WOYWW #375 {piles}

Happy Wednesday Deskers, the mess continues and some random thoughts about the garden tour. links to the garden photo posts will follow.
If you'd like to play along with us, shoot a shot of what you are up to 

 So, as you walk around the table this is what you see... the aftermath of DTGD..

 and the box is still out because, I want to make some little gift sized cards to fit into it. maybe with a travel or mail theme. ( have not decided yet, still thinking about it as I clean)

 Yep, that IS coffee ( with cocoa in it) after work on tuesday evening.
all the lids are off the H2O's that were used for the anniversary water colored card because, I read somewhere you have to do that so they dry out and don't grow mold. so, after this was shot they did get capped and put away again.

off to the right, more piles and beyond the cutter the larger scraps. The cleaning started after these were shot and it is still under way. (the funny part is, I really did clean a little as I went)  but, there are also brand new stamps in some of these piles because, they were things I intended to play with and buried them. so, I was having Oh, Yeah moments as I started cleaning last night. I have a garden post set to go live in a little while after I get to work because, I sent some of the other last week garden shots to my work computer. but, I also edited last weeks WOYWW with some garden shots then too if you stopped by when only the desk was showing.

The tour went OK

I think we are mostly favorable about the idea of allowing our house to be on the tour again in the future. Most of the people were very friendly and just excited to be here. there were a few people who you know have that holier than thou vibe going on who will point blank tell you what you are doing wrong and what you "should" be doing and a few people who have never played in the dirt before in their lives ( how does anyone escape that? my mind says didn't their mama's push them out the door with a snarled Go OUTSIDE and Play, and stay there till your father gets home thing??) anyways, I actually found it easier to be amused by the you are doing it all wrong people than I ever have in my life. maybe, its an aging thing? There were also enough people who pulled me aside and told me we had the nicest garden they had seen ( and they went to them all) so, those people totally made my day :) and that is what I remember best.

( We almost did not agree to participate in this tour because, it was a fund raiser for a "sustainable community" project and all the other gardens are "Organic", and seriously we do spray for bugs in the lawn and so, it could be the people who were snarky were expecting to see another weed bed which is what some of the gardens are as some people let their weeds "shade" their lettuce and they have to "hunt" for their veggies in the jungle.)


glitterandglue said...

Hi Stacy. Another person who has been going ballistically busy getting dirty... The piles of cards you have made is unbelievably impressive. Well done. So glad the garden tour participation predominantly went well. yes, I'm afraid you will always get those who know best and are quite possibly jealous! But so thrilled some felt yours was the best garden out there that day. Yay!!! I use spray now on the weeds - never have done in my life, but have started this past 12 months. My reasoning?? I'm getting old; I can't keep up; I have John to look after... how many more excuses/reasons can I think up? I don't see a problem as it isn't as if you are heavily spraying the whole planet! Keep it quiet, but I have even, this year, employed a gardener to help. Shhh!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #23

Sharon Madson said...

Oh, Stacy, if I didn't know already how busy you have been with DTGD, I would know now by your desk. Thank you so much for being one of the DTGD hostesses! I enjoyed it so much! Thank you for stopping by. Don't forget to get your group photo of your cards! #41

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Stacy, the sad truth is, there are always a few snarky people in every crowd. You just have to feel sad for them as that's clearly how they get their enjoyment. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xxx

Angela Radford said...

That is one busy desk Stacy. I'm doing catch-up a bit this week so sending you belated happy woyww, Angela x 15