WOYWW #295 {Organizing Scraps}

Okay I am looking for ideas here... I have spent the last month and half messing around with these pocket inserts and such for doing the project life type scrap pages and now that I have most everything out of its boxes... it covers an entire coffee table. ( which is not very practical) 

In addition to this mess, when I stopped scrapping a few years ago ( I used to have a scrap rack with two bases and this thing took up an entire 6' table all by it self) and I moved the "scrap things" from that system to 6 of those plastic boxes that are like 12" inside. the kinds that are made by the people who make the Iris carts. that there is a plastic cart for these boxes but, they are just stacked on the floor in the closet. 

and then I got the bright idea I wanted to try the PL style... and I gathered a few things... and they bred in the dark... and now I need a better idea of how to store them, I love how this looks but, I think it will be full of dust shortly. 
So as I go around this week I am mostly looking for storage ideas. for these small paper things. I think I may have to "reorganize" the metal file cabinet I have that has paper things in it. you seen it last week with the bottom two drawers open that were holding scored cardbases and some envelopes and such. ( those things could probably move to the closet) just thinking out loud. oh and if you want to see the cards ( I am assuming you are here for the mess views if you came here from Julia's blog where this blog hop starts) all you need to do is hit the home button at the bottom and it brings up all the posts. or any of the tabs on the side for a kind of what ever. I am still making Christmas cards, tags and started on some spring things besides the cleaning. Happy Wednesday ladies and thanks for stopping by! 


Queenie Jeannie said...

And this is why I don't do scraping, lol!! I have enough of a challenge keeping my card making things organized!!! I use my blog of doing the things that scrapbookers do. However, if I were to change my mind, I'd do PL as it seems the easiest way to get the job done!

Happy Crafting!
Jeannie #5

Regina Hamilton said...

It's hard to get your supplies organized. I do it once a year, and it's a pain. Good luck #10

Carole said...

Hello Stacy I find myself sorting and trimming scraps frequently...it's an on going task.
I have cut many scraps with little dies and store them in a small photo album I bought at the $$ store. When I get overwhelmed...I gather a bunch of scraps and scare them with the local libraries or schools.
#55 Carole

Carole said...

no I don't scare them I share them. my fingers are dyslexic

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I have to say that I think you are the only crafter I've heard mention a dust concern (besides me). I love all the open air basket and bucket storage that's out there but I'm not dusting that stuff! I like enclosed boxes and tins but not too ornate since all the crevices get dust too.

I think organization is challenging as it never seems to end. Plus it is personal, what works for me might not for you. Plus it is dynamic--ever changing. WOYWW is a good place to get ideas for sure. It can be rough on your budget though.

I honestly never know what to keep the bits and bobs in or where so that part of crafting gets shuffled around a lot. Sometimes I just get rid of them so then I don't have to deal with them anymore.

Thanks for the visit earlier and good luck with your organization. Don't be afraid to try something and then change your mind! Judy #64

glitterandglue said...

Don't we all shuffle things around?? I certainly do.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #33