WOYWW #283 {sprayed tags}

If you have not visited on a Wednesday before and are wondering about this mess you can visit Julia's blog here and play along with us. ( we are peeking at what people are pushing around on their desks today) 

I know its been forever and a half since I have played a long. I actually took photos twice of the desk during that time frame and never got around to posting them. I think my life is starting to become its new normal. becoming an empty-nester is a shock to the system even when you know its coming. 

So anyways, you see that pile of vintage store bought tags on the right? ( that is what did not get sprayed on sunday and monday nights) ( I bought an open shoe box of these tags at a yard sale for .50 cents) yes, that is right... and holy tag pile its a lot of them, so I started  untangling  them thinking to put them away and then thought well you may as well start altering them so they are more ready to play with and it got me thinking of how so many people come by the booth and they are crafty and they will say something like Oh, I just love these BUT, I dont do things like this... so, I ended up spraying 1 dozen tags in every spray color I own ( 'cept those two bottles left on the tables the pumps are not working) which was 21 colors and I divided them up into packages of 4 of the same color. 

and I am thinking about putting these into the booth as "ready to use" altered vintage tags. and I am thinking .50 cents a package ( do you think that is too much?) they are only sprayed on one side.

I am going to spend some time tinkering with the spray nozzles on those last two bottles to see if I can get them working, if not. maybe I can find empty spray bottles to move the contents to. 
Happy Wednesday! hope you are doing something inky and thanks for stopping by!


Super Jen said...

That is a lot of tags. I like how you think to the future. I don't think 50 cents is too much.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh they look Delish! I think That's a really fair price for the tags..you go for it. After all,if they don't sell, you'll be using them, so win win!

pearshapedcrafting said...

They do look lovely and sure they will sell at that price! Thanks for visiting, Chris 57

Lunch Lady Jan said...

What a bargain those tags were in the first place! You've done a great job of colouring them up so I think you're justified in asking the new price for them :-)
And I know about being an empty nester....it's amazing how long it took me to get used to it.
Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

April Story said...

Love the tags. And what a great idea to get them started for those who just want to put on the finishing touches.
April #73

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Stacy, thanks for visiting my desk. OOOW I'm loving those tags you've sprayed and what a great find. Gorgeous colours and yes I think 50 cents is a bargain. Enjoy your weekend Cheers RobynO#39

Chrysalis said...

They'll go like hot cakes at that price! People appreciate unique items, especially when they're not crafty themselves. You will adjust to having your home to yourselves, it just takes a little time - but sit back and enjoy the ride! Hugs, Chris # 7

Katie Muck said...

Your tags look delicious in that white basket surrounded by those doilies. They will sell like hotcakes. #63

Lisca Meijer said...

Those tags look great! What a good find that was! I'm sure people would pay 50 cents for that. I think you are justified in asking that as you've done all the work. I reckon it took ages just untangling them!
Sorry I'm so late in commenting. I like to comment on all of the posts but there just aren't enough hours in the day...
Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder.
Have a good week.

Angie said...

That's a great find on the tags. My friend is getting very interested in them herself. Hope she can find something like that soon!
Angie #57