more garden views

 So, I designed these gates and Hubs supervised them being built and then he hung them here on the main driveway. ( the service gate has a wood covered one that looks just like the cedar fence. (that wooden part is 7' tall to give you some perspective) so, each side of one half of this gate weigh's over 200#'s.

 When you are standing in the drive way in front of the garage doors if you look south this is what you see a pergola with grapes in the planter boxes for a shade spot. ( this was the first shade spot we made) and the grapes are 2 & 3 years old. they were all started from bare root ones.
Nope, we are not eating them or making wine out of them the birds eat them.

If you sit on the benches and look up..

 If you had cut across the front grass on the east side of the yard and looked west this is what you would see of the garden ( last Saturday)
 Behind the garage we had one of the garden carts with garlic drying on it.  it has since been put away and the new bits have been planted for next year.

 Inside the greenhouse you would have seen tomatoes, lettuce, peppers... ( and frogs)
 He doesn't realize he is green. lol

 if you find some shade you will find Grace.

 And if Grace see's the camera she will give you a close up of her smile.

If you were standing in front of the house between the two gates. ( behind me is the wooden one) 
I keep forgetting to shoot the north side of the yard. That tree died in the front about 10 years ago and the stump still has not rotted. ( I am considering having it whacked to ground level)

The East side of the yard. The deck went in this summer across the front of the house in anticipation of the livingroom & kitchen remodel. ( someday the front door will move from the south corner of the living room to the east side to open up onto this deck.) (maybe next year) after the kitchen is gutted and totally remodeled the roof can be re-done. ( it needs it now but, everything in the kitchen that vents will be moved so, who wants to buy two roofs?)
This is also mosquito city of our yard the one corner that is mostly shade no matter what time it is.

ah hubs took one of the patio ( which is on the north side of the house)  That structure on the stilts is a play house that we moved from our old house in the city. ( it was built, sided and painted to match that house) So, I hope you enjoyed this.


Loll said...

What amazing gardens you have Stacy. I can only imagine the hours of work to keep it looking so tidy and lush. Great job! xx

Janice M said...

Stacy you have a GORGEOUS yard/garden!