Shepherd's Market {2014}

Friday AM (all of these shots were taken with my phone) I didn't bring my camera to the set up Thursday night. and I forgot on Friday am...

wasn't really sure how clear these would turn out. and had intended to look at the photos on friday night in a computer but, never got around to it. 

before I went Friday am I did a pit stop at dutch brothers... in case you cannot see it that lid proclaims best day ever. and funny true story. this year I DID sell more on Friday than on Saturday.

Saturday AM I was up at 4:30. ( it was like that all week long but, this day I got up and started making more tags) so, everything was done from things on the table. 

these stockings were heat embossed and cut out a long time ago. 

this finished off the dyed/stained tags I had on my table. these are size 8 tags in real life. with PTI die cuts on them. ( had sold all of these on friday) and after that I did 8 more 3" cards that looked just like the ones that went into the donated raffle snowman hat I showed you last week.

results, well it was slow on Saturday AM so, I did not do as well money wise as in previous years. ( its OK ) I also was able to rent both sides of the hallway for next year ( for 10.00 more) so that was a relief. ( the hallway is not really wide enough for two different vendors to work it at the same time, the school also added a large glass display case for trophy's in one half of the other side of the hallway too) 

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Shoregirl said...

What a LOVELY set-up! Love the use of suitcases and the old step-ladder! Gorgeous product too!