Odds and Ends

Hawthorne tree in the yard this afternoon...
macro lens coldwatercreek ;)



This is an Just Write image from Catcrazy (Thanks Janice) seeing the size of these in person was one of the things that enabled me to pick up this set for myself, but this particular one is one that came to me via wish rak last summer when i was going through an apple phase. colored with prisma pencils. these brads are "medium" sized American crafts. Ribbons unknown, the dotted pp is BoBunny Press, the textured cs is Neenah ( i think) Its 5X7 in real life. This Apple bucket is an SU image that came to me from Janice at the same time via wishrak, ( I have no idea as i type this what the set name is for it though) the pp is also another one of those things that as i use something i think oh i will remember that... lol... ribbons May Arts the green is a cheap thin kind that is in racks at chain stores like craft warehouse when they sell it for say 6 sheets for a dollar kind... the brown cardbase is that new su brown though ( i think ) and this ones A-6 in real life.
this post is possible because, TOS (Thanks Sharon) said oh I've installed google chrome and given up on Internet Explorer as a browser... YAY photos upload again... :)
Happy Thanksgiving People!


Sunday's Cards

Stamping Bella Ketto Froggy is an Wish Rak image, colored with prisma pencils thinking the sentiments A Muse but could also be Savvy stamps ( don't remember now) this was die cut with an spellbinders label (not sure on the number) the gold bazzill was run through an "victoria" cuttlebug folder a bit of the gold turned white in the smooshing process (like it cracks) so there is some distress ink rubbed on the white spots. the pp is Anna Griffin (probably one of the very first pp's i ever bought) the card base is Mellow Moss and the green under the image is from Neenah Papers the tulle came to me from Alison last spring.
an old Peddlers Pack image with the sentiment i had made at stampstruck. the ribbons from May Arts and those micro brads are from Micheals (reclamation?) something this ones A6 in real life.
Whippersnapper Quaker Oats with an High Hopes sentiment. the lace is vintage.
little bitty stampendous lamb with an A muse sentiment, this is stamped on an Martha Stewart embossed tag ( think this was an assortment pack of tags some are gold or cream or something but, since i sort things by color when i buy them i don't remember what else came with it or what they were really called but, it was found at M's) the lables 8 was used for the white mat and the printed paper i picked up recently ( don't remember the mfg info) the ribbons May Arts.
An Lockhart image ( that i don't remember who sent it to me anymore but best guess would be Kris) the sentiments from A Muse, the green diecut has a center hole diecut out of the middle so the image is mounted behind the hole, the handmade paper is from Provocraft and this ones A6 in real life too.
another Lockhart image that i know came to me from Stamping in Kansas (Thanks Kris!) Die cut on curvy rectangles and with some distress ink colordusted. the pink textured cs/pp is shinny in real life. ribbons May Arts.
Picked up this Penny Black on the 'bay last summer (think its name is here comes Christmas) but, don't quote me on that if you really want to know i will dig it out and look. the trim is Vintage. the brown is the (right now) SU incolor brown (have no clue what its name is but i like it and will buy more of this color it does not have as much pink undertones as a lot of their brown colors do) the blue is from last years in-colors think pacific something? yes, I'm sure this irritates a lot of people that i cannot tell you this and send you links to buy it all but, that's part of the irritation of posting anymore is the expectation that people are to provide you with an "recipe" i don't get that at all i think why don't you just go buy what you like and play with it? lol. Another Penny Black smile... This is pretty similar to something i have done before, the Dog image is called "oops" ( i think) and the sentiments "bad dog" the ribbons May Arts and has some texture to the swiss dots ( its not a flat printed ribbon) the floral paper i want to say is "flair" but that is a guess. the green textured cs is Bazzill.


Happy Mail :)

Birthday Cards received... below are individual shots of hand made ones, there are two others that came after my birthday that i have not shot yet... Will edit this and try to get them in soon but the upgrade to IE8 makes it an exercise in fustration to upload photos...

Yay its Done! {for this year}

These are not the best shots, but it will give you the idea. I was able to get what was the "unsellable" space left in the best "hand crafted" bazaar that's held as a fund raiser for a local christian school. In the past i have went to this as a shopper for many years now so it was interesting and kind of funny to be a vendor in it. ( didn't buy a thing ) wow, and not because, anyone told me not to. but, i did have a few vendors who approached me and asked me to trade cards to them for things they made and the flattery of it made me agree. so i did come home with some things that were not money. the booth and the metal card spinner were paid back to my self the first day with a small profit then, made about 10.00 more the second day so, in this economy when everyone tells you things are not selling and everything is terrible. People were still buying cards. every card in this booth was an one of a kind, some i did for store displays, Internet challenges, color combo's for the stamp shack or cards i was just tickled with when they were finished and i didn't donate them to the troops ( *gasp *) ;) an interesting thing i am choosing to be flattered about is I have known for years i am scraplif-lift able... but, now i am evidently shop-lifting worthy also. That did surprise me. hurt a bit then i decided to just be flattered. I have a small stack of those images that Collette stamped for me a long time ago via pif and i could re-make the card any time i wanted to in fact the funny thing is its the very first card in the post below with the cowboy hat and gloves... ( of all the cards eh?)
This spinner rack i picked up at stampstruck/scrapbookking when they closed for 40.00 and had Tim remove some of the hanging ledges so that i could do upright or larger cards onto it.
I think next year I will have something behind the table think lattice type thing that folds like a floor screen or something that i can hang things on, and put more cards at eye level. I did meet a few people who are (stamp collectors like me) lol you know buy any old co. if it catches your eye and not a rabid can only endorse one thing. I also met people who demanded to know what co. i work for. hmmm, Sheldon's Machine Shop, Inc. grin... I've thought about putting in a card thing at work that people who knew what i did could have cards to pick through in my office, but i have not done it because i would not want the people who work there to feel obligated to buy them. It was more fun to meet the ones who don't stamp who were able to just admire and linger and be appreciative. Then tends to bounce off me when people i know really well say it so for strangers who don't even papercraft to say so is a very nice thing too. So, this was a long last couple of days, it was really long friday. 10 1/2 hours, and then 9 on Saturday. I think i may actually go make cards this afternoon. Sometime want to play catch up with my happy mail box. ( I still have not named the photographs with the birthday cards i have been gifted this year)


Because Alice Said SO!

My give a carp is broken... and Alice said that is no excuse for not photographing cards so she can see them... so you can all see them no i am not going to bother telling you what name that stamp is or who makes that paper. that is part of what becomes the last straw.
I will assume you are looking at these because you are curious what i have been up to when i am not on crack-book knee deep in applications.