June 13th

Storm and Grace
shot these mug shots a week or so ago for facebook and thought I'd pop them in here too.... we are currently puppy sitting for Tim's hunting buddy who has rescued an part lab puppy. ( she gets her last parvo shot in a few weeks so is at our house in the mean time ) shot some of her too the other day but haven't had a chance to see how they turned out.
have lots of painting to do in the laundry and bath still. :)


Calling Cards

These are PIF images from My Favorite Things (clear stamps) that came to me from Michelle. ( Thanks so much!) I've started playing with these, along with the "whose that e-girl" ones to send out little note cards, want to send them all at the same time (with my phone number inside) so... need a few more of them...


fishing scenes

Did this as a simple note card for Tim the other day... he had wanted to go fishing for Father's Day but the weather did not cooperate, so... I liked how the colors turned out on this and used up the scraps for a couple more... all of these are 5X7 in real life. the moon/sun with clouds is unknown. the bulk of the other stamps are stampscapes and the grass is SU.
This one changed the boat to the pair in the row boat..
this one changed the button.

Scene around the house

I've actually got two coats of primer on the bathroom walls as of now... but, still thinking about paint colors... leaning towards a pale green... not sure yet... thinking maybe to do that sea(blueish) color second from the right in the laundry room & hall way. (again not sure yet) these tiles have A LOT of peach in them...
Ordered an vanity/sink combo (as i had to have the sink holes pre drilled in an 8"inch spread for the faucet ( i already bought a while back) and the one i want (mahogany wood) is on back order so... estimated delivery is July 20th ish... so there is time to think about it still...


Simple Note Cards

This has a bit of Bling not shown in this shot... wanted some "simple cards" to just give away... so this is an Gina K butterfly & Sentiment from the "take flight set" This is an PIF image from mntlover (Thanks Cathy!) totally cracked me up when i came across it on her list.
This is a tiny little penny black kitty... this ones actually A-2 in real life. (*gasp*) I know people don't think i can make cards this small haha...

Snow in June?

That's actually not as far-fetched as you would think... we had freeze warnings last night and Tim had to turn on the sprinklers at 2 am to keep the garden from being lost... got down to 34 degrees... This is a Huge stamp from Stamps Happen ( Snowman Collection ) this card is 6 inches square in real life. the Gingham is unknown and the blue cardstocks are from bazzill...
Someone asked me about fancy tools to distress the edges (which i do a lot) and don't ask me who or where (I've already forgotten) but, i did take this shot right about after i read that. there are tools that are just a plain razor blade enclosed in plastic that will do the same thing ( have one, used to use it at classes i taught a) because the store sold it and b) it keeps the bleeding on the cardstock down to a minimum... lol... seriously though all you need is a pair of scissors and just drag the blade with the scissors all the way open against your cardstock edge... (but, if you slip and bleed on the cardstock it will NOT come out) and none of the distress inks will hide the blood stains either... close up look at an distressed edge...
Hampton Arts "relaxed snowman" "just because i had these scraps already on the table... :) my newest system is to not put away the scraps to try and use them up... so... these are from a few weeks ago...


random thoughts

I have been noticing that since school has gotten out i find it much easier to remove my sound processors then i ever have before... Its kind of a funny thing and yet a sad thing at the same time. I have been greedy about the noise... but, having the (no relief from it) has been hitting the ( i have heard ENOUGH today limit quite early) I'm not going to the Dr.'s this month, i really don't see the point in it, last week someone called from the (last scrap store standing) here (they had an used tool sale a few weeks ago and I hauled some of my carp into that) and someone from that store called my cell phone and left a message... and i usually just hand my phone to Tim when he's not busy and make him play the messages... but, my phone tends to turn on or send note (blank) if i hit the buttons without knowing it ( like dropping it into the purse) so i guess the what was up on the phone was to play the messages and it turned on and some gal started talking about being from the scrap store and they had a certificate for me and blah blah blah. ( was too shocked just listening to it to write anything down) the bossy computer voice that tells you push here to do that is way harder to understand so I really don't like that... oh speaking of bossy computer voices. The guys got me an GPS for my truck for Christmas last year, and its clear. I can hear and understand it and it pronounces things WRONG! (Tim says it says each syllable like it would sound if you were saying the alphabet it does not try to put it together right (street names mainly) and boy is it bossy turn right in 300 yards turn right on summers lane turn right turn right and it feels like the dang thing is screaming at you. ( I've been tempted more then once to smack it) but, it does come in handy going to yard sales so i think i will keep turning it on... oh and added to the EIEIO thing... we got a steer delivered yesterday... red suspenders i gotta find some for that man for fathers day for sure (and get his card done haha) And J did get into the theater boot camp... He started out as the narrator of one play and will work behind the scenes in the other but, they have since changed his role to someone who gets shot in the play he is on the stage for... and this goes on this month and next month and ends in the beginning of August... One more thought, tried to link a family member to my old old scrapbook albums that i had online... gulp, the sunroom is no more. the one at twopeas does not go back that far, the CX forums i cannot find, cannot log into the store either.... so... at some point if i get lucky and find the disc that those old scrap pages scans are on i may be plugging them all into here... I have not scrapped in a very long time the idea still makes me cringe (burned out) but, i do want a visual of what is done for other people to see...


Few More Iris

bought an assortment pack of "batik" Iris from brecks two years ago... these are the first blooms from them... (other colors i think have died)
This one has variegated leaves they are green, yellow, white... (and its fragrant)
Double ruffle white
This is a dark blue on the bottom and white on the top
orange/brown/yellow ruffled
Solid Yellow. ( I have so variations of the yellow and white and peach and white ) that have not bloomed yet, missed the dark peach solid this year, all the miniature iris this year (you can see some of them from a few years ago under the "our garden" tab)
One of these days i really really want to drive to that iris nursery farm in northern Oregon and get some Red Iris. I have some mauve and some dark burgundy that are really close to each other but i am just enamoured with the idea of Red as its not a color you see often...
seen a burgundy ruffle edge with cream centers across the street from a house having an yard sale yesterday... cant tell you how hard it was to not go bang on the door and beg for a piece... ;)
Happy Weeding... have more photos (yard sale loot and fur baby mug shots will try to get in later)

More June Blooms

Floofy Shasta Daisy's
Yellow Lilies
Pale Pink Peony
Red Hot Pokers
Red Hot Pokers
Pink Daisy's
Honeysuckle vine (this is way worse then the lilac's and right out side our bedroom window *achoo*)
Coral Bells
Mauve Columbine
Amethyst Columbine
Johnny Jump ups ( viola weeds)


We Got Peeps!

Tim has a friend who works kinda across the street from the Grange store here... and his friend has been stopping by there to help him stalk for peeps and today they got their last shipment for this year in... ( this is really late in the year for them normally they dont get any this late) most stores get them before Easter.
So there is 20 in there, most roosters will end up in the freezer eventually and thinking to keep one, and the Hens..