Hunting Widow Weekend Cardfest

6" square, the deer are from Stampendous ( log reindeer) sentiment is Hero Arts.

A-6 the snowman is from Whipper Snapper and the sentiment is from Stampendous.

Gingerbread boy is from PSX and the sentiment is from Simon Says Stamp. this one is 6" square.

Stocking is from SU and the sentiment is from IO. this one is 6" square.

The sentiment is from River City Rubber works and the package is from Mostly Animals.
this is 6" square.
The patchwork tree is from SU.

closer look.
The watering can is from PSX and the sentiment is from Penny Black. this one is 6" square.

The tree is from Hero Arts and the sentiment is from Verve. 6" square

Snowman is from Stampers Anonymous and the sentiment is a piece of simple stories printed paper. 6" square.

Snowman is from Northwoods and the sentiment is from Simple Stories (printed paper)

Sentiment is from Hero arts.

Stocking is from PSX and the sentiment is from SU.

these used up a few sheets of paper ( YAY hopefully new patterns come out soon and I need to make room in my suitcase of pads lol) 

couple more simple ones these are all A-6 in real life the Noel is a PSX stamp. the Merry Christmas I ( think) is Penny Black.


An off White Bride

So, I had seen this Tiddly Inks stamp inside Simon Says Stamp recently and I was very surprised. ( I thought this company made print them your self images. So, I ordered one because, its so cute and different than my other "wedding" images. 
 They were colored with Copic's and the veil & flowers have some white gel pen on them. I was going to use the outside frame up on pop dots but, kinda liked how it looked with things just tucked so the left side is tucked and the right side is embedded. The sentiment is from SU.

The laces are vintage and actually not so crooked as the perspective of seeing the cards on an angle does. These are the first people I have colored in a long while now and I am thinking, yes. I really need to make time to actually do the classes for the skin and hair coloring with copic's that I bought  last year after Christmas ( I know I know) I had seen this card on SCS last weekend and I am sure the veil was totally influenced by this.


Christmas in August.

 ooh Did you see where the inspiration challenge goes this weekend? ( to a pinterest board of drool worthy mixed media canvases...) where I was inspired Twice by this same piece. If you click through to the board and click on the canvas there is a tutorial from the lady who made that piece on her blog. ( its very cool photos)

 This one is A-7 in real life, the holly folder was done faux Belleek style with mellow moss ink a long time ago, to give it a little more oomph I did rub on some metallic rub on's with my finger, the bloom is mulberry paper and that wide wide ribbon was a gift from Kris a long time ago ( thanks chickie!) the words were run through an Xyron machine.

 This was the first version inspired by that same piece while I was digging around in my dried florals collection I realized I do not have much in the way of leaves and or things with just cool textures. ( I mostly have flowers and some ferns)
so anyways, on Saturday I had spent some time stamping a bunch of my Christmas & Winter stamps to color to get back on the wagon with that. and I thought this was a very loose inspired by that panel card.

 I picked up this snowman shoot months and months ago ( maybe even before last Christmas haha) and this is the first time I have tried coloring it, the heart and wings were done watercolor with some aqua noir pens, there is some copic marker around his body edges and there is some prisma pencil over the watercoloring. I did go over the wings and halo with an wink of stella ( clear ) brush too.

 And this was done for this weeks featured stamper challenge you can see Judi's original card here. Loved the rustic colors and all those layers and that gingham bow. so, making changes it became rectangular, less layers. did not tie the bow from the ribbon but, added in a string bow for texture. the panel behind the snowman was originally some kraft that was stamped with some markers on the plaid background. then one day I was doing watercolor background for something else grabbed this squirted it with water & powdered watercolors. then later dtgd came along and I needed something to test splattering with watered down acrylic paint. so grabbed this piece again. ( it's been being tinkered with for months now) and I thought the colors looked OK with this snowman.

something I colored this morning knowing I wanted to make more Christmas cards. the image is from PSX and the sentiment is from Unity stamps . the base is something I made figuring out the score lines for those Sympathy cards I did recently and this one is 6" square in real life. I did add a cream cardstock to the back side of the printed sheet music paper ( for strength) as this is a gatefold design.


WOYWW #324

This blog hop starts here at our hostess Julia's blog where you can find out how to play along.
It's easy and you just may enjoy it what are you waiting for? 

 This is what I walked away from on Sunday evening. I actually cleaned a little bit more and then did make two simple cards. the coffee is from right this few minutes ago, set it down to hold the phone with two hands haha. now the little foam blending circles in the back I am looking for a way to store those. ( distress ink colors) a long time ago I seen a gal stick Velcro to the bottoms of her pads to stick the blenders to the bottoms of the pads, and I tried that with a couple of mine. but, they don't really want to go into the holder with the foam under the pads like that. so, those are still out because I am still thinking.
 see I told ya there was a paper trimmer under the mess, the stamps were found. also that paper scrap pile on top of the basket of embossing folders in front of the metal stand with sprays and paints and such was about 3 or 4 inches deep I think so, it really did come down a lot.

the scraps large enough to be cut to square card bases were done, need pressed with a bone folder to be put away, the strings are normally in that thing under the table. that pop dots. they were too thick when I got them open and I ended up opening a second package of some 1/16" ones (my favorite). the card banner was a first round trial thing to see if the dies would work before I cut some burlap for a gal whose son was getting married in her back yard. ( I did not take photos of the bunting I made but, it turned out pretty cute)(I know right I really played with fabric for the first time in a long time) and so, I hope the gal took some mug shots and brings them by the booth in Nov. so I can see what she did. :) I think I still have some more empty SU stamp boxes in the closet that I intend to put the ODBD stamps into and so, this will all have to be cleaned up again before the next project. ( need some birthday cards mostly) Happy Wednesday Ladies.


Last Weekend

 There were a few yard sales last weekend, and this is what followed us home. all the stamps were 5.00 the pile of buttons and lace was 1.00 and you see that frog?
 A closer look at the buttons,
yeah this frog below.

 My grandma was a florist when she was young, and the first "coffee table" book she bought me as an adult was for flower arranging. and a few years ago. maybe 7 or 8 ish I started picking up vintage flower frogs when I found them. mostly I use them for photo props because, of allergies. with all the things blooming in my yard, they do not get cut and put inside the house. anyways. the size of this frog, I have never in all this time seen one like this.
it is about 6" in diameter.

 Now this, I have no clue what this thing really was, it is coated metal and the handles of the "basket" flip around and it becomes a table ( see below) paid a whole 5.00 for this because it was interesting.

 I am leaning towards spray painting it green and using it in the booth to hold one of the displays of cards or something. ( not sure yet)

 Now this was interesting. the width of this seat is about 2 foot wide. ( so, it's more like a large chair for one rather than a bench for two)

the seat flips up and the spiders were a free benefit ( I am rolling my eyes mentally over that one) (what the seller really said as hubs paid her lol) there are holes in the feet where it looks like it was bolted to where ever it originated at we are considering the idea of bolting it on the front porch ( someday way in the future when said porch is actually built and on the house haha)

I did make a couple cards late on sunday afternoon these are the first ones in a week the bloom was well it was the first thing that didnt turn into mud being watercolored.
 The flower is from Impress and the sentiment is from SU. It's A-6 in real life.

And this was done for the featured stamper challenge you can see Theresa's original card here. and the changes were the ribbon was switched to string and I added the double matted frames using last weeks tutorial seen here. this is 4X9 in real life.


WOYWW #323 {DTGD the aftermath}

If this is your first visit on a wednesday you can head over to our hostess Julia's blog where this blog hop originates to see how to play along. 

 a birds eye view of the mess. ( there were 40 challenges for Dare to get Dirty) I had 13 done before it started as samples so, this is the aftermath of 27 cards in 9 days. on day 8 I completed one card before I ran out the door in the morning, and the second two were done on monday before the deadline. I did mostly clean as I went as far as tools and stamps go.

 On monday the mail brought the order from Our Daily Bread Designs that is mostly sympathy sets. and some scripture sets. and it was something I knew I would want to be able to use some day. and someday came much faster than we were expecting it to. ( at least from my point of view)

A look to the right, yes, there is a paper trimmer under that mess, there is also my crazy birds set somewhere on the far right in between all those scraps. it has not been dealt with as of yet, on tuesday after work I did modify the design of my card number 40 from dtgd and made the inside of the flaps the same design as the pull out with nothing to pull out from it.

like so.

 This was done for Dina's second dare to get dirty challenge. I had originally done this design on the more brown piece but, the tree really faded into it so, I inked a second piece with more yellows and then I really loved the drama of the browns so, I cut off the tree side on that piece and used the yellow through the flourish stencil for it. the sentiment is from Penny Black and the coffee bean tree is from Impression Obsession.

this was done for my gpa for Judy's dare to get dirty challenge. and the flaps and background are all premade die cuts with a view pre made card bases. ( textured from the days before people owned embossing folders) so, the first card front was cut on the 1/2 diagonal and the other was reversed so the flaps would open like a hug if you slide the ribbon off the bottom. a third card was cut completely in half and I used a square die to make it a mat for the inside. and the smooth back piece was used to cut wings from.

So, this tag free floats inside the wing flaps of the card. this is 5 1/2" square in real life.
we lost my gma this last weekend and the hardest part right now is my son does not know. ( he is doing field training) so, I am really kinda hoping I can get to him before he gets to facebook at the end of the work week.

sometimes social media is not the most "great" thing kwim? It shocked me to pieces when hubs aunt passed away a few years ago instead of phone calls they just made a post on facebook. that is not what happened in my family but, at this point there are posts that are all condolences between family members and I just have my fingers crossed that my son does not see them until I can get a call through. so if you could cross your fingers on that one I'd appreciate it. I don't know how many desks I will visit this week. I know I have not been blogging much and so, I suspect the whole online thing is going to fall by the way side for me for the next little while.

eta: I was able to get through to my son before he found the news on facebook so, that part is good.


More Dare to get Dirty

 the overalls and sentiment are from Club scrap and the thanks is stampendous. this one is A-6 done for Kathy's challenge.

 Avery Elle stamps the plane I had went over it with a white gel pen when it was "mostly" dry, it will need touched up when its really dry.

 That PSX bear I picked up at a yard sale a few weeks ago, stamped multiple times and layered. the whole thing was colorwashed with some purple inks to blend the shading in the printed papers better.

 was going for a well worn loved look.

 For Anna's challenge, stamped the bird on the grass and missed with one of his feet so flicked some prisma pencil pigments there for the perch then did the rest of the grass the same.
this one is A-6 in real life.

 Done for Jan's challenge the printed vellum is only glued under the dressform panel.

 a closer look at Kelli's challenge the butterfly is an extra I did with melted pearls for Jeanne's challenge.

 this is 5 1/2" square in real life and the base is stardream and so the entire card shimmers.

 For Lori C's second dare to get dirty challenge. one thing that made me smile inside is YAY I have more things and skill to color with than I did when this first came out, I think the last time I played with this gal I colored her with chalks. so being able to mix watercoloring and pencil coloring is a cool thing in my world at the moment and I have done that a lot this last week.
 This was done for Sandee's second dtgd challenge the biggest heart is a little b die and it just makes an impression of the XX's stitches on the edges and then there is a second die to cut it out, but it slipped in the big shot and so, I ended up cutting it out on the outside of the stitches with scissors.
the celtic heart is up on pop dots.
 the sentiment is done out of the box style on this and the image was watercolored with some tombo markers.

 a closer look at the gal (unity Stamps Esmeralda girl) the funny part about this name of this stamp is the very first cat I ever had was named Esmeralda for her eyes but, she was grey. ( this gal is paperpieced) into this design for Lydia's second Dare to get dirty challenge.

this one is 6" square in real life. so, this puts me at needing Dina's second challenge and Judy's challenges left to do. ( which will have to wait till monday since I am running out the door soon today)