WOYWW #294 {the case of the dysfunctional dies}

It's lots of photos this morning, I have been talking about cleaning out my closet for a few days now on splitcoast and someone said how do you organize your dies. so, there are some extra shots of that mess too. ( its a two-fer day right?) :) you can find out all the details and play along by linking up to this blog hop where it starts on Julia's blog here:  

So, on my table it self I had this basket of pre cut & scored card bases I had bought from paperzone when they closed and when I was cleaning I noticed they were starting to bend so, they all came out of the basket, and I am folding and scoring them and putting them "away" with the other papers so, that I may actually try to use some of them up. the basket on the paper cutter is filled with 3" cards. that are headed to the soap store later today. ( its a really cute little store in the old scrappers corner spot next to Nibbleys cafe) you can see a photo of them here on their facebook page. the wooden floor screen to the center left of their header photo is filled with chicken wire and those little squares are my 3" cards on this thing with wooden clothes pins. 

card bases being folded with some of the sentiments that were used on the 3" cards and some valentines. ( I will do a second post of the cards there are a few of them) 

so on the table behind that ott light on the right is this wooden little tray and inside of it are the dies I use most for sentiments. they are mostly inside these clear pockets from Memorex for holding CD's.  sometimes I stick the sticker on them ( like from My Favorite things) and sometimes I just grab a slick writer and jot down the name on the sleeve. way back when the only kind of metal dies I had like this were spellbinders I used to save part of the packaging and put magnets on that and then tuck them into the pockets. ( I have given up doing that) 

under the table is a pile of extra cut pads and a stamp foam sheet and the Pro size dies for the sizzix big shot. ( these are 12" square in real life ) (and heavy) there is one plastic box in that basket that was something a Gina K kit came in and all my spellbinders grands dies are in that one box together. 

in the corner, on the floor is a basket of fairly recent die purchases that have not been put away yet. because, if you scroll down to see the top of these cabinets you will kinda get the idea of how they get put away. and I started buying these plastic boxes with sheets of magnets that I had seen on Becca Feeken show on her blog a long time ago. ( the problem I have with those is when I buy them in bulk they put all the magnets on one end of the stack of all the thin boxes so the UPS people play hockey with the boxes and the ones closest to the end where all the weight is of the magnets come in shattered. so, if you buy these get more boxes than you get magnets) 

see those white baskets in the front? ( those were found at pier 1 imports) there is one more empty one in the closet waiting for me to get more cases and magnets. the cases are these and the magnet sheets on the inside are these.  some of the cases hold more than one die because, I have a whole bunch that were sold as single dies, so there is a box of butterflies kind of a thing. and I just grabbed that pen and wrote on the cases. the metal drawers on the left are holding spellbinders dies on their packaging with magnet strips inside the clear pouches from memorex. behind the white baskets are bigZ style dies. behind the tape spinner that is holding ranger square in pads are some binders. and in the green zippered one is alphabet dies from Sizzix and the smaller dies are alphabets and shapes from quickutz. on top of the metal drawers in the left side corner way in the back is a round tall metal basket and it is holding some border dies. ( the ones that don't fit into any of the other systems) 
there are two more kinds of dies in here that I did not shoot photos of, but, there are previous posts that show those photos. the one is the inside of those little metal drawers and that can be seen here. ( they are more "full" now. and the other is the top drawer of the dresser by the window that holds my cling mount stamps in its top drawer its too shallow for those dvd plastic cases from SU so, it has small die cut things and a small wooden tray holding the old green size sizzix original dies. you have to scroll down in that post to see inside the top drawer. hopefully it makes what I babble about make more sense, and hopefully everyone else was not too bored to tears. :) have a happy Wednesday people! 


Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Stacy happy WOYWW. OMG..you have so many dies...and you seem to be so organised with them, all sorted, thanks for some ideas of storing mine. Have fun with the rest of your clean out, cheers RobynO#42, thanks for visiting

Sharon Madson said...

You are so organized, and you have given me some ideas! Thank you! And also thank you for your earlier visit.
About the homemade dots. It was an idea from someone else, and one of my earlier Blogs has the directions. :)

Ali H said...

All looks super organised ! Ali #20

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I think you have a couple/few dies. And here I was fussing over the bunch I have--not nearly as many as you. You have things very nicely organized and I applaud you just writing the names on with Sharpie. I put official labels on mine so often they sit on my desk for a long time until I drag the label maker out. Thanks for sharing the lines to the DVD cases and FLAT magnetic sheets. I've only seen rolls of magnet and once rolled doesn't ever seem to go flat again (and not adhesive backed). Your methods are making me rethink some of my organization and I thank you for that. Also thanks for the visit earlier! Judy #76

Eliza said...

I love your space and organizational skills, I do the same with the filing cabinets but most of all I love that wooden crate with the handle to display your little cards. If I promise to be good can I come and play?

Have a wonderful day
Hugs Eliza & Yoda 35

Queenie Jeannie said...

A room full of stamping goodness!! Enjoy it all!

Happy Crafting!
Jeannie #14

Annie said...

I'm catching up with a bit of blogging and visiting those that visited me this week. Thanks for calling by and for your lovely comments.
You seem to be very organisted with all your stash but I guess you need to be when you have so much or you'd never find what you need.
Annie x # 23

Neet said...

Now I use something similar with my dies but put labels on which fall off - why do I not write on with a Sharpie? Will when I get home now. Thanks.
Thanks also for the tour of your well organised craft room.
Hugs, Neet 3 xxx

Kelly said...

And I thought I was organized! LOL Lady, you are awesome! Will catch you on SCS. Creative Blessings! Kelly #70

Julia Dunnit said...

I kinda lost the plot once you got talking about the die storage...Too many places and products I've never heard of...that's the trouble with international desk hopping!!
I love the basket of small cards and the stack of cards on your desk...you obviously sell quite a lot...let's see some of them?!