WOYWW # 376 (both desk's)

Good Morning and happy Wednesday Deskers, if you have not stopped by on a wed before you can find the link up here at our hostess Julia's blog where you can play along with us.

On the back of this table upright is a handmade card and 4 military themed stamps that were a RAK that arrived on monday from Boston. THANKS PIA!!! She had stamped me some of the Marine sentiment a few years ago and some others and I had spent a lot of time looking to buy this stamp but, never did find one and out of the blue she sent hers to me (along with Hero and Soldier and a Riley GI Joe moose) flat in front of that is some happy mail that also arrived because, I had some things on a wish list that went "back in stock" Yes, I am mentally rolling my eyes, & no, I have not inked everything I have acquired this year yet.


 I know its hard to tell but, I really did clean up here last week ( twice before it was clean enough for me to play again) and then on Sunday afternoon hubs had to go to the sports store to get his game bird tags) Oregon does not issue them following the federal dates so, people who do upland game bird hunting here always have to go back mid year for their duck stamps and such. anyways, because it was his fault... I went into Micheal's ( these are 3 doors from each other in the same shopping center) and I found this metal bin spinner thing ( seen below) so, that is the "new" thing on my desk. I had a bucket with deco scissors in it and a vintage flower pot with the spare pencils in it. ( the bulk of my pencils are downstairs where I sit to color) and I combined all those things into this and still have two more spaces of things that could go into this. Still thinking about that.
Hey, I even weeded out the deco scissors and am only "keeping" the ones I actually use. So, that is something too. ( I find it hard to let go of tools)

I also spent some time heat embossing trying to figure out which colors I have looked like what I wanted them to for some fall ish projects. ( I think I do not own the color I really want not even sure if its made but, I know these will work)

So, last night after the heat embossing session I went down stairs and started a new swatch book. and this one is going to be all watercolors. ( paints, pencils, markers all of it anything I have water based) I currently have all these loose sheets with different charts I have made over the years and I end up hunting and digging for what I want. So, I made a second trip to Micheal's yesterday on the way home just to see if they actually carried any spiral bound watercolor paper books before I ordered any off of amazon and they actually had several varieties and some brands are 40 and 50% off so, that was cool too :) ( They have a bigger variety of WC papers both taped and spiral pads than they ever have had before in mine, I was not real hopeful when I walked through the doors but, I was in a big enough hurry to actually "start" this project while the glow of excitement was still on my brain,  I don't know if I can tell you how much this particular sight actually makes me happy. So, thanks for stopping by and Have a good day.


Kathyk said...

Great looking pix of your workspace and well done on cataloguing your water based colour mediums too



glitterandglue said...

Some great things there on your desk today, Stacy. yes, I can believe you have tidied up at least three times this week... It takes around 30seconds to get untidy again - that's all!!!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #6

StampedbyChris said...

Good idea on the swatch book. A crafty space that's busy is a happy space!
Chris P #25

Angela Radford said...

Your desk is full of stuff today which is exactly as it should be. Have a great woyww, and happy crafting, Angela x 15

SusanLotus said...

So many awesome stamps!
I´m sure you´ll have fun with them.

Have a nice day!
Susan Lotus nr 20 WOYWW

AliWade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. So many goodies on your desk. That spinny thing looks so useful. I still need to get my second Raskog Trolley put together and the bookshelves for my craft room - perhaps this weekend?! I am glad that we do not have Michaels in the UK, as they seem to have everything that I would want to spend on. Ali x #37

Kia said...

How fun your desk is. I love your idea of the swatch book ... I need to do this. I did it for my colour pencils, so why not the others .... duh!