Happy Birthday to me


This was a RAK card received from Kathy at SCS.

This one is from Jo Ann

This one is from Kathy,
This one is from Lori
This one is from Mary Jo
This one is from my friend at work June
This one is from Sabrina 

This is loot that came from my son and so, I had to die cut the lantern straight away and ended up 

With this card. I had cut the lantern body from some plain grey from DCWV and I thought about rubbing on some creams to give it a patina but, I hid mine from my self a while back so, I grabbed a mermaid DOX pad and did rub some of that on which made the grey blue, so I wiped off the bulk of it with a baby wipe.

The sprigs candles and flames were all cut from Strathmore watercolor paper and painted with Daniel Smith paints the candle is so skinny that if you center it in the opening behind the center of the lantern, you do not see the flames, So, I cut two and tried to add the second one to the left side after everything else was glued down. ( this is supposed to be one of those fat 3 wick candles haha) and then lets see the brick print is from Recollections, the sentiment is from Concord & 9th. and this one finished out at A7 in real life. All in all a very happy weekend. I do have my head down making Christmas cards for the booth that so far looks like it is going to hold this year. That is a little stressful. hope things are going well for you too. Thanks for stopping by.


WOYWW# 646 {Progress & a Tree}


Happy desk peeking day, if you'd like to see more spaces or play along 
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 this shows signs of progress, that stack on the end of that other sofa table behind the door in the corner is all the laminated sheets for stamps to cling to from the mess I showed you a while back. As you can see the inside of this window is still waiting. however there is now hope on the horizon that it is going to be finished soon-ish because, the three windows downstairs in the garage got all their inside trim and caulking on over the last 3 days so? I am hopeful I will get a windowsill again soon.

they looked like this on Sunday evening. so, the photos are reversed in order of how they happened. this table is shorter than counter height but, it did work OK for doing this up here. I have a plug in extension cord up behind those stacks to plug the laminator into and that worked. 

The watercolor Wednesday challenge at Splitcoaststampers is using this tutorial found on youtube to paint a fall tree that is about to lose its leaves. so this is the practice wc pad the top tree was done with wadded paper like the video. (which didn't really work as well as I had hoped) and so looking around I found this old foam top brush that was starting to get you know they crumble after some time goes by right? so, I helped some of the tip of it off to make it a jagged tool and used that for the bottom tree. which worked better than the crumpled paper for me.

third times a charm and this is what went into the gallery for the sample for the challenge. the sentiment here is from a really old SU set called season of thanks. You can find this challenge here to play along with us. Things seem to be holding on with the plan that the school will have its fund raiser sale craft show in the end of November still here and I am of two minds on this. I have been totally expecting to see them cancel it at the last minute like they did last year but, I actually got an email the other day that packets will be ready for pick up at the end of next week. So I guess I will be sorting and organizing all I have made in the last two years and kept so it can be hauled down there. I won't lie about this, I am fairly nervous about it. It doesn't matter that I am fully vaccinated every single night on the news they are going on and on about how many people are in the hospital currently and how many of them are vaccinated. So anyways the stress levels are rising. I really am otherwise fine and just plugging away at the mess I made here. I hope you are all continuing to do well too. Thanks for stopping by.


Inspired by { the Stationery Studio}

 This week we are taking a look around the Stationery Studio. ( store front here ) Pinterest boards are found here. Where I came across these Beach themed pumpkins and thought that was way cool. I love the colors and textures. 

So, to start with I went poking around through my pumpkin stamps that had blank space on them to decorate and found these from Penny Black were my largest ones. So, I stamped off a couple of them onto Arches 100% cotton cold press wc paper with some Simon Says Stamp barely beige ink.

I used Daniel Smith watercolors to color these and then I added some stickles glitter glue randomly on the "waves" part of the blue pumpkin. then when all the paint was dry I had decided to diecut this with a square die and it smooshed all my glitter glue dots flat so, I did them again. I did consider using micro beads but the ones I have were not right scale wise. after the paint had dried I totally figured I should have made the waves a little taller on the right hand side of the blue pumpkin but, life is full of shoulda coulda woulda things yes? :) The painted panel is up on foam tape over the handmade rice paper. I did wrap the burlap string around that to tie on the sentiment strip (Unity Stamps Thankful Oak ) and used some Sundance Felt natural white for the base of this one which finished out at 5 1/2" square. 

My second panel I decided to add some dotty texture to the bottom & seams of the blue pumpkin that is similar to the ones we painted for the watercolor tutorial a few weeks ago. The sentiment on this one is from the Carta Bella togetherness set. That painted panel was cut with some Deckle edge deco scissors and is up on foam tape. there is a piece of the rice paper under it and a scrap of mellow moss for contrast on the cardbase. This one finished out at A2 in real life. I am totally happy with the colors of these pumpkins but, I think if I were to do more of them I'd probably make a bigger pile of pumpkins with masking and mix & matching pumpkin stamps and make the card bigger so that there could be room for some sisal ribbon or something stiff like the fish next under the IC mug shot. You can find this challenge here at Splitcoaststampers to play along with us. Thanks for stopping by.


Winter & Holiday Wreaths

 This week Linda has chosen these wreath painting tutorials for the Watercolor Wednesday prompt found here at Splitcoaststampers. 

So, I grabbed my Strathmore practice pad and tried the holly wreath and I felt like the leaves were just giving me fits so, I did that for a while before I just did one on the Arches paper. One thing I tried that I liked and did on the finished wreath is instead of using paint for the center vein line on the leaves I used a damp brush to pick up some of that paint and make the vein a softer color than the rest of the leaves. I like how that looks.

And then I watched the video some more and just did one of the second wreath without practicing anything. and this is a mug shot of the brushes I used for these. I do have a couple of the princeton neptune round faux squirrel brushes. this is the #2   and this is the esconda perla which I am finding I use every time I paint now for detail spots. I ran out of time before I tried the third one with the white flowers. the third brush is a silver black velvet in a #4 round. I did start out on the practice sheet with a larger brush and I realized if I wanted these wreaths to fit on a card base I needed to small the brushes down. and that worked for me.

I did finished off the first two however into 5 1/2" square cards the Glad Tidings is from the Memory Box set Tidings Wreath. and the be merry and have joy is a single stamp from Unity Stamps. The card on the left has some kraft colored woven paper from diecuts with a view and the green on the right is one of my most favorite Bazzill color/textures ever. ( I only have a few sheets left) so, you know its a special card if I cut one. and chances are the person I give it to will have no clue but, I know. :) That's about it from me. Thanks for stopping by.


Inspired by {Anne of Green Gables }

 This week Kia has shared with us the Anne of Green Gables site and I happened across this light house tea towel that I loved the amount of texture it had for such a clean design. So, I started poking about in my lighthouse stamps looking for something that would mimic the one on the towel design wise and settled on this Stamps Happen the light keeper one. 

I had stamped it with versafine on some Arches cotton watercolor paper and proceeded to paint it with some Daniel Smith paints and when it was dry I die cut it to fit the 6" square Die cuts with a view woven textured paper I chose. and the words were not quite perfect so, I went around with a tiny micron pen and "fixed" them. and even though the paint was dry before I die cut this. I ended up with black marks they must have transferred from my hand while I was doing that So, out came the scissors. and I cut around the outside of the out most framed line and then filled in that space with black paint as it had some half whacked off seagulls and only bits of the sentiment & D.Morgan's siggy in that space. ( it looked odd white with black splotches) I think this has a lot more drama with the bold black framing and I just may add another layer of black to the paint in those places later tomorrow in the daylight. I do not know how I will use this card as of yet, so I left off a sentiment. You can find this challenge here at Splitcoaststampers to play along with us. Thanks for stopping by.


WOYWW # 644 {the ususal}

Happy desk peeking day, if you'd like to see more spaces or play along 
the link up for this blog hop starts here at our hostess
There is also a new Instagram hashtag of #WOYWW
 So, Tuesday evening after I got home from work I had these deer scenes on the table as I had finished off one to be a Featured Stamper card on Monday afternoon so, I started adding more paint to the other one and because, I had a stack of things I had stamped off and a stack of old backs to pads of wc paper I taped up a few more of them so that, I could you know paint pretty much continuously.

when you have to have drying time, and Patience is not my virtue. this works for me when I have a chunk of time to paint to go back and forth between a couple of them at the same time so that, I do not have that whole go away and come back later thing like if you are working on one specific piece like yesterday's harvest moon. That one I did all by it self on Sunday afternoon over a lot of hours because, I did walk away from it. 

I have an its just about overwhelming amount of new stamps and dies in my room right now and this is a pro-craftination at its best behavior.

So a while back there was this seller on eBay who had that fishing prank set of stamps ( the guys in the boat and the fish tying the lines in knots set) and I decided to poke around in their other auctions. ( all of these came from the same person) and on the same day they arrive this also came in.

These are sweet grass stamps. (there are a lot of people who fish in my family) and my husband found these and bought them himself as a surprise. Wow right? 

And then on Monday night these arrived in two boxes from PA from Janice. Her kindness is just such an amazing blessing to me. We do not have stores like this where I live and the fact that she thinks of me when she is out bargain shopping in hers is so cool. Thanks Janice!

I had set a package of papers off to the side and it missed being photographed but, WOW. I had told myself there are stamps on the floor in here again as its so many I have them waiting to go into the evernote file and such and I told my self. you do not need to do anymore shopping... and then I sat down at the computer and hubs had sent me a link that one of these ebay sellers has sent him a 25% off one time use coupon. (and they have 4K items for sale, so I started poking around in their store last night and have set aside a few links but, seriously) I guess there are worse vices to have. :) Thats about it from me, Stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by. 

Oh, computers are in and done and no more complaints from anyone YAY, and where I live in the US freezing happens at 32 degrees Fahrenheit so, its not below zero yet here its just below freezing some mornings. 25, 28 things like that. we will lose the garden probably tomorrow morning because, its not going to go back up to 40 in the AM again like it has been doing after a cold night. its going to stay below freezing for the next week or so.


Harvest Moon

 This week Kia has shared with us this tutorial from Emma Jane Lefebvre about painting a Harvest Moon as seen on YouTube here. 

one thing she mentioned was she was adding the Payne's grey with a mop brush and since I had cut this panel to fit on an A7 sized card I did use two of my smallest ones. These hold a tremendous amount of water and paint compared to the black velvet brushes So, after this first layer of paint I had to walk away and let it dry a while. I forgot to add the salt to the moon.

After the Second layer of paint this is again sitting waiting to dry.

When I came back to it I remembered I was supposed to add white highlights so I used some Windsor & Newton Gouache here in white. ( it really does not have that big of an impact after it dried) 

After the 4th round of painting I decided it was "good enough" and finished it off into the card you see below.

The sentiment here is from Impression Obsession and it was stamped on a pale blue scrap. ( most likely PTI aqua mist) with some Versafine ink. Are you playing along with us? you can find the details of this challenge here at Splitcoaststampers. Thanks for stopping by.


Inspired by {Janet Hill Studio's}

 Happy World Cardmaking day! That tends to make me smile every year when it comes around. 

This week the inspiration is taking a look at the Janet Hill Studios and I came across this silly scene with all the cat tails peeking out of everything in the scene. And I knew that the holiday would happen so, I kept the colors and the clutter and changed the theme to suit myself.

This gal is from Stamping Bella's Uptown Girls line - Callista loves to craft she was stamped with Versafine on some Arches 100% cotton watercolor paper and painted with Daniel Smith watercolors and Karin watercolor markers (skin) This was die cut with a Simon Says Stamp stitched rectangle die and then I reversed the frame edge of it so that the colors would rotate to add a little more interest. the heart frame is from the paper rose lots of squares die set and these are up on foam tape above the base. the sentiment is from Two Lips stamps and I did see as I started to edit the photo that it was crooked so that was straightened but, I ran out of light to re shoot this before it went live. (so the smooth white liner was added after it was shot too) This one finished out at 6" square in real life. You can find this challenge here at Splitcoaststampers to play along with us. Thanks for stopping by.