Creamy Prayers

sorry there has been so many post's today... I found these photos in the folder I have that is like a holding tank for things to upload... and I had no time to really upload much in the last few weeks so... here is another 2012 project from the color combo challenge that came out the week after the last school shooting which was to use either white or cream. ( no color ) and it was just such a heart breaking thing to watch from the sidelines it was *almost* not a project you want to post, and then other people are grieving too and sharing their's and it helps. So, here is mine... I very rarely look at the color combo challenge. because, of the day of the week it falls on i guess. and I have seen some gorgeous things move through the gallery this week that it made me curious enough to go see. So, here's an attempt. ( I'm guessing the brown ink was too much brown) but, this was also mostly done with scraps. This is 6" square in real life. The gallery for this color combo challenge hides here if your curious... there are some amazing projects posted.

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Olga said...

love it, all the layers and colors, makes a gorgeous card!!