WOYWW # 377

Happy Wednesday Deskers, if you'd like to find out what is going on you can find the link up for this blog hop here at our hostess Julia's blog. And play along with us.


Things are happening here, or rather I have more things going on at the moment then I have time to finish them all lol.  Take your pick, off to the left is a stack of TPD twig wreaths that were heat embossed in various colors and some have dried stickles or Nuvo drops on them. (there are some of the same kinds of things on gift sacks in that spinner because, I still have not filled the last space with tools) towards the back of the table are the haha various things that are not put away. Over to the right were some extra sentiments that I had used recently and stamped off a couple of them on scraps to play with later. 
Oh the deer tree die cut is a new thing. ( still thinking about it) I did try that clarity brush yesterday on something I can show you in a week or two after the stamps go live and I think I tried it with too pale of a color. ( I could not see a dang thing over the white printer paper with a digi on it, yep you read that right) I DID print something at work yesterday ( and that was a whole 'nother adventure) ( I put windows 10 into my work computer last month and so far its not that big of a deal. until I went to print a photo lol... I am probably going to have to buy the book so I can work around that app. 
The garden has been enjoying all the heat we have had here the last few weeks and hubs is looking forward to hunting season so, that's about it for this morning. thanks for stopping by.


Sharon Madson said...

I fight with printers all the time at our house. It is crazy. There is one by my husbands computer and one by mine. (that is whole other story why we have two) Anyway, they are wireless, but half the time I get the message that my printers aren't online! So I plug it directly up to my laptop, and sometimes it still says it isn't online!!! For crying out loud! That is only one story. I am constantly fighting with the printer, like even when I printed off the title for my Scrap Lay out. That is what I mostly do on a printer, journaling and titles for scrapbooking. Sorry that I got on a rant!!! Thank you for stopping by earlier and your lovely comment. Thanks for the peek, and have a great week, Stacy!

Angela Radford said...

Please don't start me on computers, they have a mind of their own and know when you need to get on so they play up! Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 16

April Story said...

Technology is great - when it works. Loving all the fun stuff scattered about your desk.
April #39

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Busy is the thing from the looks of all my visits for this WOYWW, must be the season.
So glad I wouldn't let Windows 10 update. I am content with 8.1 and all my electronic things are compatible with it. Enjoy the week .

Neet said...

So glad I am not the only one with a problem with the computer. I usually find I need to switch Wifi off and on again to get any printing done. Let me assure you that it isn't just Windows 10 that is having problems - I am on a Mac!
Hope things settle for you
Hugs & Thanks for visiting me earlier
Neet 5 xx

AliWade said...

Happy Very Belated WOYWW. A lovely busy desk. I am lucky with technology generally (or perhaps it is that I have spent many years working with computers - both at home and work). I have 3 printers in my room (one wireless A3, one A4 inkjet connected by cable and a laser printer which is only connected when I need it for doing foiling) and they all (everything crossed now!) work fine. I was one of the first to get Windows 10 and find it no issue to use - no difference really to before. I hear of people having problems, but they complained about the version before too! Ali x #12