WOYWW #368 {after & before}

Welcome to the it's no longer a mess desk... If your wondering what this is all about you can find the details and the link up here at Jan's blog while she is hosting this hop as Julia Recovers. If you'd like to play along with us shoot a shot of your space. It's that simple.

 This was shot Tuesday evening after work. I had received a packed of New for July and some I can play with now stamps from Two Paper Diva's so, on Monday I had made another card for the Summer Coffee Lovers Blog hop (going on now there are still a few days left to play if you are so inclined. There are some really cool projects being shown ( with opportunities to ha ha add to your collections too I'm sure)  That is coffee in the mug even though this was shot at 6 pm and the little pile of new rubber that needs the foam removed. I did get a laminate machine and some plastic sleeve things for it and I cleaned off three shelves of one of my book shelves to move unmounted stamps to it. ( this is a work in progress) I have to do the laminating downstairs I think the cord is too short to reach from the plug in to the table. ( fun fun ) plus I want to buy some cheaper cardstock to use for it.

This was Sunday afternoon, there is also a VSN (virtual stamp night) going on at Splitcoaststampers and there are 13 challenges for that, ( I have done 10 of them) and by the half way point I could not see the table anymore so, I had to take the time to clean up. We ( hubs and I ) I have been assuming that everyone who comes to the desk hop does not see the rest of the posts through the week have been fighting with allergies and a cold mixed in, so I didn't get much of anything done last week. including climbing the stairs to shoot a desk mug shot. ( sorry, am hoping to catch up today and tomorrow on what I missed) one interesting thing happened. a lady driving down the street got a glimpse of the garden ( the veggie part) and turned around and asked if we would consider being part of a garden tour in August. and after looking at their web site this week we have her and her boss coming back this next Saturday to look at it up close. ( they are a big promote organic gardening group) and the truth is... ( shhh bugs are sprayed in our yard, we are not home 24/7 to you know hand carry these bugs to the curb so they can cross the street and live at the school.) SO, after telling her that in an email she is dragging her boss by so they can ask questions because, I told her more than once we really do not have a lot growing this year ( they way we have in previous years) the Cold storage room is still full of Canned goods and then we just sold 20 sheep leaving us with 3 to start over as we still ( yes, ds has been gone from the nest for 2 years now) and we still  have 2 freezers full of meat. So. who knows. maybe I will be writing about adventures as a tour guide some day.


Lisca Meijer said...

Oh how exciting! Perhaps you should show us a photo of you veg garden next week.
I also have a freezer full of stuff and if I don't eat anything from it regularly it will go out of date (I write best before dates on them). So once a week, I plan a meal with ingredients from the freezer. Or even a meal from the freezer as i still cook for 4 and we are only two, so half goes in the freezer.
Happy WOYWW,
Greetings from sunny Spain,

Sharon Madson said...

Very exciting news about the possibility of being on the garden tour. My hubby and I just went to a historical garden tour here, a couple of weeks ago. It was historical homes , that had been restored and some shared their gardens. If we were there we would come see yours! I loved VSN, and had so much fun! Thanks for the peek! #43

Suzanne Alexis said...

That is really cool news about your garden! I hope you can be entered in the group!

Suzanne #51

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I can't believe you don't pick up your bugs and relocate them humanely. hee hee, I had a good laugh at that. How fun to maybe be part of a tour. The desk is ready for action but it sounds like the action planned is laminating and organizing. Good goals to have! PJ #49

Sharon Koole said...

Wow that is good news about your garden. Hope it works out! Hope the colds and allergies work out soon and stop bothering you. Ten challenges - you have been busy!

Have a great week
Sharon K #37

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh, believe you me, I was so happy when I saw you'd linked with no problem today! I did nothing different so it's a complete mystery, but Hooray! Great news about your garden, I look forward to seeing more of it :-)
Hugs, LLJ xxx

Angela Radford said...

Interesting news about your garden, you must keep us informed of how it goes. This is another late visit for me today as we've been to the Lincolnshire agricultural show. The area where we live is surrounded by farm land. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x 21

dmgarafalo said...

How was the virtual stamp night, sounds fun! Keep us posted on the garden tour - very cool. xoxoxoxo Donna #4

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Stacy, I'm a firm laminate your own sheets person, lol. Ever since I bought some online, to discover that is exactly what they were- sheets of card, printed with the stores name, laminated! Great about being in the garden tour- and I'm all for organic gardening, and do use as few sprays as possible, and also try to find organic sprays, which do exist, they just take a bit of looking for. Thankfully, internet shopping to the rescue, lol.I think it's pretty much impossible, despite what people say, to be totally free from sprays Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xxx