just playing with the camera again~

this was shot with the camera resting on the table. some really cool metal baskets. (holding paints and tags and such) oh this was fun, found these clear paint cans at the lss on nsbd (what 10 days ago now i guess) so yesterday i dumped all the primas from the milk bottles onto my table and tossed them like a salad and put all the paper petals into these cans then stuck the old looking garden stickers on the side of the cans... ( I always end up dumping the bottles anyways to get the one i want and its alot easier to get your hand into one of these cans then poke a finger down the neck of the bottle... not sure yet what i am going to do with them all but thinking to wash off the lables and maybe use them as gift containers?? this one i shot in an answer to what do you do with all those clear blocks for your unmounted stamps? and mine are in that bottom drawer in front of the oversized ink pads... oh And i have been meaning to post this and keep forgetting but I got this link from Tess and its a site that keeps track of the blogs that you like to read for you and lets you know when one you read has a new post... which may be a good thing if you like to read ones like mine where the posts are not consistantly every day... http://www.bloglines.com/


This last few days...

ahhh. This is probably not as dramatic to you to see as to us to see... This was shot standing in the East most South corner of our property. the House is closest to me and the street followed by the garage and then over the bridge to the barn. oh Yummm! Do you see what i See??? ( those are Asparagus for the unknowing) The Veggie Garden has grown by 800 SQ. Feet this year... so DH says to me "I don't want to work as hard in the yard this year as last year" lol {so speaks the man who canned 55 jars of Salsa alone...} This is shot standing on the center of the yard foot bridge looking East at the south side of the front yard.

More Cards again... *Ü*

This is the card i had made for DH for Easter... One i had made for Alice... her youngest dd gets married June 10th. One for fun to see if i could... I did this one for a swap i hosted recently. the sewn flaps open and the flower is just tucked behind them. New stamp... had to play with it... used that cheap cheap Walmart velvet trim. :) {cheap as in not too hard on the pocketbook its actually well made for the price tag.} got some "folds" in it from being wound on that flat card however... NE1 know if you can Iron velvet ribbons?? (I know you can run most ribbons through your hair curling iron to get them out but i don't know about the velvets) this is a MINI card. the card base is 2.5 X 5.25? (have to measure again) but at any rate it uses up odd balled pieces of scraps and its kinda fun to decorate them this small. I'm making a stack of them to tuck into little packages and lunch boxes and such... this is one from yesterday for a color challenge on the stamping board at 2P's for the colors were pale green, pink and chocolate... More later... gotta run and pick up my photos! maybe I'll even scan some later hee hee..


Ribbons Ribbons and more Ribbons...

I don't think I have mentioned how much i LOVE ribbons or even gulp... (how much i have collected of it) Its something i have bought all of my adult life.... so i have it in all shapes and sizes, most colors and textures. I keep meaning to make time to hit the old thrift type stores to look for vintage laces and such, but never actually do it. Our walmart has been re-vamping their crafts section all the way through. On a recent trip these are some of the new ribbons i found the plainer ones have 4 yds on a card and the fancier ones such as the velvets have 3 yard on a card and they are all the same price, under 1.50... A while back i had made these ribbon garlands with the thing holding the photo to the garland is a drapery rod hook... so, i have some Christmas ribbons cuts to do this again to have one to hang the photos that come inside the Christmas cards in. another look at the garlands in my space... they are pinks, greens and creams... I'm not sure if the ribbon addict blinkie will blink on here, its not blinking as i type this but, its one i use as part of my siggy in a few scrap sites... If the shoe fits ehh?


In an Altered state of mind...

These are wooden letters from Wal-Mart. I have a box in my closet that is "things to be altered" (the lid does not close anymore)Sooo... decided it was time to actually DO something with some of it... I'm Keeping the S ;) The A I have already given to Alice... it was part of her box of goodies for her 40th Birthday. I'll talk more about that later I'm working on some flirty purse albums from the photos from that... This is a close-up of an altered Pineapple Chunks can, it has matte modgepodge as the top layer (including on the prima flower) Its holding some of my ink stipple brushes.

This is a view of all the food cans i altered in the first batch, the largest tall can is baked beans the skinny shortest tall can is Campbell's soup, the small round short can is a tuna tin. {you can get 9 color duster brushes in one tuna tinny by the way} This is a frontal look at my corner of our joint hobby room the top of the door to the walk in closet is right at 5 1/2 feet? and the ceiling continues to slant as you walk into it so its more like a walk in and huddle/stoop or on your knees... (yep, I've walked into the top of the door jamb more than once) And this is what it looks like from the side... I need to get a second tri-pod so that i can put the light bar on one and the camera on the other. It has wiggle issues to use them both on one, something inside the light bar is whats doing it but my close up shots of various storage pieces or what not all did not turn out right... Think i finally figured out which blue filter to use indoors to cut the yellow too. So that is like a huge Ah-HA! thing for me... {now lets hope i remember}

Not much going on otherwise here the weather has been gorgeous, we will unload the second truck load of compost manure into Tim's veggie garden area tonight when he gets home with it, making the grand total of 3 truck loads in it... (this truck is comparable to two truck loads like i was doing last year.)

I've got blooms everywhere... cool beans! gotta get more of the photos scanned maybe later tonight (maybe not they hopefully are playing a new one for L O S T )