WOYWW # 634 {sample making}


Happy desk peeking day, if you'd like to see more spaces or play along 
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A slice of my desk when I arrived home Tuesday after work. You may have noticed the DTGD badge in the top left corner has changed with this years dates. so, I am making samples and hosting one of the challenges. The shopping list has been released here. If you want to get a head start on collecting things to play with.

 Not too long ago there was a fantasy themed VSN at SCS and after it was all over with there were announcements that some people were going to receive happy mail from people who had hosted challenges. And I was lucky enough to with this pile of smiles from Pam. the fact that she made an introverted nerdy chick for a card to send to me makes me smile from ear to ear. 

A closer look at her card :) the chick is up on foam dots above the base.

I had some more happy mail arrive over the weekend from an eBay auction. So, two of these became the first sample that I have done. its the one on the color duster brushes. (which you can only see a corner of) The painted embossed panel decided to become this coming weeks IC sample and It rained here off and on all day yesterday. which was such a relief from the heat and smoke. ( that will return soon but, we have chances for more rain tomorrow and the days that follow) 

that's about it from me, I never made it to any of the desks last week except Julia's I will make a better effort this week. sorry. Thanks for stopping by. 



WOYWW #633 {puttering}


Happy desk peeking day, if you'd like to see more spaces or play along 
the link up for this blog hop starts here at our hostess
There is also a new Instagram hashtag of #WOYWW

 So, I had over the weekend peeked inside the featured stampers gallery and seen a stamped watercolor roses card and I liked the colors. and you know if you do that one you have to make at least two changes, not duplicate their card exactly so, I grabbed this sheet of cream cardstock that had been run through an Anna Griffin lace embossing folder and did a green wash over the top of the whole panel and then added some more paint for the roses and leaves and vines. And then the color combo came out this week and its two greens and a rose lol. and yet, here it sits. I pushed around some sentiments that were pre printed ones from SSS and I tend to buy the reverse style ones where its white printed on black so, that looked just too harsh to me and I did not get any farther than this. Its still hot, the smoke is blowing east of us at the moment so, the air quality is good. We lost my grandpa last friday night and I just you know the grief comes in waves so, eventually I may do something with these piece that keep getting more layers of paint when I walk by the table but, it hasn't happened yet. Covid cases are on the rise again here surprise surprise right? what is surprising is that we have not been shut back down into a lock down situation again. ( supposedly 70% of the state I live in is vaccinated now) It's an ice run day here again, so I do not know when I will make the rounds. Stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by.


Inspired by {Hot Air Balloons}

 I am happy to report that even though that masking fluid looked so lumpy and gloopy, it did work and it peeled off in one piece. ( see previous post desk shot)

I started with viewing this mug shot here on Pinterest that is the board for this weeks Inspiration Challenge at Splitcoaststampers. And I knew I had zero hot air balloon stamps but, a funny thing has happened with those playing around with the watercolor Wednesday challenges it has changed the way I look at simple shapes and I felt like I could probably sketch a balloon and just add lib some sky and mountain tops. So, that is more or less what I did. I think if the weather had cooperated and I had been able to steal more time I would have liked to have added more layers of paint to this but, I did decide on Thursday that it really was not bad like this so, I finished it off by using my deckle scissors on the edge and mounted it as a slimline card on some old bazzill. This was done with Daniel Smith Watercolors on some Arches 100% cotton paper. After it was all the way dry I did stamp the sentiment (Impression Obsession) with versafine ink inside the scrapbooking sized Misti as this card base is too tall to fit inside the medium sized stamp tool. I have to tell you as a person who routinely makes larger than A2 sized cards, I am glad I invested in that size of a platform ( it holds a 12" square sheet). So, that is my token enabling for the moment. You can find this challenge here to play along with us, thanks for stopping by.


WOYWW #632 {watercolors}


Happy desk peeking day, if you'd like to see more spaces or play along 
the link up for this blog hop starts here at our hostess
There is also a new Instagram hashtag of #WOYWW

 what my desk has looked like the last few days, shot on tuesday evening. 

a little while later, I cleared off a spot to start something else. this took me by surprise how goopy this masking fluid is, I am not sure if I have a "bad" or old batch of it or if all of it looks this way. going to be  a tall skinny landscape I think. behind that, well we had a yard sale last weekend and I had set aside some things I didn't play with much to be in the sale, and before it started. ( these boxes were in the barn a couple of years) I rescued some and hauled them back up stairs. yeah, I know you are laughing.

We had to laugh at each other when we walked out of the airport a couple of weeks ago, we have nearly the same shades. (the reason I have not been online much, and this was taken before the bootleg fire started hence the blue skies) Yesterday, that fire had crossed the county line in the east and has moved into Lake county. at this point the home that was my step moms parents has been lost to the fire and the home my Aunt & Uncle live in is safer. ( they did not evacuate, they stayed home and watered things daily, she is a dog breeder and has one dog that is supposed to have a litter this week and one that is in heat) but, the fire crews are digging roads for fire stops and so far that is working. for the size of this fire, if it had swung around to the south west of where it started it would already be in California and where I live would be gone, but the direction its moving right now is in national forest land where there are remote and isolated ranches and farms and homes along the edges of it. 
So, that's about it from me, stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by.


WOYWW # 631 {images}


Happy desk peeking day, if you'd like to see more spaces or play along 
the link up for this blog hop starts here at our hostess
There is also a new Instagram hashtag of #WOYWW

 So we picked up our son from the airport last thursday and we have mostly been spending time doing family stuff. With the temperatures either in triple digits or flirting with them, I am not really getting much of anything done but, every so often I do come up and start something and walk away. ( this mornings desk shows I stamped off some Bella images and spread them out to dry and a couple of the images are from a box that arrived from Janice last week.) I thought I had a picture of that, she found a "art recycle store" so, its like a goodwill but, with art supplies. And picked up some really cool vintage stamps for me.

Last wednesday the watercolor challenge/tutorial was do sketch your own octopus and do loose bright watercolor for painting it. ( bright colors are not really my thing, and If I could draw I probably would not own so many stamps...)
that link goes to youtube.

But, I gave it a whirl. I did enjoy seeing the paint flow out into the water blobs, and then I decided to finish it into a card and then, only then when the card was photographed did I see that he has 9 legs. ( so, hes special ;) ) hahaha. That's about it from me, I will be driving for ice today as we ran out yesterday and so did everyone else in So. Oregon. Stay safe out there and thanks for stopping by.


Inspired by {Afloral}

 This week Julie has shared with us the Afloral site and pinterest boards and I came across this silk poppy here.

I really did color this with just these dot cards I had hauled to work a long time ago thinking I would be more likely to play with them there than at home where I have palettes of paints so, I did take a couple of duplicate good brushes and all the ones I am not so fond of there too. 

The sentiment strip is an Altenew die and its up on foam pop dots, the poppy was a pre printed piece of watercolor paper that came in a pack from Simon Says Stamp a while back before the Wednesday watercolor challenges started, I bought a pack thinking that would be handy to have big images to practice on and then hauled them to work and forgot about them. So, it really was a funny thing when I found this one there after I seen the colors on the floral stem. I did add a little bit of pencil to this when I hauled it home and its on an A2 pre-made card base. You can find this challenge here to play along with us at SCS. Thanks for stopping by.