Preliminary Dec Daily pages

So, these are like base pages with some photos added in so far... this stripe paper and the back page chevron paper came with the album and are too large to fit into the 6X8 page protectors. 

I did run this page through the sewing machine and since I did not want the stitching to be visible on the flip side I did cover it up with a free printable calendar I found on pinterest.

I had loved what I had seen on pinterest with people using the pages with no paper in the pocket so the what ever could free float so I put in this wooden snowflake and it does not want to stay put in the pocket and I don't want to glue it to the pocket so, I think this page will be going through the sewing machine when I decide its "done"

Day two was tying one on at work ;) ( that is 40 bows on that particular line up of boxes) 

the first of several colors of Christmas cactus's in my laundry room that bloom actually during the holidays. mine tend to go several times a year 

This one I did cut the 4X6 photo of an metal bird ornament in half to fit both those pockets the top right snowflake is heat embossed on vellum. the little page is a tim holtz page protector. ( it fits an size 8 shipping tag) 

The one photo of the float is actually from day 6? maybe day 5 have to look at a calendar again but, the rest are all from the 13th and really they all kind of go together so. the thing I learned doing this is I have no page pockets with horizontal 3X4 pockets. they are all vertical. so this is hmmm, and then I think its not like its a huge book and someone would not be able to tilt it side ways...

when our son left for boot came my husband teased him for the last 8 months before he left about did he want to see his mom's blue prints for what she was going to do to his room... the plan had been to do something like this while he was at boot camp but, it didn't get done. so, while he was at SOI his room was painted all one color ( previous before bedroom shots are not in here ) and so, we had just finished putting this together the sunday before he got home for Christmas. ( there is no minute like the last minute) 

I have some more wrapping photos that are not printed to the right scale yet.

the free printable on the right is on the outside of the page protector. the boot button has the shank removed and its also on the outside of the page.

the green layer was kraft cardstock that the embossing folder was inked before it was run through it.

on Christmas eve we always shut down at work early and so, this year we went to see the Hobbit. oh and they are watching a boot camp video on June's desk. when he was little and came to work some times in the summer they would watch partial movies some days sitting just like that. 

the tag page does not want to hang open on the other side. the little photos were taken with an 
instax mini 8 they are the size of a credit card. 

The page on the left was my favorite gifts. His being able to come home and the little toy camera. 
the photos on the right were cut in half to tuck into the pockets and I am still trying to tell my self that side ways is not bothering me.

the day after Christmas we did a photo shoot to get mug shot for our Christmas cards which still have not been mailed yet. 

more of the same top left is the one going out. 

So far this card is just glued to the back page but, I want to stitch around it like the front page and I have not found something to cover up the back side stitches with yet so, it just looks like this. I am debating about cutting down both of these pages so that they will fit into the page protectors. 

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