My First Circle Journal... Is Home!!!

I have not done this before and I didn't set out to join this swap that i was in, I was kind of drafted into it. So one year ago i made an album and sent it on its way... I mailed it priority Mail... It took over one month to go from my house in Oregon to Los Angeles, Ca... so in the course of that month and a half i created a second journal and mailed it to the person i sent to for the swap (UPS) (Which almost takes a week but at least it arrives) and now its finally been returned to me. My theme was "flower gardens" and this is a link to the photo album that was started for my journal so the first few pages are ones i made for it then what follows is most of the other pages, (a few people did not put their pages into the album) but thats OK... http://groups.msn.com/SunroomLibrary/jbgreendawnscirclejournal.msnw I don't know for sure how long the photos will be in and there are 4 pages of them but i think the plan was for the site owner to delete these albums at the end of the swap to get the storage space back for the site... You should be able to see these photos as the site is not locked... It's pouring rain here today but started out last night as snow so most the day was a slushy mess, supposed to continue to dump precipitation all over southern Or for all the next 3 days... We are planning to go to Medford tomorrow, (I bought Tim a duplicate lure book and James has a thing for the game boy that may need to be exchanged) And I'm hoping to run into the rubber stamp art store... I've been giving some thought to my next project and i think i am going to make a small (like 9 x9) ish sized theme album that is made up of the photos we have received in our Christmas Cards over the years... So it would be fun to flip through and see peoples family's growing through the years kind of a thing. Of course not everyone sends photos but most the people who do, do it every year, so i Probably do have enough to fill an album already... I wish i was getting photos from the people who mater Most to me but... I'm greedy about photos and do love what i do have... yes that was a direct {bald} hint to some of you! ;) Have a Safe and Happy New Years!!


Thank-You's are in the Mail...

but photos are still in the film roll in my purse haha... yes gotta get digital one of these days... (haven't felt up to braving the film counter at walmart) (if i could even find a parking spot...) This card came about because there are sign ups going on for a "match book" swap at the moment and the idea interest me a great deal, but i cant imagine using 12 monthly matchbooks so i have not signed up for it, just played with some cardstock to create this type of a fold, yes it really does open backwards... (just so you know you need to bend it a little to pop the cover from the back of the card to open it.) Have tomorrow OFF and am hoping to spend some time scrapping, feel like i haven't touched anything of mine (photo wise) in a long long time. Alice Loved her album. (everyone she shows it to enjoys it too) that's a huge relief. J is in week two off now and seriously enjoying the break and his new toys... (gameboy advance) We are planning a trip over to Medford on next Saturday to let him spend a portion of the money he received for X-mas at toys-r-us. so he's looking forward to that, i need to get Tim a store credit at Barnes and Nobles one of the books i picked up for him he already owns... and the thing toys r us sold me for the game boy to plug into the wall and be played with the wrapper says its for a different Nintendo system and i had handed the store clerk the papers of exactly what system j was getting but... i don't know now if its correct or if its the wrong one so we may have to switch that too... (should be interesting as this was a Santa gift and mom has a receipt in her purse...) maybe i can get Tim to drag J around the store while i find out about the thing... ha ha... Thanks to MB because,Santa made it here while we were gone on Xmas eve... so J says to me IF Santa comes while we are gone and beats us home again (like last year) I do NOT want to stay up opening things can we just wait till morning?? (so of course we said yes) BUT his idea of Morning came real early at (5:15 am) YIKES! haha so thats part of why there is no hurry on the photos they are probably too dark to be real good... May try to take a few posed ones in front of the tree some time this week while its still up if we get a good day light day. (it's been Grey and raining most of the last week or so)


Something Yummy,

If you know that i am not a recipe collector this is a funny thing to find in my blog but, We had this for dinner recently and it is just so yummy i told a few people and then went back online to find the recipe... Bourbon Pecan Chicken Submitted by: PGraffRated: 5 out of 5 by 94 members Prep Time: 20 MinutesCook Time: 10 Minutes Ready In: 30 MinutesYields: 8 servings "Chicken breasts are coated in a pecan breading, and fried in a skillet. Then a rich bourbon sauce is poured over them before serving. This is a fabulous recipe that my Mother gave me from a upscale restaurant in New York. It is to die for. ENJOY!!" INGREDIENTS: 1/2 cup finely chopped pecans 1/2 cup dry bread crumbs 8 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves 1/4 cup clarified butter, melted 1/4 cup Dijon mustard 1/4 cup dark brown sugar 2 2/3 tablespoons bourbon whiskey 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce 3/4 cup unsalted butter, chilled and cut into small cubes 1/2 cup sliced green onions DIRECTIONS: 1. Stir together the pecans, bread crumbs, and 2 tablespoons of clarified butter. Spread the mixture out on a plate. Press the chicken breasts into the mixture to coat on both sides. Heat the remaining 2 tablespoons of clarified butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Place the coated chicken breasts in the pan, and fry on both sides until nicely browned and chicken meat is cooked through, about 10 minutes per side. 2. In a small saucepan, whisk together the Dijon mustard, brown sugar, bourbon, soy sauce, and Worcestershire sauce until smooth. Bring to a simmer over medium-low heat, then remove from the burner, and whisk in the 3/4 cup of unsalted butter one piece at a time. Do not return to the heat. 3. Arrange the chicken breasts on a large serving plate. Pour the sauce over the chicken, and sprinkle with green onion. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © 2005 Allrecipes.com Printed from Allrecipes.com 12/21/2005 We did make a few changes, (did not clairfy the butter, just melted it, used chicken thighs instead of breast meat, and light brown sugar instead of dark) The nuts in the coating keep the chicken slightly crunchy while you are eating it even with the sauce on top. This almost melts in your mouth... enjoy!


just something silly...

This came to me in an e-Mail a while back... just makes me smile... enjoy!


More pages from A's album

this top photo is actually a crop from a regular photo that was enlarged to panorama. I didn't know this before this but you can take a regular negative to the camera shop and have then crop and print it as an panorama (which is 4X12) pretty neat hmmm? My scanner is giving me issues. (or rather my eyes are feeling too blind to see I'm putting the pages on crooked so this will be it for today. maybe more in a few days...)

scraping again...

Been working on getting A's Christmas gift album done... not done yet but, have 12 new pages to scan... (this is a few from the first few batches of pages) all of these photos were taken by Tim or I at her oldest daughters wedding last august...

I took that photo my self... yeah yeah don't break my arm patting my self on the back right?!?! hee hee does it make a difference if i tell you this is the first wedding that I personally shot photos at? Usually i just line people up and stand next to Tim and go get that one get that one...

This was actually a misprint photo... in real life it does not cut off her dress so the framed shots are all either 4x6 5x7 or 8x12... (this one is 8x10) and i decided to scrap it instead of tossing it...

Last Night was J's school Christmas sing-along program... (only all the fourth grade classes prefomed) we figured out when when we seen the gym for the first time coffee cups in hand with big huge signs every where proclaiming no food or drink allowed in the gym! Can you believe i did NOT take the camera?? (me either then I did not regret it until I found they actually turn the lights on at this school so it would have been much easier to get some good shots than it was at the old school) Oh well, maybe next time. Have no idea what they sang, we were not handed a program as we came in the guy was too busy glaring at our coffee mugs... J's class dressed up like cowboys though and they had a small what almost looked like squre dancing to me going on during one of the songs... all the way up until yesterday he kept saying I do not want to go they are going to make us dance really weird... then last night he almost panicked when Tim and I were groaning about having to go back out for it... "I have to go, I'm in the play"... (he had speaking parts infront of the microphone several times.)

Friday we will do our Company Christmas party and so tonight and tomorrow we get to just stay home. YAY. :) All Santa has left to get is a big dog bone or toy and a cat toy and Tims stocking stuffers... (and wrap J's things which we will have free time alone to do on sunday) Then the baking can start... So far Tim has made an angel food cake that he turned into rum balls. But i have not really thought about what i want to do but, i think i will pick out somethings to do with J when he's home from school and i can plan time off next week...


Faster and Faster...

Is it just me or are the days getting faster and faster instead of shorter and shorter? (my Christmas cards are still not done, but this is the photo we may be inserting into them...) It was shot with color film though and color film skin tone filters so it looks a little fuzzy to me in B&W. We are probably going to try shooting another roll maybe saturday... I wish i knew how to use the photo shop program i think it would be really cool to shoot this shot in b&w and then make the hats red and white like they are in real life. The tree is UP! so far we have re-inserted about 3 of the bottom branches about 4 or 5 times now after work but so far so good the cat has left the tree standing and so far all the ornaments have survived his tree climbing attempts... Tonight is the last ASL class for the first batch of classes, I'm not going to be taking the second class during the winter term as they are doing them at the unemployment office (in a very very bad neighborhood) at night during that term and will wait to see if they are holding the second classes in the spring back at the school. (cross your fingers) Plus we are now about to start all the busy busy paper work that goes along with the year ending and the tax paper gathering that goes along with it. Yvonne got me set up to start taking an online class on how to digital scrapbook so i have spent the better part of the last few days in my free time downloading elements and such to play with. Haven't done a thing with them yet, in my mind they are just scrapbook clip art. kind of a thing, I'm wondering if i can insert them into the blog and play with them that away. (because if i do succeed in making a digital layout, I'm gonna want it on paper) J has a pen pal! he's so excited about that, we are thinking his first response letter should be on its way to him and arrive next week some time... He's become very interested in mail lately and notices that most of what comes in is either for me or his dad. so if you get a chance and you think of it, sending him a note in the snail mail would be really cool for him... *Ü* He only has next week for school then is off till Jan 3rd. (and i thought the turkey day break was long hee!) I have gotten requests about the what to get him thing, and the thing is he's deeply madly crazily in love with Pokemon and Yugioh at the moment... the whole trading card thing is a fairly new thing for him and its been really hard to keep him and his wallet out of the stores as we've got a few packs stashed for the 25th... (I think his chore allowance is burning a hole in his wallet) I hear the "can we go to walmart?" on a daily basis... his friends all told him exactly where in the store to find the cards... (help full little critters) I still have a few odds and ends to pick up such as the required X-mas eve new PJ's but, i am mainly done shopping now and just trying to squeeze in time to get things wrapped. Tim is more of a challenge to shop for, he won't give me any clues this year as to what he wants at all (besides a weather thingy) but i think one of his favorite things he got last year was from Gma&Gpa and it was a home depot card so if all else fails at least i know if i did get him one he could find something there that he needs... a while back there was this "perfect woman" type quiz thing on netscape or something like that and one of the answers to one of the questions was something along the lines of the perfect woman tells you exactly what she wants for a gift and where to get it and Tim said no no no the perfect wife goes out and buys exactly what she wants with her own card... so he's off the hook Santa was very good to me this year ;) told him he has to pick up his own card though he does a better job of it than i do so he says yeah because i read the cards.... ;) So pretty much life just goes on as usual.


Season Of Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving! Of all the things i am always reminding my self that i am greatful for my family, friends and health always tops the list... But my computer and internet connections are right below that. :) I'm also fairly relieved that the Bah-Humbugs are receding... I'm looking forward to hauling the decorations out tomorrow and have been singing christmas carols (mentally for the last 24 hours) Came across this funny quiz... (What christmas carol are you?)
You Are "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow"
Oh the weather outside is frightfulBut the fire is so delightfulAnd since we've no place to goLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Forget a new iPod or laptop...What you want Christmas morning is a winter wonderland.


It feels Like Winter now...

I am so ready for the days to start getting longer again instead of shorter haha... Read on a scrap message board today the count down to Christmas is now 33 days left... I am mostly done with that and ready to go. Still working on my Cards and hand made stuff though. Today i received the last journal in the circle journal swap i am in, i didnt tell the lady but her album has come to me in two zip loc baggies one is the covers of her album with posts and spacers and one baggie contains all the pages with just posts between them (the pages are being ripped to shreads) so this has decided it for me, i am gonna brave taking James to the lss sometime during the next few days because when i mail this out its going to its owner and i think wow, i want her to be able to open her album not see it in peices in the box... (this makes me wonder about how mine is holding up...) But i will also be finding out soon... We are ready for Turkey day here! :) gonna have spaghetti and meat balls tonight before i go to school. It's almost over with i think just a few weeks left now. the Teacher is making noises about doing a class two but has not made a decision for sure yet. I think she would have a better turn out in the spring semester but that is just me, i only live 3 miles from the school so it is not a hardship to get there and back. not very fun at night but not impossible either. J has the next 5 days off from school so i have it off too... somewhere in that i have to find out when Harry Potter is playing as we are supposed to go and see it. I just finished re-reading the fourth book again today so that i will kinda know what is going on watching it. (but it always much better when the DVD's are out and you can play them at home with the cc...) We caved in and picked up the last star wars on DVD at Costco last weekend. Cool. It was the last thing we had seen together as a family at the theaters. there's usually only one or two things that come out each year that we do go and see them on the big screen... Okay i guess i better go practice these signs before so its not so obvious that i just made them up (my sentences) a couple of hours ago haha... Have a good holiday!!



This is a test post from Photobucket.com

It's got to be Nap time somewhere right?!?

Hee hee... I know I have not posted anything recently, just the usual going on, made a fathers day card last friday for a beyond the basic's dry embossing card call... who knows? think they won't email people if they want their cards till mid december, so theres still a little time to do a few more. (maybe tomorrow) Just finished cleaning and drying all the china on the bakers rack. Whew. (I didn't bother to dust it all summer when the windows were open right next to it...) now all i need to do is plan a menu and shop and we will be all set for Turkey day. I drove over to Medford yesterday and seen Debbie R. that was a really good thing for me i have not seen her in person for over a year or so? I am *almost* done with my X-mas shopping too! Tomorrows plans include more card making in the afternoon and Alice is going to come by and play too. that should be interesting. :) Still taking the sign classes there's a few weeks left i think, still have to make up sentences to do next tuesday. (every class everyone who shows up has to do 5 sentences for the class) and then to try to keep it understandable we are supposed to take words from the parts of the book we have gone over in class... (which is not always possible because sometimes you need a word that we have not learned yet) So, Tim got me a dictionary... so the hard part is not learning the signs its thinking of what to say from the words we mostly *know* or in other words have seen signed once... lol (so when i talk, its just like this you know, all the sentences start with SO) Next week J has 5 days off from school in a row... Yikes! so far i have planned one day (sat) for him to have a buddy over from his old school so he's looking forward to that. I'm hoping to go to just one store on black friday and then get the tree up and done that day. Tim is like oh no!!... :) but, part of me is learry about it as CAT thinks we only decorate for his amusement... so far not much has not been nibbled on or re-arranged or dragged from one end of the house to the other.


So, How many Pieces of Halloween Candy have you eaten this week??

Me too many pieces to count. Yuck. (I'm real tempted to toss half of what's in the bowl on the counter in the trash and deny all knowledge of the dissaperance...) So this is a link to a test to see what kind of candy are you?!?! http://www.blogthings.com/whatkindofcandyareyouquiz/ here is me: Gummy Bears You may be smooshie and taste unnatural, but you're so darn cute. I dont even eat gummy bears... James is real attracted to the sour gummy worms still though... So what kind are you???


It's Here already!!!

This is just one of my favorite stores to shop in online... can you believe the sent it Fed-Ex and its here already? (the spooktacular prize giveaway was last friday 10/28) notice they were kind enough to send more coupons hee hee... the wrapper says there are 4 sheets of alpahbets, one sticker sheet , 24 printed paper sheets and some solid color sheets to coordinate... (looks like baby girl ish type colors... not sure what i am going to do with it yet, but still fun to receive)

***we have SNOW***

Can you imagine?!?! (just a dusting) (isnt it too early for this?) where did the year go? we moved into this house the first weekend in November last year so we are coming up on our one year here in a few days...


Pumpkins, Wizards and More...

Mine is the one on the left, no pattern just happy, T's is the middle and J did the one on the right... (which turned out pretty good for his first one hmmm?!?) okay it won't let me put in a fourth photo so the pumpkins will go in a few minutes... So, I may have mentioned on a recent shopping excursion... Toy'sRuS carries HP costumes? so we picked up a proper robe and a wand. (that is my old witched broom hee) So Serious hmmm?

If you've ever wondered how many candles it takes to boil water, well now i know... Yvonne sent me a funny link to a site that will tell you that, among other things...

so now you know, its not really a cake with candles its a hand warmer...


A Beautiful Morning...

These are on the counter in a row right this minute even as you peek at this blog waiting for the annual Carving ceremony to be held later today... (Tim grew all 6 of these in his garden this summer) :) todays plans includes dinner out (haven't decided where yet, picky James will not eat much you know) This Mornings events included coffee in bed, Huge breakfast cooked (with a spotless kitchen) & Opening the cards from the guys. Who have decided to spoil me with a gift certificate to my favorite Local scrapbook store. Whoo. so yes, this is partially what spoiled looks like... (I have put most the things away, but i did buy myself a pair of tall brown leather boots for skirts) I have wanted some for years and years and i wear skirts all the time. :)

Look Look, I DID get your cards :) and gifts! and emails and email cards! Yep I do read my e-mail at least once every 24 hours and some days more often not to worry. :) I know some are still coming in the mail and that happens. Dont worry i will holler when i get them. :)

So here's hopping you are having as good of a day as i am.


try this one...

the other one has too many htttp's in it... http://www.creativexpress.com/community/xpressions/showthread.php?t=9914 hopefully that works i did it different than the first one... So anyways its still pheasant season, and the plan is for the guys to go out tomorrow morning again (so i will be headed to my scrap space with coffee) Oh yeah i promised you test results, well they have not bothered to tell me the diabetes test results, an the cholestorol is two good numbers and one slightly above where it should be number however in my defence i had shrimp for dinner the night before the test... which they dont tell you is bad for you. HA who knew... so its probably a fluke from that... they dont want to do the test again for 5 more years... (oh goodie) ;) have a good weekend people. me


hee hee... In case your not a scrapper and really dont know what im talking about I guess i should put in a brief "what's what comment" I read and participate on alot of scrapbooking boards across the internet. on all of them My screen name is JBgreendawn (or if its an msn group and im using a storage account it has greendawn in it somewhere) (so you see that its probably me) this is a link to a scrapbooking store that i started posting on a month or so ago... ( I joined it when it was new but just started posting recently...) http://http://www.creativexpress.com/community/xpressions/showthread.php?t=9914 this should take you to the page... :)


the hugs and kisses is the first round card i have ever made and the thanks is the second, cant post the third as the person I'm mailing it to reads this blog hee... :)

not much going on today im just really really sleepy & my allergies are kicking my butt. so I am going to sign off and go to bed. I just wanted to say Hey, and thanks for the b-day cards and gifts that have arrived cool stuff to find in the mail box... :)


some recent pages...

So, this last weekend went real quick didn't it? Tim and James and Slick went pheasant hunting sat morning, (got one gave it to Mancell) I went shopping... Then Tim and I went out to dinner (for our anniv (late) but feeling better now) that was yummy. And Sunday we started putting the new roof on the barn. ( the garage was done last month ~ that was a huge messy project because it had to have new plywood the whole thing) the barn is just getting shingles so the south sides done and the north sides 2/3 way done but it cant be finished until the wood stove pipe goes in (since it will vent through the roof) Oh yeah on a side note cows are just as big of "beggers" as dogs, cats and chickens... I have been dumping my rose bush cuttings into Tim's burn pile (its not burn day here yet) and the darn cows are climbing the pile to eat the rose bush branches... ( yes they DO have thorns!) Silly cows watch me walk around the yard with one of those big black planting pots to toss things in and think its a big grain bucket or something, they eyeball me where ever i walk... Cat's in a fairly bad mood today & yesterday, he caught 6 snakes on saturday and nothing yesterday or today. (the bad part is he usually brings them to me... lucky me hmmmm?) this one no one's real sure of the date of the photo we have to do more"research" I. E. "dig for some pic's that show how many kids and how big they are hee hee..." another funny thought occured to me as i was mostly done with this one, it is mainly FLAT yes you read that right, I cant tell you the last time i did a flat page... It has a lot of depth though from the fonts on the paper and the stickers and what not...

the oldest girl in the top left corner is Tim's mama. this was taken we think around sept of 1957 as the youngest (danny the baby) was born in august of that year...

Yes, i did do a few others but since i cant remember which ones are in here and which ones are not i will post these and peek at the blog to remember. (yep its that bad already) ;)


just some scraps from the last few days...

This is the page i tried to upload the other day... the Baby in the center is Tim :) there are paper tags on this that look like they are really hard to read on the scan but they are a quote from the Pinocchio that reads, to become a real boy you must prove your self brave, truthful and unselfish... the side tags read brave, truthful and unselfish. so this is the tags I'm thinking about attaching to treat bags this year with skinny black gross-grain ribbon. Not sure yet how many kids are in James class at school or if his teacher is going to allow a party or not, but so far I have 30 of these in various stages of "done" I don't have any idea if we will get trick or treaters at this house, we didn't live here last year then so... I probably wont make more than 30 baggies so James can take them to school and then we will see what will happen. Haven't gotten any of the decor out yet either. Just totally un-motivated to do it. Gee I wish i could pay everyone i care about a nickle to start their own blogs so i can see what they have been up too! what a thought hmmm? Okay i gotta go practice, have to have 5 more sentences to sign for the class tonight... ( I*think* I know what i am going to say, but if i have the signs correct is another guess)


Happy Hump Day!

I keep trying to make new posts every so often but the site seems to eat them rather than post them and I usually dont have that much free time to fight with this thing... just remember all the times you've been told you DO get what you Pay for! (and this sites free) I have been scrapping again, i havent made real pages for me that i keep all summer just the circle journal pages mainly and they get mailed away... so when the insert a photo button decides to cooperate again i will show you. In the mean time, today I have a blood screening test for cholestorol levels. Oh what fun, gee i wish i was sipping coffee instead of water... Yes Im sure im fine i think its just the people are hoping to find something to tinker with or more pills to prescribe haha. (seriously) James had his first parent teacher conferences last night it mostly went well but we've decided to let him go to a "call back thing" where he goes before school for more help he's totally mortified, at the old school they did this after school not before. So he wont give us a reason of why its so important for him to not go but i think its a peer pressure thing. so thats sad but hes still going... told him if he improves hard enough and works at it, then maybe he doesnt have to go all year. who knows? so far he's finding 4th grade to be a bigger challenge than the last years... School photos are in, btw, thats pretty much what I am doing for X-mas this year is cards with school photos... (our renters are moving so we will have the two morgage payments until we rent the house again) so just so you know, I'm hoping no one is expecting some fabulous hand-made well thought out things, I just don't have the time or the funds this year, I hate to say that i really do love Christmas. But it IS getting easier to do the whole BAh-Hum-Bug thing too...


Dare I Hope???

This is NOT a normal view in our house, usually he's glued to the boob tube or wanting to play video games...

It's almost amazing that Tim and I grew up without such things ehh?

(school homework... free reading 30 minutes daily) ~ the first day he read one of his books 6 times to make it 30 minutes... then i handed him Harry Potter the next day... so now he's already into the second book... some days he forgets to watch the clock and reads past the 30 minute mark! (others he whines about how bad his eyes hurt and is it time to Quit yet??)

Oh yeah in the quest for the perfect Halloween costume i picked up a witch hat at Wally world that had stars and moons on it, cut the brim off and sewed a black satin blanket binding to the edges and Ta-Da! Its now a Wizard hat! GO MOM! ;)

however i have been informed the cape i picked up is actually a Star-Wars guy cape NOT a HP cape (which should have sleeves) SO, since he has Star-Wars stuff he may end up going that route. (like i have endless patience, time & funds for him to be everything he wants in one night hahahaha...)


Next years Goals??

Last year around Christmas time, I had my arm twisted into Joining a Circle Journal swap… Where each person in the circle Buys an album or journal and picks a theme so all year they moved From scrapper to scrapper and at the end you get your own back. So the one on my desk this week the Theme is "Goals" Goals… I DON’T make goals, then I would be obligated to Do them! ;) So this was a hard page for me to do… It's just a simple one; it's probably hard to see From the scan but the right side is actually a part of a slide mount holder page that I trimmed to fit on the page (this journal is 8 X 8) and then tucked the black cardstock and stuff into the "pockets" of it. this is the right side...

This is the left side...

I'm looking forward to getting mine back, I have one more to work in then I should get mine back around Thanksgiving time. I've gotten some e-Mail about the Duck count. Ok Saturday AM shoot resulted in 3 Ducks, 1 very tired Puppy, 1 cold and crabby kid and one very glad he could leave the kid home for the afternoon shoot Husband… So, the Sat afternoon and Sunday am shoots the ducks were too high in the sky to shoot. Finally finished purchasing all the indg. For The BBQ Duck breast wraps… so tomorrow that's what's for dinner (they are marinating now) Our Chickens are officially HENS! We are getting more than a half a dozen eggs per day! Tim is taking them to work and giving them away now we have so many. I'm surprised James is Not clucking for the number he has consumed. I keep muttering pound cake and angel food cake at Tim…


So, I am creating "cheat sheets"

Today is Opening day of Duck Hunting season, so the guys were up at 4 am and out the door. I'm already starting my Christmas Cards too, or they will never get done. each time i think keep it simple there is just too many people on the list to go crazy with them, but it doesn't work out that way because even the simple ideas & doing them assembly line way takes time. So, I think i am going to seriously keep track of the cards that come in this year. People who don't send me one will be bumped off the list, Nope, it's not a threat just a sanity saver. The older i get the easier it is to go Bah-Humbug. Why is she talking about Christmas already?!? (I'm glad you asked... I went to the fabric store to look for things that will work for James to be Harry Potter for Halloween and they have all there Christmas OUT already. We haven't even hauled the Halloween decor out yet... Why do they do that? by the time i want to see new Christmas Ideas I'm sure the good stuff will be gone already and (like i really need more) NOT!! So I have been making these altered Rolodex Cards to put into the flipper file below, they hold photos and dates on the fronts sides and names and snail mails etc on the back sides... This is a couple of the anniversary ones... Doing birthdays too as I usually look at the Calendar and go dang there is no way to get a card there by tomorrow. (or two days from now) So i have it divided by months. There's about 50 family cards in it now, so its like a portable scrapbook, when I'm done with it I may park it on my desk at work. For my self, I don't remember things unless i write them down, but as a list maker and a paper journal keeper its almost like drowning in paper here. Plus its hard to go back through the paper and find the info... I try to write down things that i used to take for granted such as we went to Salt creek falls on the Sunday before Labor day as a short road trip in Tim's new truck... (we took lots of photos) but see i don't know that date anymore to be able to write it on the photos. so if i had not just written that it would be a who knows when thing by they time i get around to scrapping those photos (if i do) I don't scrap everything. (thats what they make photo albums for) I think i like this blog, I esp. like the fact that i type much much faster than i write and the insert a photo is pretty cool too. so i will probably be linking you guys to this to help you "keep up" with us since it may be faster to type an update this away then to email everyone. (esp. since a good portion the mail we get from family are jokes) Have a good weekend! I think i need to find my witchy poo stuff! ;) ~Stac


Yep there it goes again, photo is at the top of the box so i hit enter a few times to put these words above it. I need to see how the photos post, when i tried this earlier i would type this big thing then try to insert a photo and it would put the photo above the words instead of where i had the cusor... so here is another test... this is a memory flipper for me, I will explain it after i see where the photo goes...