long time no news...

Vroom Vroom,
its what i think when i look at that bag and smile. Yep, its really RED, not black or black haha, but RED which is a funny thing, I like red, I've always been told if i wear a red shirt or sweater i look good in red but i have never bought an accessory so Big or Red before. so i look at it and i smile and it makes me Happy *Ü*
And I'm starting to get excited about the upcoming convention in Portland next month. the reality of actually going away is starting to kick in. Tim and I have not gone away from home overnight since we bought this house...Now the list becomes who will feed the cows, chickens, cat and what in the world will be do with our dog? (our dog who has gone everywhere with us since the night we brought her home) (she goes to work with us every day)
{The beta named Stanley died last Saturday sometime during the night.}
this has been fairly expected for a while now since he stopped eating over a month ago...
Mostly I have been a card making fool and just puttering, its hard to go out and do anything when its so cold. You know its cold when the hair in your nostrils freezes before you can make it to the mail box one way... I got some really neat photos (for me) of trees in our yard either covered with snow or frost. some days its so cold that even when i get home from work the frost has not burned off the trees. This has not stopped the cat from wanting out however, his new thing is to barely come in to eat and sleep once in a while. He's getting skinny and since the snakes are apparently hibernating he's started finding big mice (Tim calls Moles) in the fields behind the barn, and yes he goes to what ever door he knows i am behind and "gifts" us with them... Lucky me ehh??
Tim will be 39 on Sunday... hee hee gotta think of something funny to do, but so far the one store that i have never shopped in that i just remembered we have here i found out this morning that they are only open 3 days a week... (can you imagine making a profit running something that way?) so I am going to try my luck again tomorrow as its supposed to be one of the "open" days. Picked up a few things for J's b-day thats coming up soon but not sure yet what we will actually do, last year he refused a family cake and ice cream party and only wanted to do the cupcakes with punch at school thing (funny he doesn't drink punch)
Yesterday was Joe's last day of the daily treatment process and so now his surgery is set for Thursday March 9th. The Dr.s have to special order the disc and then they don't actually do it they use machines to do the surgery while they watch. (maybe through glass or something?)
He's doing pretty good all things considered.
I will work on getting those photos scanned as i do really want to post them. esp the frost plant ones. more later