Saturday's cards

So, it is still bird hunting season here and hubs was up at ohdarkthirty again Saturday am so, after he left I had hours to spare before I had to be at the booth so, I ended up gluing these cards together. ( the bones of them were bits and pieces on the table of things I intended to make but, never got around to it) the Hail Mary is from Our Daily Bread Designs. the lace paper is an scrap with no mfg info on it. this one was 6" square in real life.

 This one that basket came to me via wish rak a very long time ago. ( I do not know who sent it anymore or the mfg info.) it was colored with pencils a really long time ago too. and it was one of those things that had some diamond glaze added to it because of the oops a while back. its up on pop dots over the corrugate.

another colored a long time ago one, the lace is vintage and this one is 6" square too. This one did not sell and the two above did. but, this one did get snickered over. it might be even funnier with the call your mom sentiment J sent for my birthday on the inside. so, its something to think about for later.
and yes, there is a ton of stuff to organize and put away today. ( it's all still in the trucks)

Shepherd's Market (display) 2015

 In the hallway that connects the gym to the cafeteria I had both sides of the hallway this time, but the school had put in a display case for extra basketball trophys on the other side of a doorway that goes into a tiny kitchen they use for consession stands during games. so, it was more like 1 1/2 of the hallway. there was barley clearance for double wide strollers to go through here. so, may need to rearrange the spinner racks next time.

 These are just blurry phone shots but, it gives you the idea.

 the ones on the bottom are general gift card's and tags and the two higher up were Christmas.

 I need to stain more clothes pins next year too because, I picked up a stack of those white picture frame hangers from Kohls this year and it gave me more places to hang things but, there was not quite enough clips so. the tags that normally end up inside the suit cases saying what is in that suit case or another did not get hung up either this time.

 Those are metal keys that came from Micheals a few years ago with some heat embossed tags.

I also need to make the wooden shelves longer before next time so they stick out from the ladder a few more inches. the way I used to display them into the walkway on just one side I always had one end of the ladder against the wall so, people could only get to things from one side on each one and so, having them flat this time makes it you could use both sides ( if there was enough flat space to park something on)
the weather was really good this year and we had swarms of people on friday with a slower pace on saturday. ( and I did really good ) There are no food things in here just paper cards, tags, altered gift sacks, things like that.


Tea for 2 {for the holidays}

 So, I seen Paula use these teacup dies during hope you can cling to... and I loved her card, so one of these fell into the cart at Amazon too. ( I actually ordered like 4 or 5 dies and a stamp set but, they are all shipping from all over and this one came on Wednesday so, I had a smidge of spare time between packing things to the truck and leaving to set up the booth so these were done really quick as little A-2 cards on pre made bases that sparkle.

The sentiments are from Verve Stamps die cut with an Hero Arts (tall & cute tags die) and all that is up on pop dots on these cards.


Wednesday's cards

 So, I have been wanting this sleigh for a while now and they had it at a good price on Amazon a while back and it landed on my porch today so, I cut one to see what it would look like and I think I will do the whole base as the shiny diecut and paper piece the sleigh body onto that rather then paper piecing the legs/sled to the body... ( easier to glue that way I assume) this one is 5 1/2" square in real life.

and a few more scraps were used up. and the table is almost cleaned off.. and the bulk of what is heading to the booth display tomorrow is in the garage ready to load into trucks tomorrow. so, if there is enough daylight tomorrow may make a few more things, but, seriously the only thing that there is room for is more Christmas cards. So, I don't know if I will or not. every year the display gets a little bigger. and a little heavier to haul around.

WOYWW # 337

these are of course tuesday early evening shots rather than Wednesday am. this no light thing is really cutting into play time around here. If you'd like to play along with us this blog hop starts here at our hostess Julia's blog

I had some happy mail arrive and there really isnt a whole lot of time to play with it right now, today will be a hauling things from the barn to the garage for the booth set up Thursday night. ( so, it all has to be dusted and such too) 

Knowing that I did go upstairs for a couple of hours tuesday after work this is the off to the left view, and I dont know if I mentioned it before but, I took all those larger than square sized dies that were in the avery elle pockets out of that basket off the table a few weeks ago and put them into a metal file drawer ( that is big enough for A-7) and that freed up another 6" of space on the table. 

 piles of scraps that extend off the table past the cutting space over the top of the basket filled with embossing folders on that rolling cart.

 so, its probably a compulsion of some kind or another but, I find that when I do start cleaning up scraps and things, some of them become very simple gift cards while I am cleaning. this one is 3 1/2" square and all the ones below are all 3" square cards.

 that used up a bunch of scraps.

 some more of those wooden snowflakes that got glittered a couple of weekends ago.

the bitty wooden flake in the center on this batch is a SU one. so, it's a bit more delicate and a little smaller than the Micheal's ones. I am going to shoot some views into the containers heading to the school tomorrow night later. :) and I almost have the table cleared off when I quit last night. which is good I ordered some December daily things and plan to do that again this year. (just need an album, I have lots of stuff and pages) I even picked up one of those fuse tools and hope to play with it sometime next month too. I will probably have a posted in advance shot next week and no real way to link it up.


Sunday's cards

 Today's featured stamper is Jo and I came across this gorgeous card in her gallery this morning ( and promptly tossed that stamp set on my wish list) and then made some slight changes to come up with this. This version is 5" square. the kraft has that paper beg look and feel to it and the snowflake circle is one of my oldest stamps ( hero arts ) the let it snow is from Impress. changes were to add the snowflake button ( its in that messy bow) move the bow to the bottom and added some crystal stickles to the wreath.

 and because I had whacked off that card at 5" there was a 3 1/2" scrap laying there while I was making that embossing mess... so a few more happened. the standing up ones are A-2 and the laying down is 4 1/4" square. ( no bow's or button's on these versions)

 the view of what is inside those cards below. this was a while they were underconstruction shot.

 and those sentiments that got heat embossed was that only last weekend? they were finished today. the leaves were in the clearance bins at Micheal's after Halloween for like 80% off with the glitter already on them. ( they followed me home last weekend I think or maybe two weeks ago what ever weekend hubs had to go to sportsman's warehouse )
these are all A-2 in real life. the kind is heat embossed on the kraft in gold and the mats are bazzill gold mirror paper.

 nearly the same card just changed the center sentiment word. Also A-2.

 Now these were really the last two cards I did today ( I had some extra frames cut from the blue star flag cards below) and I had these kraft ( tim holtz layered snow diecut's that were embossed) these have been inked with antique linen on the edges with some white gel pen scratched along the tops of the embossing for a little oomph. the sentiment is from that SU set with the pine branches from a year or two ago ( forgot its name sorry) the snowflake paper I think may be authentique but, I may edit that part later.

a view of what my table looked like first thing this morning when we got home from running around that ended with a pit stop at Dutch Bro's ( there is a latte inside that cup) but the lid, the lid says "kindness matters" if you cannot read it...

now this came about because, last night I was kicking around playing with a Star die cut for a card I did yesterday and I thought some of my scraps would look good as stitched stars... and then I thought of this, so they happened today ( way early before the other snow & thanks cards) but, the order of these the photos flow a little better this way color wise I guess. and yes, I probably should have gave them their own blog post but, we set up the booth on Thursday night so if anything gets made tomorrow or the next day they will probably become more photos than words posts too.


Saturday's Projects

 Today the inspiration challenge heads to Angela Maine's Christmas board on pinterest where I found these ornaments and made made this tag... I did end up putting in a good 10 hours in the studio today, making some last minute things for the booth and continuing to wrap Share kindness gifts. and really I think most of the things below are pretty self explanatory but, if you have a question feel free to ask, I think most of the posts I will do this next week will be more photos and less words.

 another card tag from Sizzix decorated with scraps and the Tim Holtz blueprints beans ( smaller size) the sentiment is from Verve.

 this one is 3" square in real life.

This one is 4" square in real life and the smaller star is up on pop dots. 

 These are empty sacks, some like this one I filled with handmade gifts for stampy friends and
( I liked this one so much  I made a second nearly duplicate of it later in the day)

 The ones with two sacks in the photo are smaller ones that fit inside A-2 envelopes.

 a closer look at the cracked glass.

 there were actually 2 of this design too but, I only shot one since they are nearly identical

this sentiment is from Hero Arts heat embossed in gold on a shipping tag that was drug through distress ink puddles lasts weekend.