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So, I picked up this IO sentiment (DKdesigns) recently just to use during Hope You Can cling to next month. and this is what I did with it... I think this is a good one for that theme? I have been trying really hard to keep my cards in the flat (does not need lots of postage category) and I was doing really good all the way up until this one yesterday when the next two that followed got lumpy and needed boxed.
So, it looks like there is officially 40 challenges in total. ( the OCD people freaked at 39 lol) and so, I now have 14 of them done as samples and need to go to the PO and get my box so, I can start filling it up.

I know there are questions about do I have to do them all? the answer is NO, but if you have the time and the ability to make even one single card during the month of October. and send it to ( they are mostly sending to the big cancer treatment center in Texas  UT MD Anderson Cancer center. ) 
The specific mail address for cards mailed in is: 

 The Department of Volunteer Services – Unit 115
Attn: Maggi Suttles
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
1515 Holcombe Boulevard
Houston, TX 77030

There are people sending to places local to them.
the whole point of this card drive is to send a little cheer to these families, and patients and caregivers. ( at MD Anderson they have a team of volunteers who take the cards to the rooms for the patients to use, but they have some set aside for families and caregivers to use) so, if you have time to join in on even one challenge and send that card in for someone to use, you are sending it to the volunteer team ( which gets to ooh and ahh) and the person who selects it to use, and the person they gift it to. ( so, its one of those gifts of your time that keeps on giving) Some people have friends or family that need cheered and they give some of their cards local and mail some. So, its really up to you where you send to. I do know they take photos of the cards donated at MD Anderson and sometimes put them up on the Splitcoaststampers facebook page for everyone to ooh and ahh over the piles of happy mail. :)

5 more days until the challenges start going live.
There is at least one every single day with a few days having multiple challenges.
Some people do them all ( twice) WOW I know right? some people do a small stack. ( They put your name into a drawing for prizes if you do at least one challenge, and if you do them all then your name goes into a drawings for more prizes) I have won some really nice gifts doing this over the years and I didn't do this to win something but, the prizes were WOW! how nice, cool is this? :) (you can click on the HYCCT in the side bar to see some of my previous years posts.)

anyways that is what I am up to right now, will spill some more leaks for the next few days as I go along.

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Princess Judy Palmer said...

Too funny on why it had to be 40 challenges! I was hoping it meant we would have 40 days and 40 nights of rain and have to stay home and craft. No such luck. I like this card. It is simple yet speaks volumes. Awesome phrase.