Sunday's Tags with a Card

While I was making the card to honor Lee yesterday, I first cut this A-7 diecut on this card... it did not cut all the way on the edges under that ribbon... and her card did not have a ribbon or other cross piece in that section. so, I set it aside knowing it could be saved with creative embellishments... The butterflies on this are made from mulberry paper and were stuck to the gift tissue wrap of something June gifted me with. ( I pull that stuff off packaging ) and so... 

The other pieces were mostly scraps from the previous card also and then I was just digging through a green papers file folder for the idea of cutting the tags below and came across this paper and thought that is really pretty with those scraps and butterfly. (those butterflies have been stuck to a clear piece of packaging on my desk for some time now) and so. this one pretty much made it self. the flower is a Jolees's one and the sentiment is from my you have not opened it basket. ( Tim Holtz trying to think of the name of the set will find it later) This is A-7 in real life. 

So, this was the tag set I was SO Excited to get... it's from memory box... and it cuts a Frame and a circle... not a solid tag... so, this first one is 3 layers of papers and I finally got the idea to stitch them together. and it kind of works but, then I got the idea to try it again and stitch it with zig zag stitches. but, the thing that makes this one not really suitable to gift out yet is, I use clear thread on my bobbin so I dont have to switch out the bobbin every time I switch thread colors... ( 99.9% of the stitching I do is glued down to something so you cannot see the back side) so, this looks dorky with black threads on the top and clear on the back. 

so, this one is also 3 layers of papers with zig zag stitching and the stitching only goes through the top two layers and the third layer on the back is covering up all the stitching. the heart is a new I have not played with it yet die from Serendipity stamps. I could not get any to cut completely with cardstock but, I did finally get one from thin printed paper using wax paper and having it go through the big shot 8 times ( back and forth on each corner of the square it was in ) you know roll it in, roll it back rotate it 25 degrees. ( it's doubtful I will use it much because of that) 

Now, by the time I was done with that heart I was getting irritated so, I grabbed some really thick chipboard and cut one. ( it did not cut the tag out just made the indent) which was OK because, I took scissors to it and cut out the center and made a block for the center of the tag to be able to get it to cut whole shapes and not frames. The difficulty I have with the "frame" thing with this die is the largest classic circle die from spellbinders is just a tad too small to cover up the back side to glue to and the smallest grand circle die is a tad too large to use it for a backer. ( I think all these companies do this on purpose trying to get you to buy more of "their" products) makes sense. but, I sincerely hope memory box comes out with some kind of a "solid" backer for this tag set because, A its a great size ( around 4 inches this biggest one) and its Round which is way cool if you know how hard it is to hunt down round tag dies. So, this one was cut from a scrap that was a blotter of the stencil that was sprayed through on saturday. the sentiment is from Avery elle. oh happy day. I have not played with these before. the button in the flowers is vintage as is the lace and ric rac. 

and fourth times a charm. I found that leaving the shim I made taped inside the center of the die made it possible to cut thicker papers ( this is watercolor paper) without cutting the center hole into it. and this butterfly ( a k & co layered sticker) was also a recycled from a gift package. I had that sentiment set out still and then die cut that with an pierced fish tail die from My Favorite things. ( love this set) and I probably could have trimmed it a tad on the left but, I kind of liked how it looked "off the box". the printed paper is from Penny Black. ( I saved every scrap of this and then I got lucky and found out from Sabrina they make it in a stamp this pattern.) So, this one is my favorite of this batch of tags. 

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Angie said...

Fascinating! Four great projects. Sounds like you had some struggles but I am glad it finally worked in the end. The last one really has a gorgeous design on it!