WOYWW # 424

Happy desk peeking day! :)
If you'd like to see more spaces or play along the link up starts here at Miss Julia's blog

 So the adventures in un-mounting sentiment stamps continues at odd moments. ( while the paint is drying)

 Some new things that I decided I had to have on Prime day arrived in the mail sometime so, I spread them out for your viewing pleasure. and will probably just move them out of my way and continue un-mounting the next time I have time haha.

 That is the very first digital camera I was given as a gift it has a whole 4 mega pixels but, I can hand hold it above the table and shoot shots of stamp index's for the evernote file with it. I kinda laughed when I pulled the camera card out of it to see what was on it, DS was using it last in 2010 and so its like a little time capsule. and the storage on that card is 2 lol... the wipes I am using on the scissors as I cut out the sticky cling foam and that Santa peeking out... that is a sneak peek for the upcoming Dare to get Dirty Challenges coming soon to Splitcoaststampers. its something I did for Sandee's challenge.
 Now this is the first 28 pockets of sentiments ( on the left side) after I laminated the first couple of sheets I decided to round the corners on the rest of them. So, its a slow going but, making progress. one of the things I did was take some of the other cling stamps that were in dvd cases that had laminate sheets and cut those down to fit in the pockets and that is saving some space too.

 So, the work has commenced in the "Library" which might be a really grand name for this nook and Grace has supervised every step of the way. the first wall that is 8' X 8' has floor to ceiling shelves in now. the space with no shelves will be where the window seat hits that side and the back rest.  ( the seat will lift up and be cedar lined storage for like blankets and pillows or something like that)

So, like so... I have been having some computer issues lately. and I also have had twice now when I click on a link in the line up to go to a blog it shows me a blog for a half a second and then switches to a frozen screen that tries to get me to pay money to unlock it... since I have not fallen for the scam I am guessing it is not real, none of the virus catchers that I run in my computers are finding a single thing but, after it happened the second time it made me stop and pause. esp. clicking on things in my work computer.

the kitchen has not changed at all since the last time I flashed you a peek. we are still waiting on the countertops before anything else can be done (this friday will be week 4 which would have been the soonest they could come, we have not heard from them yet)  and our fridge that is 22+ years old did not like being moved to the garage so, it has once a week for the last month or so been unplugged with dry ice in it for 24 hours to recharge and so, we are really getting annoyed with that. ( it's still pretty hot here) and I have tossed more milk and such that I just barely buy anything perishable hoping we can eat it before it dies again.
Supposedly my refrigerator is supposed to reach this town today. ( cross your fingers) 


WOYWW # 422 {un-mounting again }

Happy belated desk peeking day, if you'd like to see more or play along
 the link up is here at Miss Julia's blog .
 So, all those stamps that were just willy nilly pulled off the wood blocks sometime last year and set aside because, other projects took priority were moved from the corner to the table. ( and I started stamping them off and re-sorting them.) so, this plastic box contains the last of many boxes of them what were sorted leading up to these tuesday night shots.
I have been more organized about this since these were dealt with. such as you know deliberately looking for stamps to pull that fit categories that are under construction of pockets now. to fill sheets up. which of course makes me feel very impressed with my self on that account. because, I really don't enjoy doing this, but I do like the end result. and our temperatures are still at broiled alive outside so, even with the little window ac on upstairs it is still in the high 80's up there.

 This little pile has some that the original foam did not want to remove from the rubber, so I tried leaving them in the freezer and that did not do anything for me. and I was afraid to nuke them in a microwave so, I ended up scraping at that foam with an exacto knife. Which works but, was really a sticky mess.

 on top of the big shot is a container that has some sorted stamps with indexes stamped on cardstock for the plastic pockets. closer is some dies that were used on a card either and under that is some happy mail from The Cats Pajama's that came on monday and I have not played with them yet but, did remove them from the original packaging and put them into plastic pockets so far.

and this is why the un-mounting thing seems like an uphill battle. that altered bakers rack in the far back top right corner... every one of those trays is filled with wood mounted sentiments. but, I do have to say that so far the pockets that were laminated and moved to the book shelf next to it are saving so much space its really encouraging me to continue with the project.

Our son is home on leave and he had a couple of projects he wanted to do making flags for a gift from wood with brass from ammunition as the stars and so, this was a peek at the temporary "desk" he had going in the back. by the time Wednesday had rolled around the first flag was finished and the second one was almost done. but, blogger had other ideas about letting me post yesterday. I don't have any finished flag shots in google photos yet or I would have flashed you with that. they turned out pretty impressive. I will take one and edit this post. ( if it ever decides to post)
 a side view

 :) thanks for stopping by!


WOYWW # 422 {crackled oxided stenciling stuffs}

want to see what more people are pushing around in their creative spaces? you can find all the details here at Miss Julia's blog

 So, lets see. I did do some online shopping last week because ( this is partially Dina's fault ) she had linked up to this electric eraser for coloring with colored pencils... and it was really cheap ( found here) and so, I happened to notice a bunch of things on my add on list had dropped in prices and I picked up another stencil, some extra erasers, a stick thing that I am not entirely sure how it works but, its been on the wish list a long time ( for gluing gems) and a CC designs poppy stamp..beyond that is how I walked away from the desk on monday night.

 On sunday I had spent some time messing around with this crackle paste through that poinsettia stencil. ( I never remember to bring a container of water upstairs for them so by the time I got it to the sink it had dried on to it) and monday after work I decided to try a few more things, this one was kraft cardstock that had the crackle looking stencil sprayed through it with a couple of colors then I patted some oxide inks through the poinsettia stencil over that then covered the whole thing with crackle paste and then rubbed more oxide inks over the top. the drying time just kills me so, walking away. I will mess around with this some more maybe friday ish.

To the left of that the other half of the kraft that used the same stencil, I had just sprayed color through the one piece and then on the one above I had sprayed a second time with a darker green so, the stencil was inky and I flipped it to use the spray pattern as a stamp onto the one layer of ink side and then eventually cut that into a couple of tags. That card is the one that started it all. you can see more shots of it here.
 and if you don't hear from me today don't panic, being late is my new standard haha. I have about 85% of the stuff I had packed up from the kitchen and what used to be the home office into ds bedroom. ( which I have to get out of there and dust before he gets home again)
 So far on the kitchen the only change is the wall ovens are in, the dishwasher and cook top joined the cook top's vent in the garage and the refrigerator needed re ordered? so, since I am piling things back up in the "library" the work in there will come to a stand still too even though the flooring should arrive this weekend. It has to sit for a while before it can be nailed in anyways.This is about it for me right now, thanks for stopping by!


Cracked Poinsettia's

This is a first attempt at playing with deco arts crackle paste That I ended up combining with distress Oxide inks through a masked stencil. 

 A side shot, this was "mostly" dry when shot so, the card will probably have to go between some books once it is really dry to flatten for a while. the sentiment is from the Concord & 9th O Christmas tree set and the poinsettia's are from a Tim Holtz stencil.

 When I first put this on and started pulling the stencil off ( I masked it a lot) this was completely white so, this is how much had dried after I attempted to clean the stencil ( that did not remove the crackle) but, I didnt try scrubbing it, I just tried rinsing it.

 As it continued to dry the colors started to peek through and the crackle was very visible. the whole stencil received fired brick oxide distress ink then I added some peeled paint over the leaves. this dried a funny color but, I kind of like the quiet look to it.

 If you click on these photos it will change them to a larger shot then you can use your browsers back button to resume reading. This shot was done when it was "mostly" dry and I had added clear wink of stella over the berries and the centers of the flowers.

I have not taken anymore shots after this to see if the last of the white has faded or not yet, but it was looking like it was not going to fade that the uninked parts where the crackle seeped under the stencil are going to dry white. ( but, I would assume if you are doing some layered Mixed Media piece you could paint right over the top with color) the wink of stella did not lift any color from the berries or the center.


WOYWW #421 {Progress}

Happy Desk Peeking day, If you'd like to see some more creative spaces 
and or play along the link up starts here at Miss Julia's blog.

So let's see, last Sunday was Father's day in the US and hubs and I had reached a standstill on the reno because, the flooring we had ordered for the "library/media" room, we found out they no longer make it (same hickory wood that is in the living room & dining room) so, we had to pick a new color and It will not arrive until the 30th or so. So, I kicked him out of the house to go fishing (without me) yep, I like to fish but, we have had entirely too much togetherness the last few months so, I made a Featured Stamper case of a gift card pocket that involved embossing a glassine envelope ( which you can see here ) and then started on a few more to alter and ended up with something for our son's next birthday. ( that upside down Penny Black stamp to the right reads... Another Birthday? weren't you old enough last year?? ( this is the year he turned 21 and in the US that is the legal to drink a beer age haha and in his age group that is a big deal to be "old enough" )

This is a peek into the Kitchen as it was last night, the cabinet contractors will be back again in about an hour to wrap up this (for now) three cabinets the doors are too long so, they will need changed and I have to get a glass co. out to measure and do the glass panes for the china cupboards. The countertop guy will come friday and measure and make his templates for the stone to be cut and next monday the icebox and wall ovens will go in ( partial install ) the dishwasher, cook top and vent cannot go until the counters are in so. it is really exciting progress being made there.
It's such a relief because, I have been second guessing the color choice ever since I said lets do this.
 ( Whiskey Black on Maple from Schrock cabinets ) My first choice for wood stains almost always is the dark one but, I didn't want the kitchen to feel like a cave and it's a small space so. I think both hubs and I are really glad over this color.  Thanks for stopping by!


One more hour

And the installers will be here to cut these crates open and start installing the cupboards. I am sure you get the sheer amount of will power it has taken this last 24 hours to not hurry it along and cut into one of them my self just to see...