WOYWW # 374 (more messes & garden peeks)

I am going to edit and add more words at work later today (maybe), but, this is a quick snap of what I seen when I walked up stairs after work tuesday evening and made one more DTGD card. The lil' inkers happy mail was unpacked and carried up monday but, I didn't make time to play up there. I have been taking photos of the yard. the garden tour will be this coming Saturday. so, most of my free time has been out side lately.

you can play along here at our hostess Julia's blog, just shoot a shot of what you are pushing around in your space and link it up. and enjoy the trip around the other spaces on the globe. :) 
some garden snap shots from last weekend.

when you step out the back door of the garage and look west you see the irrigation pump ( how the sprinklers are fed with water ) and some horseradish to the left of that. the old mailbox contains hand held shovels, clippers and gloves.

as you step off the cement and look south you see the garden. the path way heads to the barn.

 the peach tree on the north west corner of the garden has lost numerous branches this year because, there are just too many peaches trying to grow on it, so we went out and shook some of the remaining branches to lose some peaches trying to save the branches on this tree.

 you can see how much the poor thing is hanging. behind that is part of the barn.

 if you turn around you see cantaloupes & melons with zucchini behind it.

 and if you keep turning to the left you'll see onions. the garlic was dug up a couple of weekends ago and is drying.

if you walk east and then look south west this is what you see, you can walk through that bean structure it has blue lake beans on it, 

and closer is some dill.

and if you follow that path and peek into the green house you see that there are peppers, tomatoes and lettuce mostly in here right now. what we have found even leaving all 4 doors open 24/7 while its this hot is the quail do not like to go into the green house so, hey we actually get to eat some.  haha. ( when its out side in one of the beds they eat it off to the ground every day. )

I have more photos but, will do another post tomorrow because, I am not sure this many will load.


Julia Dunnit said...

Love the bright colours on the paper tucked at the back. Nothing like some new stuff to make you wanna get up there and play. Will you share some photos of the garden - and good luck!

BJ said...

Oh nice new goodies, enjoy, BJ#9

Kelly said...

Only thing better than getting new goodies is making time to play with them. Don't stress about the Garden tour this weekend. Everything will go fine. I'm sure you've done tons more out there than you needed. We crafters tend to over-stress on things like that LOL I hope you'll show pics. Creative Blessings! Kelly #38

Lea.H said...

wow i love the pics of the garden! it looks so relaxing! Lea #43

glitterandglue said...

Wow, Stacy. Your garden is something else! Amazing, and SO neat and tidy!! Do you do it all yourselves - or do you have help? I have just resorted to help - I can't manage everything now John takes so much time - it might be easier if I had some full nights' sleep, of course.... but that's life at the moment. So, help it is - and he's brilliant - did in 2 hours what it would have taken me about 6!
Enjoy all that gorgeous space.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #17

Dorlene Durham said...

What a gorgeous garden. I love how you love to show it off. You should be proud. Have a great week! Dorlene #37

April Story said...

What fun goodies. Your garden looks great.
April #24

CraftygasheadZo said...

What a stunning garden. I love all the different parts. Thanks for sharing. Take care Zo xx 25

dmgarafalo said...

Thank you for sharing your garden - its AMAZING! Have a terrific Thursday (yes still getting around) donna #41

LisaDV said...

Looks like goodness on the desk. Your garden is fantastic. Have a great week. LisaDV #23