A Bella card...

Yep, I finally caved and ordered some of these, and they arrived on last monday. I have them all mounted on cling mounts but, last night was the first time i had time to play. The grumpabella is stamped on watercolor paper and colored with Markers, the PP is from Paper salon and the green (mello moss) cardstock is from SU and the cream card is from Neenah (linen finish cardstock) this one's 6 x6 in real life. the ribbon i (think) is older MM stuff and the brads are from the mixed color sets at Joann's. The Ali E album came in the mail today... the stamps are wood mounted, but not trimmed.. so i will have to xacto knife the back of them... haven't opened the paper pack part of it yet, but, the album seems nice. more later, Me


{Shopping continues...}

ah, So. I have been muttering about scrapbooking something again for a few months now. But, every time i go into my playroom i come out with a card or 3 or 5... so, between the links in the sunroom, the emails about the good deal. the push ahead of time on Ali & Cathy Z's blogs.. i caved and ordered this: http://www.lisabearnson.com/kotm/minisites/index.html haven't received an its been shipped yet, but there is supposed to be an Online crop hosted by Ali Edwards on NSD (May 5th) not sure i will do that part, but i think what drew me in was the stamps. how sad is that? I love her handwriting though. :) you know the hard part for me when i look at scrapping anymore is that everyone is scrapping these gorgeous photos of their families. don't get me wrong i know how to take good photos and for the most part i am happy with mine. but, i don't get those posed (yeah i know they are posed) totally cool couple shots or ones of like hands being held because, my family won't sit still or pose... I have caved and ordered the Prisma Alcohol based markers, and the biggest pack {120} of the prisma pencils i could find. got really good deals on them. hope full the fumes on the markers will be something i can tolerate. I tend to color with my nose a few inches above the cardstock so i can see. Got A's b-day gift ordered and its been shipped (whew!) i had picked up something she wanted in a local store a few months ago and like 3 days after i bought it she writes to me and says oh i went in this store and i got this thing and they told me that you had just bought one just like it... ( when i bought mine they told me it was the last one!) ~ haven't been back in that store since... I got my Bella's! I ordered these from http://www.stampingbella.com/ a while back and they arrived. I got them mounted on the cling foam but have not a chance to play yet. I ordered the grumpabella, the getwellabella, and i don't remember the names of the others. there are already new ones out. yikes. no wonder the receipt said welcome to the addictabella club lol... This coming weekend there will be a "yard sale" in the real rubber stamp store in Medford {about 80 miles from my house} and every year i say oh that would be cool to go to, so this year I am going and i am taking A with me... Supposed to be stampers bringing in their used stamps to sell. So we are gonna make a girls day out of it and hit the Michael's, Craftwearhouse and possibly Joann's while we are there too. J needs a new shirt (spring photos are next Monday) so maybe swing by Penny's in the mall. do a Cosco run. stuff like that. I am on a clean and purge kick at the moment though. Took a full truck load to the Goodwill yesterday morning and got a bunch of stuff packed up to sell. It looks like its a hit or miss thing as to if they will sell. so who knows, cross your fingers!


Big Lots Loot

went by Big Lots yesterday... found some dollar goodies.
our store here did have a few more wood mounted stamps (nothing that
i needed or wanted and some yes were even PSX which is why i had decided
to stop and see... but, the ones it had were less then one inch square and on
the ugly side...)
Im thinking these mail box numbers may be fun to add to birthday cards.
Havent opened them yet but there is supposed to be 3 zero's and one of all the
other numbers too so you could do the over the hill cards with the no.'s
It's possible to alcohol ink the white parts too...
I've done it with the Letters in the past.
anyways thought I'd Share, most the snapshots ive seen lately have been
stamps only.


birds and birds oh my

We are being swarmed today... we actually have 9 feeders and 2 baths in the yard for the birds.... had to go out and fill up feeders again after i shot this one. (about 10 minutes ago) isn't digital instant gratification FUN? :)


oooh New PP {pink} *Ü*

this one all that i did was mat the pp and add some stickles glitter glue and liquid pearls (pink) to the pp then stamped the word Blessed (SU) in Rose Madder ink (Nick Bantock) It's 5 X7 in real life Now this one was done with some of the "scraps" from the other three cards in this post. (the stripe pp is the back side of the buggy pp) this one is also not dry yet, and of course J had to stomp into my room ( where i shoot most late afternoon card shots ) which startled the cat into jumping up on the desk. (which makes wet cards fall over ) so, the liquid pearls are a little flat looking here. the sentiment tag actually reads A Little bird told me (from A Muse) Stopped by one of the LSS on the way home from work today found this really cute pink Heidi Grace pp. have been cutting it up into card fronts. these two are "dry enough" to bring in the house think there is enough left to make at least 4 more cards. I have added either stickles or liquid pearls to the pp. the ribbons some cheap organdy from Joann's and the sentiment stamps are done in Worn Lipstick distress ink with $1 bin stamps i have been collecting the last few times i went to Micheal's. tfl. I'm thinking since no one i know is actually expecting a baby girl these will probably end up in the box of cards going to Korea. I'm pretty sure i have already mentioned this. (sending cards overseas to the troops) anyways I still have enough light to maybe finish a couple more today so more later, Me


Who is punishing Whom?

Did you ever wonder who thought up "grounding" as a punishment? and just who is it supposed to punish? the child or the parent who gets lucky enough to be home with the said grounded child? {My vote is the parent, and yep, J is grounded this week... come on next week! ;) } Its only so bad because its been blowing snow off and on all day and i cant say go out side. besides his room is a disaster zone and I'm about ready to take a day off and empty it and take everything he owns to the good will its so bad and he is so lazy to not put anything away. Poor kid cant figure out how he got stuck with such a mom.. This is just a simple one, its 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches square the su background is heat embossed with Pink moire embossing powder then cut into one inch strips. the circle scallop punchies have liquid pearls in the scallops and the sentiment stamp is from the $1 bin at Michael's. I'm thinking it needs more contrast around the edges so I may end up dragging a brown ink pad around the edges of the pink card stock.


Feeling a little pink today

I won 4 different battenburg lace stamps (Old Towne Crafts) on eBay recently and they arrived in the mail last night. this one the butterfly is heat embossed with Pink Moire (Old Towne Crafts ) on cream cardstock, the Stitching stamp is from Technique Tuesday and its done in Versafine Vintage sepia. the Get Well sentiment is from the $1 bin at Joann's. Printed papers are from Basic Grey and Die Cuts with a View. this is 5X7 in real life. This one the happy birthday is a fabric Making Memories tag, and the sentiment tag stamp is from Hero Arts. the big plastic flowers are from Heidi Swapp. I have such a huge mess going on where i play right now it simply amazes me that every time i go up to clean instead of putting things away i start making cards out of the piles of scraps or new to me stamps that don't have a home yet in my room. I am working on filling another flat rate box with cards to send to Korea, I have a nephew stationed there at the moment and also one of the gals on the Creative Express board is there with her DH and she is willing to accept boxes of cards also...{If your interested participating in that let me know}


Dog Hunt Trials and New Cards

There were AKC Dog Hunt Trials held here in White City this weekend. the Breeders that we got Storm from Invited us to come by and see it. so we went. It was interesting, and looks like something we may work at finding out more about. { probably as something to do in retirement as it looks like a full time job!} to train your dogs to do something like this. It was raining (non stop) so since we didn't intend to stay all day, we were the only people there in street clothes (got soggy) The Dogs focus on White so everyone was wearing camo or Dark clothes ( we did do that ) I didn't take any photos of the dogs during the master trials that we watches. Didn't want to cause a distraction. This was a shot of the road, pas that first tent there were tents in the fields on either side where the trials were happening. This card is 5X7 in real life, the fabric sentiment sticker reads Cheer Up! Flower stamp is from Penny Black and the background French Script is from SU. I don't know if you can see it in this photo but, i picked up something called a sakura gel pen, and i used it on the eggs. it did a very slim line of bling bling glitter type ink. So the card does sparkle in real life when you tilt it. This is a stamp (Northwoods) that i picked up out of a clearance bin yesterday after the trials. The Craft Warehouse store in Medford is downsizing their stamp dept. ( WAAA!) I have always made time to go into this store because they used to carry a LOT of stamps + a lot of May Arts ribbons that you can have cut to order. Hopefully next time i go back they will be done with the remodeling and the stamp dept will still be there. Pretty Much everything in it was marked down so lucky me i also was able to replace my heat gun (Finally) there haven't been any on the shelves where i live since mine died... Ah no word yet on the test results. Yes, if they find that they can do something then , yes i will have the implant done. It will take time no matter what though, they don't do that here its done in Portland and i believe there is a waiting list too. but, it all comes down to the test results that we don't have yet. If they come back that the insides of my ears have turned to bone then there is nothing they can do. if they can do it it will also involve some therapy after to get used to and re-learn what the noises are. But, yes if it can be done for me then yes, i will have it done. Cool stuff hmmm?


Artfully Asian

Hopefully you are seeing a card photo, as i type this i am seeing 5 lines of html code instead of a photograph... I have wanted this stamp set forever (well since the last big book came out from su anyways) ;) and i got it at MIL's party in Feb and finally had some time to play with it last night. the weathers dark here so the colors are Off a bit in the photo. the red ish color is actually cranberry crisp (which is kinda muted in real life) the blooms are colored with the ruby red marker. and the white parts are from the gel pen. the little bird is from the center of the A Muse Artstamps new "birds on a wire" stamp. (if you scroll down there should be a blue card that uses that whole stamp somewhere recently below) This card is 6X6 in real life. an Partial update on me. Monday DH and i went in to see the specialist Dr. about my ears and then i went to another place and had a ct scan done on my head. the gist of it is where it stands now is, our insurance will cover part of an Implant surgery and so we are waiting on test results more or less. people who have had many infections in their ears sometimes the muscle that reads the sound waves turns into bone. if mine has turned into bone they cant do anything. if it has not turned into bone over the years, they can do an implant surgery that puts a mechanical device inside your ear in that muscle and then sometimes there are antenna things coming out of your skull behind your ear. and then you can hear again from that ear. ( for one ear this costs more then a new vehicle) so, if we can do this we will but, only in one ear. I'm partially worried that i wont recognize the noise as words. and i guess i will have to have some kind of learning what things are when you hear them again type therapy after too. but, the good part about this is because i was not born deaf and i can speak my brain will recognize things it remembers as words. (they can't do this surgery for people born deaf who never learn to speak or have a verbal info in their brain) So we are just waiting, distracting my self with lots of piddly stuff and trying to find time to just create is really hard. so it was esp. fun to put that simple card together last night.


Stacy's Playroom

I want to make photo albums

on this blog, and i cant figure it out how to add them, i can add a list, or I can add a photo to the side, but i cant figure out how to create photo albums... Anyone have one that knows how to do it? tia,


Newer to me Stamps

This one the lace is from Making Memories and the (its hard to see) but, the card base was stamped with tea dye distress su's Script background then overstamped with tattered rose in the Canvas background. the Reverse Print (flower) is an older SU hostess gift set i won on eBay recently and its stamped with Cinnamon Versa color pigment ink, the Sentiment is stamped with Nick Bantock Vandyke Brown (its from MSE) Its raining and gloomy and at one point today it was Hailing. so the colors of this photo are a little "off" the green is actually MelloMoss, and the pink is unknown. the cream under the flower is from Staples and the card base is Linen texture cardstock from Neenah Papers.
I have been collecting seashells for a long time. and I've had the su set stipple shells for a long time, and they are really nice, but very small. this card is 5 x5 in real life, that is a PSX retired shell stamp, I colored it with Prisma and crayola pencils. the sentiment stamp is from Hero Arts, the definition is an older MM sticker. the edges are inked and distressed in tea dye distress ink.
Have a Blessed Easter!


Yesterdays Photos

Storm is such a cutie! (still teething) and growing like a weed!
the Daffodils are blooming!
This has a background stamp (SU Filigree) that i borrowed from my
MIL last weekend and its heat embossed in Distress tattered rose
granules (so feels rough and sandy in texture) with tattered rose dye ink
on the edges. the main image (also su) is stamped with Cinnamon Versa Cube
Pigment Ink. the sentiments from Savvy Stamps (I think?). This ones an A-2 sized card.


Awards Assembly

So on the first day of spring break a letter came home from J's school saying there would be an awards assembly this am and that he had earned one (but he didn't know so to come but, keep it a secret...) so, he was very surprised at the end of it that i was there. when he went to city school ( there was so much going on in that little school all the time) that its been hard for both of us to adjust to how huge and impersonal and no programs this county school he attends is. ( there is usually no notice about assemblies) He earned a good citizenship award out of all 3 fifth grade classes only 5 boys got this and two of the others in another class are his friends so i was impressed. :)


Some More Cards of course

This is 5X7 in real life, the bunnies (Magenta) are stamped with charcoal grey (Nick Bantock) and the sentiment is computer generated with the Susie's Hand font. I finally got around to using some of those Impress Flower stamens too. ( i cut them in half so there is one and a half stamen in each Prima flower layer) ribbons unknown. This one is actually the first one i did with this stamp and color combo. its 6X6 in real life and the grey striped ribbon was on a dollar spool at big lots (a long time ago) and then the silver threads are "unraveling" This background is from SU and it is heat embossed with ranger Seafoam white. The sentiment is from Hero Arts. The lace on the bottom is real and there is May Arts ribbon in the hole of the heart tag. if you cant read it, it says "Take a chance" its stamped in SU white craft ink. I borrowed this background stamp from my MIL yesterday and i was merrily going along making some backgrounds for me to play with sooner or later and my Heat Gun died. This one came about by accident i guess. the Butterfly (penny black) is one i picked up out of a clearance bin last time i was in Medford a few weeks ago, there is a first generation and a second generation of that image and then i remembered i had made some cuttle bug backgrounds and the sentiment (SU) is stamped on a folded over giga punchie. there is some dries clear with sparkle Paint on the butterflies and in the holes of the scallops on the punchie. that is PSX glitter glue in the centers of the prima flowers.

Sunroom Contest Voting is underway

So have you voted yet?? This link takes you to a storage site board for the MSN group sunroomscrappers... I was a co-winner of the last card contest on that board so, I hosted the next one and these cards are the ones that were mailed to me over the last 6 weeks. Voting is done by email card one,two (get the idea) to me http://www.freepowerboards.com/thesunroom/thesunroom-about943.html There are 5 cards, the person who wins, gets all the cards and hosts the next sunroom contest. I am sending the winner a few of my "spring or feminine cards" along with a brand spankin new copy of the STAMP IT Spring 2007 issue.