old friends

 So, yesterday hubs went out and trimmed his peach trees ( and as soon as he walked out the door it started snowing ( no lie) so, since I was not doing that I did steal some time to make a featured stamper CASE'd card. Karen is up this week for the inspiration and I came across this card and loved the colors and the distressing, and I knew I had those stamps she used but, I also knew I had this old PSX stamp and this border cuttlebug folder and thought close enough ( for a change) She also has this second card that is more streamlined looking which I also love and so, my card kind of morphed between the two of hers.

 This stamp is PSX G-2239 and Its stamped on Neenah solar white with Versafine ink and colored with some SU markers and a little bit of prisma pencil for shading. that panel was diecut with a our Daily Bread Designs stitched rectangle die. The border has some of the same markers over the raised parts.

The grey-ish color is su Sahara sand and the blue texture is from Die cuts with a view and this one is 5X7 in real life.



 So, it finally happened my husband had the half a century mark birthday today and when people would ask him knowing his b-day was coming up how old he was going to be he would mutter "fiddy" which just made me laugh.  I know this is not a very "traditional" 50th birthday card and that's OK its personalized. for as long as I have known my husband he has collected piggy banks & saved coins and rolled them and counted them etc. and for the last few years its become more difficult to come across Silver Dollars. so, I started saving Eisenhower's a few years ago in anticipation of this day. when I was about half way through the process I came across this Tim Holtz Piggy Bank blueprint stamp and decided that sealed the deal.

 I have not colored in a very long time so, this is just a closer look ( mostly pencils on Neenah done while standing up off and on last week)

A peek at the inside, the happy Birthday is from Altenew birthday greetings set and the looks good is from the Honey bee "smile" set. this one finished out at 6" square in real life.


WOYWW # 403 {cleaned}

Happy Desk Peeking day :) if you don't know what this is about you can find all the details to play along where this Whats on your Wednesday Workdesk blog hop starts here at Miss Julia's blog.
So, we have been remodeling our house and the dusty parts are done and on hold for a couple of months before the next round starts. 
when that happens the room next to the kitchen that I have a sofa table in where I sat to color is going to become a "media/library" room. and I am pushing for a window seat to curl into to read in there so, this means all the coloring toys needed cleared out so, that is what I did on Saturday/sun/part of monday.
 Originally the house and garage were two buildings so, I got in the habit of hauling all my paints and things to the spare room because, frozen paint tends to not work so well lol... and now that they are connected and the garage is heated there really isn't a "need" for half those things to be there. which once it was all hauled up here I had a little bit of a mental ohmygoshyouhavemorecrudthanyoureallyadmitto kind of a moment but, I eventually just moved things around until I could see the table again. I moved that basket holding the envelopes of diecuts to the side cart and then moved the second basket of embossing folders down a shelf. (not sure if I will use them as much since they are no longer right under my nose but, cross your fingers)

 I still have piles of things I had stamped previously to color downstairs that are all just piled up on the file cabinets but, those are headed into the drawers sooner or later.
(probably sooner, I don't really like to dust, so the dust catchers were removed off the sides of things for these shots to be taken lol)

I am kind of working on coloring standing up. I may just have to move more things around up here so I have a place to sit and color but, I also have not colored with mostly pencils in a long time so, I had also let my self forget how long it takes to lay down layers of pigment. and I do not have a spot for my copic markers either they are in their travel bag across the room on the floor by the coffee table.


WOYWW #402 stilllife

Happy desk peeking day people :) If you'd like to play along this link up starts here at Miss Julia's blog. 
 Good Morning, Yes, I am still alive :) but, really not making anything and I really need to get hubs (50th) birthday card done as the date is quickly approaching, but as I went upstairs yesterday all I really did was take the mft order out of the shipping package and then glue those grater cards that have been sitting there for weeks onto some simple card bases. this is the off to the left, yes those are still the same stamps that have been out for such a long time.

 I did when I made the first grater card cut some extras and have two that were stopped at this point weeks ago. funnily enough I did not have to dust them to use them.

The A-2 card bases are from Impress and behind that is some MFT new release things ( the farm set and the hugs set stamps and the stitched banner dies and the free gift birdhouse dies and a window frame holes die) off to the right of that is some of those envelopes, a big bloom from Impress (and probably some new SU things that was as far as I got with any of it was just dumping it all on the table.
but, this is a peek at the dining room... we found this cupboard at a yard sale a few years back and its holding a small fraction of that Johnson's Brothers Greendawn China I have... the "dusty" parts are finished. so, the paint is dry  (the paint chip said it was going to be paler than the china but, when it dried it was the same shade lol) , the floors are in, the Dining room table is on order. ( not here yet) and we are on the hunt for a rug for the living room and some kind of privacy things for the windows in the living room. ( I have drapes in the dining room)


{ a catch up post }

Ah, I have no idea where the time goes... so it very much surprised me to turn the computer on today and see how long its been since I posted anything. a while back there was an Inspiration challenge that went to this blog about stationary... and I got side tracked in these posts, this one talks about hand lettering, this one talks about where to find vintage postage stamps and this one talks about how to "stage" stationary mug shots..   
The very first thing I ever collected after rocks was postage stamps... so, I have tons. books of them and ones to use saved up. I buy office supplies like they are going to stop making them sometimes so, this was the best site ever for me personally for the IC challenge.
these yellow enevlopes are the size that if you folded a 8.5" x 11" cardstock in half it would fit in there. the sunflower is from SU. ( picked because the base is yellow) there is a bit of prisma pencils scribbled in them. the yes I make cards is from Technique tuesday, the please deliver is from Concord & 9th, the back sides the kindness is from Hero Arts and the possibly is from right at home.

 It made me laugh... this image/sentiment is from Art Impressions. this one is A-6 in real life.

 Then maybe a week after that there was a featured stamper challenge when I had a few moments to play on that Sunday and I found this one from Carolyn and I kept going back to it because, I have not used my Elyzebell's for a long time... and I loved that simplicity and the black frame of her design. so, I was going to originally do a one layer card and then I cut out my stitching mat (all the way from the smooth bristol instead of just denting it with stitching... so, I mounted that on a piece of textured bazzill and made this one A-7. That sentiment is from Power Poppy's botanical tree set.

And sometime after that... an order arrived from Impress that had this Memory box grater die in it and I paired it with the sentiment from the two paper diva's set and this one is A-2 in real life.

and at this point there are 4 more rows of wood flooring to install in the northern most side of the dining room. (the last three rows will have to have each board the nail holes drilled so they can be tapped in by hand. the special nail gun for the tongue& groove it has to be hit with a hammer so, once you are close to the wall there is no swing room.

but, we are getting there. I think the only thing I really have to do this week is paint molding once it gets cut to lengths and then touch up paint. which made me think maybe I would come up here and make something but, so far I have just turned on the computer and cleaned out my uploads folder haha.