More December Daily pages

This page got the flip up photo of the framed ornament on the sideboard photo added to it, as it was one of our gifts from J.

This page got an instagram photo added to it. I guess I never got around to taking photos of the actual wrapping paper all over the floor while I was wrapping packages but, I know I blogged about wrapping so, its probably I just never printed those shots. 

Christmas cards wer received. and no, I never  mailed mine out. I was originally going to do it after the holidays because, we shot a family mug shot and then people were like its after the fact you are too late so, you may as well save the cards for next year... *sigh* I am thinking I just may mail them anyways. 

the left side is the back side of the pocket of cards and the right side is some shots at the airport.

when we finally received some snow it was the week after the holiday. but, it's all gone already again. 

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