Return to primitive living...

Haha that is what the dictionary page starts out with for a definition of "camping" I laughed and laughed. ( just seen it) No, I didn't read the definition I was too busy trying to make sure I had the (rubber sentiment) straight... ( I think that is the number one reason the whole clear movement has grown so much on me the big sentiments are harder to get straight when it matters) 


 Did you see the link to the store for the Inspiration Challenge last weekend that Lydia picked? ( it's here.) I loved everything. and I fully intended to make something like this. So knowing that and then finding this new Camping sentiment ( riley & co) on the table made me think I have this tent from (two paper diva's) and I started to laugh. The very first time hubs and I went camping a long time ago we did it in a little Army pup tent that our feet stuck out the end flap of it. (and it snowed) lol,
Now a days we go in a camper with running water but, still the list of things we "have to take" is enormous and makes me laugh and cringe after spending a great deal of time washing every textile in the camper and cleaning the list making is still on going. ( for leaving home two nights) The stamps were done with Versafine in the Misti so I could be certain I was going to be bolder than the vintage dictionary page. the black coredinations mat was a duo color one that the other side was blue so, that is peeking out of the distressing. The tent has some prisma pencils scribbled over the top. and this one finishes out at A-2 in real life.

Now this ( that mug) is a new one that just came out from Reverse Confetti ( the set name is Just brew it) so, since Hubs makes the coffee 99% of the time before I am out of the shower in the morning I tend to find mine on the vanity when I step out. So, you can see why I had to have this one too. Its stamped with versafine and up on pop dots over a piece of that yummy plaid from last week. ( the scrap is still on the table) and that Hero Arts sentiment off to the side is what is stamped on the inside and I am taking this one with us camping too. The base is some moss from PTI and this one finishes out at 5" square.


Make a Wish 2

So, the other day I "had to" go to Micheal's ( and it's Hubs fault because, he "had to" go straighten out his tags for bird hunting this fall at a sports store) so... I found these teeny tiny kraft sacks there from celebrate it, and I looked at those and thought they look big enough to hold gift cards. ( and so they do) the finished size of the bags are 2 1/2 x 4". So, I heat embossed this new smaller version of Make a Wish from Two Paper Diva's new August release with some SU white powder onto them and then added on some May Arts ribbons, vintage trims and one has a wood veneer smiley button on it. And after I was finished making them lumpy it occurred to me that if I do some more I will make them mostly flat so that they can go inside of cards as "wrapping" for the gift cards. I know these are just so simple but, sometimes simple just totally makes me happy. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


WOYWW # 376 (both desk's)

Good Morning and happy Wednesday Deskers, if you have not stopped by on a wed before you can find the link up here at our hostess Julia's blog where you can play along with us.

On the back of this table upright is a handmade card and 4 military themed stamps that were a RAK that arrived on monday from Boston. THANKS PIA!!! She had stamped me some of the Marine sentiment a few years ago and some others and I had spent a lot of time looking to buy this stamp but, never did find one and out of the blue she sent hers to me (along with Hero and Soldier and a Riley GI Joe moose) flat in front of that is some happy mail that also arrived because, I had some things on a wish list that went "back in stock" Yes, I am mentally rolling my eyes, & no, I have not inked everything I have acquired this year yet.


 I know its hard to tell but, I really did clean up here last week ( twice before it was clean enough for me to play again) and then on Sunday afternoon hubs had to go to the sports store to get his game bird tags) Oregon does not issue them following the federal dates so, people who do upland game bird hunting here always have to go back mid year for their duck stamps and such. anyways, because it was his fault... I went into Micheal's ( these are 3 doors from each other in the same shopping center) and I found this metal bin spinner thing ( seen below) so, that is the "new" thing on my desk. I had a bucket with deco scissors in it and a vintage flower pot with the spare pencils in it. ( the bulk of my pencils are downstairs where I sit to color) and I combined all those things into this and still have two more spaces of things that could go into this. Still thinking about that.
Hey, I even weeded out the deco scissors and am only "keeping" the ones I actually use. So, that is something too. ( I find it hard to let go of tools)

I also spent some time heat embossing trying to figure out which colors I have looked like what I wanted them to for some fall ish projects. ( I think I do not own the color I really want not even sure if its made but, I know these will work)

So, last night after the heat embossing session I went down stairs and started a new swatch book. and this one is going to be all watercolors. ( paints, pencils, markers all of it anything I have water based) I currently have all these loose sheets with different charts I have made over the years and I end up hunting and digging for what I want. So, I made a second trip to Micheal's yesterday on the way home just to see if they actually carried any spiral bound watercolor paper books before I ordered any off of amazon and they actually had several varieties and some brands are 40 and 50% off so, that was cool too :) ( They have a bigger variety of WC papers both taped and spiral pads than they ever have had before in mine, I was not real hopeful when I walked through the doors but, I was in a big enough hurry to actually "start" this project while the glow of excitement was still on my brain,  I don't know if I can tell you how much this particular sight actually makes me happy. So, thanks for stopping by and Have a good day.


Waiting for Fall

It's been really hot here and the other day we went to the grocery store and they had ceramic jack-o-lanterns out front. They were really cute but, my mind said its only August.. and then I found this plaid paper when I was cleaning and laughed and laughed. ( this body has had enough of the heat) so, it doesn't matter that It's hot outside I turned the air on and cleaned ( twice last week) to find the table and dug out some more new-ish things. 

 The sentiment on this is from Club scrap and the lie I told my self was hey, you don't have to write down its name your going to remember... ( ha, will edit later) the bloom is from a Hero Arts kit a few months ago heat embossed in gold on a scrap of blue. ( this flower was found in the mess while I was cleaning) so, all I did to it was add some shading with a pool party marker real quick. This card finishes out at 5" square.

This one the dahlia's are also from club scrap as is the sentiment ( its from an older Oopsie Daisy set) and this one is A-6 in real life. both of these card bases were made from scraps while I was cleaning up.


more garden views

 So, I designed these gates and Hubs supervised them being built and then he hung them here on the main driveway. ( the service gate has a wood covered one that looks just like the cedar fence. (that wooden part is 7' tall to give you some perspective) so, each side of one half of this gate weigh's over 200#'s.

 When you are standing in the drive way in front of the garage doors if you look south this is what you see a pergola with grapes in the planter boxes for a shade spot. ( this was the first shade spot we made) and the grapes are 2 & 3 years old. they were all started from bare root ones.
Nope, we are not eating them or making wine out of them the birds eat them.

If you sit on the benches and look up..

 If you had cut across the front grass on the east side of the yard and looked west this is what you would see of the garden ( last Saturday)
 Behind the garage we had one of the garden carts with garlic drying on it.  it has since been put away and the new bits have been planted for next year.

 Inside the greenhouse you would have seen tomatoes, lettuce, peppers... ( and frogs)
 He doesn't realize he is green. lol

 if you find some shade you will find Grace.

 And if Grace see's the camera she will give you a close up of her smile.

If you were standing in front of the house between the two gates. ( behind me is the wooden one) 
I keep forgetting to shoot the north side of the yard. That tree died in the front about 10 years ago and the stump still has not rotted. ( I am considering having it whacked to ground level)

The East side of the yard. The deck went in this summer across the front of the house in anticipation of the livingroom & kitchen remodel. ( someday the front door will move from the south corner of the living room to the east side to open up onto this deck.) (maybe next year) after the kitchen is gutted and totally remodeled the roof can be re-done. ( it needs it now but, everything in the kitchen that vents will be moved so, who wants to buy two roofs?)
This is also mosquito city of our yard the one corner that is mostly shade no matter what time it is.

ah hubs took one of the patio ( which is on the north side of the house)  That structure on the stilts is a play house that we moved from our old house in the city. ( it was built, sided and painted to match that house) So, I hope you enjoyed this.