped and colored and am pushing around thinking still. ( the sentiment is too large to layer over these quilts and have the quilt peeking out around it.) so, next thing I will try will probably be to heat emboss the sentiment on vellum to lay over a quilt and see.

On Monday the technique lovers challenge watched a video that the gist of it is to add 3 colors to some watercolor paper. dry that off, run it through an embossing folder and then swipe the top of it with a black versafine pad. ( the lady used a very detailed lace folder and it was stunning) I didn't have anything really lacy but, then I found these knots and thought ah ha... dug out this silly little Riley and Co. sentiment ( which happens to be true) and added some finger nail art bling sticker to the corner of that. The point of the challenge was to let the embossing folder take center stage in the design. 

So, its snowing here. yeah, I know its still winter but, still. hopefully it will be a quick in and out day at work. We are doing good here and hope you all are too. Thanks for stopping by.


Inspired by {FreePik}

 This week Julie has shared with us the links to Freepiks web site and pinterest boards and I came across this one with a butterfly on lavender on pinterest yesterday. ( yes, there is no minute like the last one right?) and this sort of fell together really quickly after that because, I had been messing around with these lavender diecuts and prima watercolors a few days ago...

So, knowing I had a head start with the blooms I started poking around in the hanging file folders for a sheet to be a background and I was actually looking for something more grey toned but, then found this old piece of Basic Grey print that looks like water coloring and although the colors are more grass colored I decided to use it, then I cut the frame from a previously done sheet of Green watercolor paper background and made it a frame to help tuck in the bottoms of those skinny stems. ( all those die cuts have sticky dots type adhesive on them) but, this is the first time I have tried that type of glue so, no telling how it holds up to mail with such little slivers right? then I seen this scrap of the orange/red background from a previously made sheet ( I save hand made backgrounds even the scraps) and cut it with a poppy stamps stitched butterfly die, and then traced the stitching detail with a black sharpie pen trying to mimic some of the bold black on a Monarch butterfly. ( it didn't pop as well as I hoped but, is better than nothing) Added in the Altenew birthday greetings on a strip stamped on Neenah and cut with a SSS sentiment strip die and its up on foam pop dots. Found some grass-ish colored Bazzill and finished this one out at 5 1/2" square. I keep debating about if I should add some flecks of white gel pen to some of the blooms but, so far have resisted that urge. You can find this challenge here at Splitcoaststampers to play along with us. Thanks for stopping by.


WOYWW # 613 { Watercoloring & more loot}


Happy desk peeking day, if you'd like to see more spaces or play along 
the link up for this blog hop starts here at our hostess
There is also a new Instagram hashtag of #WOYWW
The long slim lavender is a new Memory box die and while I was cutting ( from watercolor paper) and coloring some for someday use I grabbed the sheet of the older lavender stems and blooms too. I had topped off my watercolor palettes that have the tube kind in them on that day and they were waiting to cure a little and so, I dug out these Prima ones. Oh, I have decided I think I would much rather have half pan paints than tubes that kills my fingers to open and close them so, I am going to try to use them up more seriously now I think.

More Happy mail arrived on Monday night. ( Stamps Happen vintage stamps found on eBay)

So, tuesday afternoon I stamped off the through the storm image on that cheap Accent Opaque paper with versafine and colored with Polychromos & Prisma pencils. ( this is 4X9 and I did use a slimline die to cut the window front into the front of the card base) 

I used the index sticker as a color cheat sheet and even added in some steaks of glitter gel pen and white gel pen to the "storm" and I did touch up the lighthouse with a tiny black sharpie pen. 
So, that's about it from me, I will be driving all day for work today. And the exciting thing is, I have not been expecting to be on the list to receive a shot for months from now. ( I am 50) and I seen in the paper here yesterday that my age group will be eligible at the end of this month so, that is exciting. ( they approved a 3 vaccine here this week and that boosted the numbers of what is flowing out from the factories to be given) YAY :) Hope you all are continuing to do well & thanks for stopping by.