Newest addition to our family...

Isn't he cute?!?! lol... this is about as close to handmade baby announcements as we get around here no-adays... :) J named him after a Pokémon critter thats not a misspelling, he went to the vet today for his first round of shots and such and has another appointment about this time next month. when we first met him a couple of weeks ago, he did have blue eyes, but they have since started changing to a pale green color. He's mostly Grey with a red tint to the edges and then there are a few white hairs that are twice as long as the Grey ones... For the scrapbook store at the moment i have been tinkering with some baby cards and some are cool, some are cutesy and one is funny but, none of them are ready to post yet... did this one today with some of the scraps... daisy D's pp and technique Tuesday stamp (orange marmalade stitching) of course i have also wrecked my room again... but, today is also the first day of summer vacation from school so, I have tomorrow off and J has his best friend from his old school coming to spend the day... so hopefully i will get alot done. The other cards i am waiting on them to finish them as Connie (the store owner) has a large order coming in today or tomorrow so, I'm headed back to the store on Saturday as (shes gonna hold a crop-i-dile for me) and there may be something new and cool to add to the cards too... thats about it in our corner of the internet, have a good evening.!


Card Class first Card

this is cliped to the bottom of the shelf that the three cards are on in the store. this class will cost 15.00

Second card

the flash washed this out but its a double sided pale Green swirly paper from NRN ( if i remember right) mainly stamps and ink for embellishment... this is the second version of the inside as the doing the hand sewn with embroidery floss the knots pull out of the wholes so this one has brads... this one is a get well soon card its going to be clipped to a flat packet of Lipton's chicken noodle soup when the leave the class room...

third card for the class

this does not want to take all the photos i shot for one upload so i am breaking this post into 3 batches... this is the happy birthday cozzule that is from the stampendous pull card one.


Just a Quick Note...

Hit the ground running today and i Know a lot of you have been waiting for this and figured it was faster then trying to update all the emails and MB... (try that tomorrow) :) So, My first class is last Tuesday in June. I have to get all the samples done and to the store as fast as possible. so hopefully I can do that by Thursday (my deadline is Friday) There are a lot people who teach for this store so it was interesting to see how they all interact with each other... I am on the calendar for one night in June, July and august then starting in Sept i get the first and third Tuesday of every month to hold classes on. (assuming people enjoy them and want to take more classes from me) Yikes! lol I'm going to go cut some templates to stamp on to get a head start on the ideas part. More later, oh yeah more pictures later too... :)


more from yesterday...

So inquiring minds wanna know what else is new? ( evidently the card thing the thrill only goes so far...) J is good, looking forward for school ending (soon) and I think his Pokémon are breeding in the dark... lol... thats still "the thing" ( they are everywhere you look in his room) Cant remember if i mentioned it or not already but, he's figured out we do a lot of our shopping on the INTERNET and we've been letting him visit the Pokémon center on line and make print outs for his "wish list" so, he finally figured out it was a STORE that could take orders... so we caved and let hime order something from his chore funds... (its still not here... he's stalking the mailbox daily (yep even Sunday on the off chance they may decided to work because he has a box coming) ( the shipping was more than the toy) so we don't think he understands how bad that part is yet... Tim spent yesterday Morning planting his veggie garden and is doing the same thing again today. so a trip back to the nursery is on the agenda for later... I'm taking a break from the card marathon and contemplating making another pot of coffee... 6 am was a LOOONG time ago... ;) Its beautiful outside right now and I have many many things i want to shoot in the yard, so I have the digital recharging (since J shot many many Pokémon critters having adventures in the yard yesterday... ~ killed the battery) :) Yep, he's just as photo crazy as we are... Okay, back to play... (err work)


A quick update...

Thanks for your support!!... {insert Victorian corset image here} snicker snicker... OK so, it look's like a go so far. I'm going to keep making things from the templates this weekend to take to the "meeting" on Tuesday. evidently its a when they hash out the schedule meeting between all the people who teach there... the lss store owner was really excited about the embossed things i showed her that i have made and then i informed her that the stuff comes in way more colors and uses than her "teacher" knows... lol oops... so DH thinks thats funny that i know more than the owner and the teachers... He thinks it will be something fun to try two or three times to decide if its not a waste or time or money. the way she runs her store is I buy everything for the class kits, if i need to buy something for the kits i can buy them from her store at a discount. then i get to keep the money from the class and the average for her store is about $15.00 per person. and a card class lasts about 1 1/2 hours... and i need them to make about 3 cards, maybe one more elaborate than the other two... and decide on the "level" of skill that a person needs to understand/enjoy my class... Newbies maybe totally lost by some of the things i do and showed her... So that's where things are at now... I have a throbing wrist and a whirling brain... and it looks like Spanish Rice and Stuffed bell peppers are calling my name. (we skipped the food part at chat tonight hee hee) :)

File Folder Thanks

this is a prototype of the card i am currently considering taking to the "meeting" Tuesday. Its not done but, my wrist is killing me so, i am going to spend some time on line looking for Thank-You sayings that i could type for one of the inside covers... this is what i have done so far...

All of the parts that look white in the digital cover photo are actually a cream color...Its hard to see but there is ink distressing on all edges of all the papers also.The large heart on the cover is the one from the couzzle starter kit and then the files are part of another template.all the stamps are hero arts except the letters on the top are Rummage from MM.

whatcha think??

I have been asked to teach... {in person} YIKES!

hee hee... I am feeling flattered and giddy and a little overwhelemed... (OH YEAH,Note to self, next time you decide to take an Right this minute photo maybe you should put your face on first! ;) WOW hmmm??? Ok so yesterday a lady who owns a lss where i lived asked me to start teaching classes in her store... told me i could teach what ever i wanted... ( she did this without ever holding anything i made in her hands...) ( which is like say what? haha) but, she is in the same S.U. monthly club i am in and i think that my MIL and my BF have been bragging about me. So, today I dragged DH in to the store with some of my cards and pages and altered items and ( she loves everything ~ she says) the first thing she wants me to do is a card class... so, i am supposed to go to the store next Tuesday night and be part of a meeting with all the other people who teach in her store and her. ( to find out details) My husband asked lots of questions today but, i had to take him to a meeting right after that so i have not had a chance to make him write down what he thinks... but, the faces he was making are favorable... ( oh I am mostly deaf, know a little sign and can read lips) my BF volunteered her self to be my ears (mainly to spend time with me) so, what i am wondering is what should i ask? when i go to this meeting? Like I have no idea how the structure works, if i buy every thing or if she does or anything at all, but to take my mind off of it i think i am going to go make some cards for the class she wants me to do... She says she's willing to order anything i need to teach the classes i want to teach... I told her If i have my way I'd turn her store into a rubber stamp art store... hee hee so she showed me her hero arts catty shes working on an order for the store and i pointed out all the ones i already own... lol ( so i know they would sell) What is a good thing to know if you already do this? what kinds of things should i ask? Its OK to email me too if you like and don't want to post here. So i of course have more cards and photos to share and may do that in a little while... :)


New Cards

Found these foam letters that i believe are made to decorate walls with in the craft dept at wally world and pulled all the staples and bump things off the back and used the back sides of them as "huge monogram stamps!" .97 cents... can't beat that, the wood mounted ones are closer to 17.00 (plus shipping) this was done with delta cream coat paint, then when it was dry the paisley was stamped and heat embossed in clear on it. The silk flowers got a little crumpled in the scanner but, you get the idea... So far i have bought the S,A,T,L,J & M and I'm thinking of other words that start with those letters for cards... I know its obvious about T being thanks and the L being Love... but, if you have other ideas feel free to email :) This one was just for fun, I know it could have been masked better around the central image, but, i have also learned how to "wax" my truck with a big guy power tool deal. (ha couldn't raise my arm the other day) Truck is not completely waxed yet either and it has since started sprinkling again. (of course when I am at work and parked in the open parking lot) haha This one is for Becca's wedding (which is next weekend June 10th) Tomorrow I am taking her mom garage sailing in the morning. (haven't done that in years) who knows maybe the rain will keep some of the crowds at home... assuming people go ahead and hold them... Don't need a thing, but its always fun to look. I need to come up with a graduation card {which will be late Sarah} because, my mind is completely blank on the subject... (feel free to email thoughts about that one too) haha. Oh yeah and on that subscribe to the blog thing i posted a while back... it doesn't work for me so either you guys are not doing anything with your blogs or its broken for me... just occurred to me a little bit ago i have not read anyones blog in ages... so, thats why, i have not gone and looked because i kept expecting to get an email saying so and so has been very chatty today lol.. got a big pot of spaghetti going and hoping to head upstairs and play next. Thursdays have become a day that DH comes home late...