go Ducks!

 well you see its like this... got a request to make a "ducks" birthday card... and I do not know the person receiving the card. and I puttered around "thinking" about it for a week or so now but, I picked up some duck printed paper and the O stamp at craft warehouse yesterday.
the O was stamped with some distress mustard cut out and is up on pop dots. the sentiment on the fishtail die is from Gina K. this one is A-7 in real life. the green mat under the O is from a yardsale grab bag. ( no clue who makes it) the base is a shade of MFT yellow that is sold in their assortment pack.

just because, I had a square of the O paper laying here after cutting the above piece. this one is 5 1/2" square.


This weekends cards

 I colored her a while ago, she has been on the table for weeks. I kept thinking there is a stamp out there that is something along the lines of loved ones that have gone before us are peeking down from the stars type of a thought. but, If I have seen that as a stamp... I have not bought it and not sure who makes it. but, in my head its a scripty font with swirls maybe. ( now, someone who makes stamps can go make one right?) :) this is A-7 in real life. The main image is from Unity Stamps Phyllis Harris line.

and the reason I kept thinking that and putting off playing ( besides the melting heat here) is I do need a sympathy card. so, that sentiment is on the inside. the printed paper on the cover is textured like cut velvet. this one is 6" square. The cover sentiment is from Outlines.

This was done inspired by a place mats table setting photo on pinterest for the IC challenge this weekend. this sentiment is from SU the thoughts and prayers set .

 because, I have this printed paper out wanting to use it... and I have hardly no get well cards. this one is A-7 in real life.

 For this week's featured stamper challenge. the sunflower background was stamped on some more mustard in sepia and colored with distress markers and prisma pencils. the hello die cut sentiment is from little B.

 and then in the spirit of using up some more stuff on the table. The Morning Glories is from Karen Lockhart. this one is A-2.

as is this one, sentiment is from SU. the teapot of African Violets is from Karen Lockhart.

 This yellow sentiment I believe may be one of those pocket scrapbooking things. it was part of a free gift in one of the recent unity stamps orders.
this one is 5" square. the button is vintage.

 now, this is just used up the scraps of the mustard cardstock. I had picked up this stamp last year to make things for Sierra with it... and I have a request in now for some Or Ducks cards... ( of which I would need to go buy the O stamp that is out.) and I just inked this up, not really sure if the mustard is close enough to the orange in the beaver gear but?? it also does not stamp so well in the center. (might have to unmount it to use it on the Misti) have not done so though.
 just another version of the card above this one is also A-2 and one layer. the rubber has a flaw in it besides that I cannot get it to stamp perfectly in the center and I did daub both of these with a black fine liner after.

 I have sold all my retirement cards again, and I had this fishing sentiment on the table so, the rest of it just went a long with that. didn't feel like coloring the image so, left it looking like a line drawing. this is 5" square in real life and uses up the scrap printed paper of one of the cards above.

I had gotten the wider lace and these blooms out Friday when I made the sympathy card above and thought sometime I will just use these up ( instead of putting them away) and I had seen this stamp when I was putting away the fishing stamp so... that was how this one fell together. its 6" square in real life.The image is from Impression Obsession and the sentiment is from SU.


WOYWW #316 {a two-fer day}

I cannot believe how fast these wednesdays are coming :) 
If you want to know why knowing its Wednesday is a big deal you can read all about this blog hop at the source where it starts our hostess Julia's blog here.
 This is still a mess upstairs. but, this is also the last day for ear drops. this was taken tuesday after work. I had made that baby card Sunday for the featured stamper challenge and the piles of yellow and green scraps were discards from that. underneath of that is a pile of stamped sentiments that were diecut and needing put away. (started cleaning after this was shot)

 let's see got out the basket of sequins to add spots to the giraffe and that is still out because, I need to put away all the ones that I had removed from the mouse shaker card. the pile of sentiments on the right they don't really fit in my dies very well so, I think I need to cut all those with scissors. I did diecut enough of them that the plastic box closes again. the butterfly is from Justrite. way on the far left I got all the rubber from club scrap cut up and in boxes but, only maybe 4 stamps have cling foam on them. I always forget how much I really despise cutting that sticky foam. so, I know it will be a very good long while before I order any more neekid rubber.

meanwhile in the spare room downstairs I got some of those X cube office supply organizers ( like what I have upstairs for my su & distress markers) I looked at all my vintage things I have collected and as much as I like how they look its really a pain when you are crawling under the table to fetch stray pens that popped out the back side of something that you had layed on its side. so, right now I only have coloring cheat sheets for the copic markers and the watercolor pencils. so, I need to make something for the new markers and I picked up a handful of some polychromos pencils to try out.


yet another catch up post

IE I cleaned out my to be uploaded folder ...

 so two weeks ago on saturday I found these stamps for 20.00 at a yard sale,

 the thursday and friday before that the jars, lace, buttons and that big box of sequins and beads also followed me home. this pile is 31.00 ( and it is all still on the coffee table because, the intention was to take more detailed shots of the inside of the box of beads, its 3 layers deep)

 I had found this feather in my driveway a few weekends ago and the sentiment was already diecut on the table and I had a box of bird stamps out one day and had stamped this one for me to do something with so, this card mostly made it self. its 4X9

 There was a challenge a few weeks ago to do a "Western" themed card and I had never colored this couple before so, I did and was thrilled to find I had this plum paisley paper to suit it.
this one is 6" square in real life.
 for my grandparents this year.

 Just used up the scraps from the paper cut above. 

 for my aunt's birthday. the sentiment is from Penny Black. The inside has another penny black sentiment that reads, thinking of you and smiling.

 For my gpa's birthday, the stamps are from Club Scrap.

this was done for this week's featured stamper I had chose this card in lisa's gallery.  (and changes were to move the bunting to a ribbon strip across the lower panel and dangle the sentiment, the buttons were switched for sequins.

in other news the ear drops are working and hey, so was the internet this morning. :)


WOYWW #315 Loot & more Loot

Happy Wednesday Desker's. If this is your first visit to this blog and you want to know why the mess is on display today head over to our hostess Julia's blog where you can find the how-to play along and link up for this blog hop.

 This is the off to the left of the center view. These were taken tuesday evening after work. Coming home from vacation I have had a lot of pressure in my ears that has not been going away so, I finally caved on Monday morning and went to a walk in clinic and got drops for an ear infection. ( which are actually working surprisingly enough but, they wear off quick) so, I have turned my desk and the coffee table upstairs into a dumping ground from the new stuff that has followed me home (haha you believe that right?) and or things that people twisted my arm with emails saying look at me... I am on sale... lol off to the far left is the pile from Justrite stamps. ( they are closing oooh, WAAA!)

this pile is mostly unmounted rubber stamp sets from club scrap, the one on the very bottom is the set that made me fill up the shopping cart when their sale ad hit my in box. my gpa's birthday is in a few weeks and the set on the bottom contains stamps I want to use for him.  I didn't realize until just now but, you still cannot see the kilbian cat stamp so, ( it's still on the desk will shoot it sometime by itself) I have never bought watercolor tubes before and so it really surprised me when I got those tins open how small the tubes are in real life. ( that is partially a dick blick order as was the masking fluid pen and the clear pop dots.) now, those pop dots shocked me how few were in the package for the price of them. ( I probably won't be buying them again ) above all that are some images I colored on sunday evening when I didn't feel much like moving around. I am trying to corral my markers and pens that are in the house where I sit to color so, that will be a new photo sooner or later. I did haul home a lot of stuff at yard sales last thursday/friday/saturday and will do a separate post of that stuff. ( no, its not put away yet either)


couple of challenge cards

 These denim flowers came home in my suitcase, but I have already forgotten if they were a gift from Janice or if I picked them up while shopping with Janice... either which way I am sure I have her to thank for them as I had not seen them in our local store. the lace flowers are all vintage from the loot from the other day. ( not sure if I made a loot post yet)
 This was done for today's featured stamper Paula ( who has gifted me over the years with some of the vintage lace in her stash) so, I went looking through her gallery at all the lacy cards for a while and then decided I didn't really want to make changes to them and chose this flower pot card. and used some new to me things. the flowers are glued to an insert piece that pulls out of the pot and this was done with an Sizzix pro die and so its inside a 5X7 clear box.

The inspiration challenge went to a blog this weekend where I found this print and I thought I owned a stamp that said that but, If so its is hiding and I remembered I had this MFT set so, used it instead. and so, changes were I reversed the black and white ratio of the colors, added in the sliver of blue and then tossed in the vintage camera die cut for fun. ( and because, I knew I had one already cut in the stash)


VSN {Continued}

 For Misti's challenge seen here:

 a closer look at the inside of the shaker. I was in such a hurry I forgot to powder up the insides of the foam tape so, my shaking materials are all sticking to the foam... ( might pull it apart one more time)

 For Joan's challenge seen here.

 For Lee's challenge seen here. this birdy clip was a recent gift from Janice ( Thanks Chickie!)

 For Ann's challenge seen here. and if you recognize who makes that cupcake holler. ( I know it was unmounted rubber that I mounted to a block. and it had a candle and a cherry. and I "think" it was a Canadian Co.... but?? I cannot remember for the life of me.

 For the happy together challenge ( all the hostess contributed one of the ideas for the recipe of this card)
 an angled view to show off the dimensions. this challenge is seen here.

For my own challenge seen here:  this is A-7 in real life.


VSN {the happy edition}

 For Brenda's VSN challenge seen here. this one is A-7 in real life, the couple is from  Coronado Island and the sentiment is from A Muse.

 For Kim's VSN Challenge seen here. this one is 6" square in real life. the hands are from an older Gina K designs set that for the life of me I cannot remember its name anymore. the sentiment is from the Stampin Up set perfect Pennants.

 This is a closer look at the paper pieced bird on this tag card below. I had gotten those Spectrum aqua (watercoloring) markers in the mail a few weeks ago and so, the body of the bird was stamped on watercolor paper and I did wet it before using the markers and the aqua brush.

 This was done for Sue's VSN challenge seen here. Its A-6 in real life. the tag had been previously sprayed with walnut ink a few weeks ago and the sentiment is from the Sweet and Sassy set called precious Poppies.
This was done for Lisa's VSN challenge seen here the gal is from Rubbernecker. and the sentiment is from the dylusions line set named Say it like it is. the gal was colored with just a few copic markers and a white gel pen and a stardust glitter pen for speed.


{ a catch up post}

just one view of one small piece of our front yard. and so, weed water and repeat season is in full swing at our house.
I have been begging for poppies for years and years and hubs always says to me... they look like a weed... no... and so, we started some flowerbeds out side of the fence near the street last year with things that don't need as much water. some lilac's some yucca, some red hot pokers... and drum roll please... Hubs started some red and salmon colored poppy plants from seed for me in his greenhouse last year... this year we came home to them blooming.

I needed a lot of thank-you cards when we got home so this is the closed outside of one, its held closed with the tulle.
what it looks like open.

Now while we were gone the featured stamper was Brenda. and I seen this notifying for the favorites
thread and I was struck by how cool all the gift sets she had made were and I got the idea to attempt that but, my cards did not really look anything like her's so. I never put them into the gallery. this pile was inspired by her though. :)
Then the weekend we got home there was a new featured stamper and I had seen something in her gallery that kinda looked like this (but not really) she had used this spellbinders die as a card base. so, I killed a lot of paper before I called it a not going to happen for me thing and managed to get one to cut out completely and used that as a mat on the front instead.

 Before we left one of the guys at work wanted a card to cheer up his gma who is battling breast cancer. and his request was to make it pink, to make if floral-y and to use these two sentiments that he had seen on other cards I had made... so, that was something that was stuck in my head for a while with the oh my gosh what are you going to do bwahahaha... so, this is what I did. ( he loved it, his gma supposedly loved it too)
the other sentiment on the inside. this one ended up boxed as it was pretty fluffy in real life. everything else I have made is a VSN sample and the wait is almost over for those. the challenges start going live tomorrow.