WOYWW #284 {a mess}

Yes, it's Wednesdays sneak peek's into the where things really get done... You can join this blog hop starting at Julia's blog here. no obligation just fun. if you click the home button and scroll back you will see that on monday after work I did 36 3" cards ( for the booth) and on Veteran's day after work I did 24 more... this is what it looks like to do that. ( that was about 4 hours worth of gluing) 

I really dislike this when the time changes back to its real time, I have so not enough daylight during the fall/winter/ early spring. anyways this is a 6' Costco table in the middle with an vintage rolling metal cart in the foreground and a steel paper rack at the end ( for 12" papers) so, you can see on a normal day I have about 12" of room to work on. 

all those scraps that all year long get a sentiment stamped on them and die cut get bagged and are loosely sorted into categories. ( winter/Christmas, humor, birthday etc) oh there are a couple new stamps in this pile too. usually this pile being this big stops me in my tracks and makes me clean but,

I am cutting and gluing so fast I am not even putting things away right now. the basket on the left is holding my scraps that I use on tags and 3" cards. its loosely sorted by a main color when I squint at something. the cardstock scraps are sorted the same way but, in a bread pan up on the file cabinet. 

a look from the other end, on top of my bigshot that sits on top of the 12" paper racks is a chicken wire basket that is starting to look much better filled with every day kind of 3" cards. the Christmas winter ones are in the suitcase with larger cards in that theme. I will have more closer looks at the things headed to the booth next week and the booth mug shots thursday/friday ish is best guess. but, I am probably not going to have time to answer questions until after it's over. and I have a feeling I may not make the rounds much today. 


April Story said...

What a great idea for your scraps. I need to do that, too. Thanks for sharing.
April #68

Laura said...

That's a super busy desk!
Happy Thursday! (sorry I'm late)

Chrysalis said...

Wow, talk about busy! Mind you, you sound very organised, so hopefully it's not too stressful. I hope they all go well. Have a great week, Chris # 7

Lisca Meijer said...

You sound like you're on top of things and quite organized.
I hope it all goes well,
Have a good week,
Sorry I’m late but I take my time going through them all. (I enjoy reading all the blogs and look at the photos)