gift tags (Assorted)

 So, when I seen the June Hero Arts kit I was pretty excited about this folded tag die, which is why I bought it. and I had my fingers crossed it would be larger than the Sizzix tag card die I already own (on the right) the good news is, it IS larger, but, as you can see not by much. it is however a different shape at the top so, that will be fun to make them be a little different.

 esp. when you make them assembly line style from other bits and pieces made a while back.

 all of the Christmas things came out of that basket seen in this post here.

 The red glitter paper was also cut with the sizzix tag and its too flimsy to stand up so, I cut them in half and glued only one half to a white card base for some of them.

 I made these eons ago and came across the gift card photo in the post it someday file.

 Ditto for this one, the bird house is an very old SU one.

 Now these were done just messing around with some of the new cups from the June release from Two Paper Diva's the sentiment on the left is heat embossed and the one on the right is an repurposed coffee cup lid.

and these were done because, its good to have a stash of them when you give wine as gifts frequently. these did not however get metal charms but, I did find a pack of dress it up buttons in my stash so, those cork screws and cork are plastic buttons. I did remove the shanks from the corkscrews but, left it on the back of the cork to tie them on.

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Two Paper Divas said...

All great ideas Stacy! Melissa