I have amazed my self and scrapped again... :)

I don't really have anything new or exciting to say... a while back I kind of took a step back from this blog on purpose. I had shared a link to the recipe i posted last year in a chat room and then i was like oh no... for a long time... because now it's in the back of my mind that people i chat with on line (some of whom have my real address and name) now have access to this blog... and then i think about it more and i think some times you just worry too much. which is true i really do worry too much. On a more happy Note, Joe is doing really well since his treatments started and he had surgery at the beginning of the month. He's now the happy driver of a corvette. :) its fun to see him happy, i think he's starting to enjoy having time away from the shop. J is doing OK. its spring break here and so he heads back to school next Monday. He's especially enjoying being "10" because he can now ride in the front seat of my truck... ( In his whole life i have never let him, always told him he had to be "10") because of the airbags... Tim caught a cold last week and shared his germs with me... I finally woke up this morning with some energy and the thoughts that yes this too is passing. Not sure if I mentioned it or not but we did lose our cat last month. He finally tried to cross the street. (didn't make it) Its been so long that I had started to think he would never do it... so, maybe i will win and the next cat will be a house only cat that only goes outside to visit the vet once a year... (crossing fingers) we haven't really started the search yet, but J asks every week. I have been in my almost every day spare time making cards... and i have been making so many i have started selling them again... (recycling the funds into new stamps) :) the last few years i have not been playing with my stamps the way i did before scrapbooking so it was funny to me that i was able to blend it a little on this page... I think part of why i have stopped scrapping is i look at the shelves in my living room and i think... you only have one child... do you really want to saddle him with 400 albums when your gone? and maybe i should be more picky about what i scrap? and then i started stamping cards again. I think its just the whole creating process. It doesn't really matter what i make its the making time to play and do it... Luckily Tim understands this and so we had a fun weekend a few weeks ago went to Portland for the CKC and (shopped and shopped) and hauled home new toys... OK so i think i will leave you with that, Life is good.