I did not make a thing, well. I made a bunch of bills, service charges and statements.
because, it was billing day and that's what I do...

and I most likely have photos in my folder to be uploaded I could have stuck in here.

but, today first girl ( who has yet to be named) has become more frisky, walks better and sticks much closer to her mama then on day one ( she mostly slept the first day)

and another thing that happened today is I found out in a round about way that someone who rak'd me something that I have an envelope going for her in return on my table upstairs has passed away. and as an "internet acquainted person"  there is no way for her family to know that she had meant something to me. and for that I am sorry. because, I do not know them either there is not a lot I can say to them except I am sorry for their loss.

and this has me thinking, if you think of all the people who "know" you only because of the internet... how will those people know if something were to happen to you. Do you have a something/someone/system in place to put the word out somehow?
on the internet if something were to happen to you?

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