WOYWW #386 & {a wing-less unicorn}

Happy Wednesday Ladies, here is a peek at my ( tuesday evening) desk. If you would like to play along with us, shoot a shot of what you are pushing around in your space and link it up here at our hostess Julia's blog.

So, this it the aftermath of the Falliday's challenges and tutorials I had done as of yesterday evening. I did not get much cleaning done after so, it pretty much still needs cleaned and looks like this today. the clearly besotted lamb is one of the possibilities I had while thinking of the unexpected and or new stamps challenge, ( I went with one of the reindeer and a elf hat) the unmounted rubber is some Halloween ones from Impression Obsession that I had found while I was looking for a witch stamp and I ended up pulling them off the blocks while I had them out and stamped some to color for the heck of it. the Tupperware container has some rock salt in it, the lids off because, some of the crystals did not feel completely dry when I tossed them back in. See that aqua thing behind the ink pads? that is the lawn fawn stamp cleaning cloth, and it works really good. ( I take it downstairs and get it wet and wring it out on days I can play) I did read somewhere to use the back side to wipe since it will stain, but still clean ( that is true) but, you should also know the stain will be visible from the front side of this eventually. so far so good, its better than baby wipes or a scrub brush pad with a dry towel after. ( no fuzz balls on the stamps ) and for clear stamps it gets them clean, ( the scrub pad on clear stamps generally makes them very dirty looking after to me)

off to the right, the scrap pile grew quite a bit this last couple of weeks, the top thing is a napkin that was to be fused to cardstock with cling wrap. ( it worked a tiny bit in the center for me so, I die cut out that part before it decided to un-fuse. ( which it did right after the photo was shot for the challenge so, mine ended up getting glue tucked in under the edges. ( and the glue did not want to stick to the plastic wrap) so, that was one of those things. Under that is a print out of the challenges list, which I had printed when there was a few days left to go so, I had to rely on my own memory for the last bunch of cards and so, that of course adds to the delay.

This was my first attempt at the salted background challenge because, I knew I had this scrap in the pile left over from something this summer and I thought oh the colors could almost be a Halloween spooky sky. and then I seen this unicorn, ( have a pile of them colored in my little pony type colors ) in that tray on the back of the table and thought I may make this another bright birthday card for the card drive. ( and then I gave the unicorn some clouds to stand on since its wings are invisible) lol and then I thought about it some more and thought maybe unicorns do not have wings? at any rate it is not floating in outer space how is that?


Sharon Madson said...

Can't believe you did them all, Stacy! I did two techniques and a couple of the challenges.
I just couldn't even face doing them all! I guess DTGD took all my energy! LOL Happy WOYWW!

Angela Radford said...

Hi Stacy, the unicorn is so pretty. Your scrap pile looks nearly as bad as my exploding box, we will have to hope for the best Lol!

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Stacy! What a great post! I really enjoyed reading about your process and I love the unicorn/Lil' Pony card! I wonder if Unicorns do have wings? Challenges are so much fun. Congrats on getting through them. See you next Wednesday. Have a GREAT week! Rasz

Sharon Koole said...

Very pretty unicorn card. My scrap pile is piling up again. It's all on the floor in two 12 x 12 paper boxes. I really need to do something with it all. I've been trying to use it for mini-album pages.

Sharon K #42

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Well, that's a great idea for using the napkin - I've seen them used in decoupage before but not for what you did. It must be a quick way of achieving a background!
Hugs, LLJ 4 xxx

CraftyHope said...

According to my niece, unicorns don't have wings but alicorns do. Apparently an alicorn is a horse with a horn and wings. I'd never heard that term myself, but she's much more into those kind of things than I am. In any case, I think your card turned out really well. I like all the pops of color and definitely see a Halloween theme to it.
Have a crafty week!
Hope #43

Morti said...

That's a cute unicorn. If it had wings it would be a pegacorn. Officially.

Thanks for stopping by

Morti @23