Prepping Continues

these baskets are on the coffee table upstairs, We set up the booth tonight. 

just a different shot same stuff.

A peek inside the winter / Christmas suitcase.

two more suitcases plus more baskets.

made this gift card holder after the sheet music tags but, it wasn't the same and never got around to posting the mug shot. ( this is a sizzix die) 

now, this I am not really sure about what I want to do with it... was thinking about using them as a gift with a purchase type thing. thanks for your purchase. but, a lot of people who come by the booth and buy they do not make their own cards... was thinking it would be easy enough for people to stamp or write a name on the blank parts of the tickets. there are 24 of them in side the wrappers. ( I originally bought these bags to hold the peppermint patty candies with toppers but, I don't for the most part alter food things for this booth so, this was just an idea to use up some of these bags and tickets) 

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