Because, Crack is bad for you!

 So, we went to some yard sales last saturday morning. which we have not done this year because, a few months ago we brought down countless boxes out of the attic that had been stored there for the last 11+ years ( some of these things were things that followed me home from yard sale I have a weakness for mixing bowls) and the majority was things I had collected over the last 30 years for "when we have a bigger house" ( which we have with not enough storage) so, the struggle to get most of these things "put away" after all the cupboards and drawers were finished in the (it's a room that connects the house to the garage before the laundry room) any ways I put my foot down and said "we are not going to anymore yardsales!" ( because, I had this pile upstairs of vintage games that I had picked up knowing I would use the game pieces some day... someday came around this last sunday. That bingo card and the scrabble tiles are vintage game pieces on this card front. and what followed me home Saturday was some beautiful shades of wool felt ( that I think I will be die cutting) and a few binders of cling stamps. no mixing bowls, YAY! me. :)

This sentiment is from the Ton ( Caffeine Crush set) cut with a spellbinders label die and the bitty heart is from an sheet of stickers from Heidi Grace. the base is Curious Metallics Caramel and is A-7 in real life. just for laugh's I am tempted to haul it to work.

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Janice M said...

How cool is this??! I haven't went yard saleing in ages......guess I need to start again cause those Bingo cards look like fun!