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a few weeks ago hubs said to me well, what do you want for Christmas and I wracked my brain and came up with lets get a flat tv for upstairs and a little sofa for you and re-arrange the space so its more of a family room. so for the two weekends before Christmas all this stuff flipped from the side of the room where you see the tv hanging on the wall to this other corner. ( I now have a view out the window, an overhead light and 5' longer closet space) (and a pretty firm idea that I own "enough" vintage lace to part with some) lol. that closet door was opening the wrong way to be open behind where the main table is so, hubs took it off the hinges flipped it upside down re-did all the brackets and hinges and such and now it opens towards the heater. ( which is OK because Grace's dog bed is in front of the heater and this gives her that "safe" feeling without her feeling like she needs to sleep in front of the paper rack.)

you can click any of these photos to enlarge them, if you click the enlarged photo again it enlarges it again, then use your back button to return to the blog.

Speaking of paper rack's mines been cut in half to become a base for this big shot. ( the plan was to not buy each other gifts this Christmas because, we were doing this to the room and we really don't need anything) but, since when has Tim followed the rules?! anyways, they had a good sale on this right before Christmas so I said so, so he had one get here in time ( wow) and its very cool. took my 'bug and g. calliber to work to use there. Those vintage suitcases on the shelf are holding what is left of finished cards for this years booths. 

I had showed Tim some other people's stamp rooms over the years with the stamps on the wall like art. and said this is the thing I have wanted most for a long time and I finally have "a wall" so, these were made from pre painted cheap wood from homedepot. ( shot these mug shots as soon as stuff was on the shelf haha and Then touched up the paint) ( so you cannot see the glue or staples anymore) they are 4" wide boards with some 1" other boards for the bumpers. the ends were going to be open on every shelf and then he used the scraps to put them on the ends too. ( at the top) ran out of lumbar before he got to the bottom shelf. 

The top two shelves are background stamps because, I hardly use these because, they were packed harder to get to than most the other stamps. the middle shelf is vintage buttons. I've been sorting by color but, there is a store mesh handle basket in the closet filled with the rest of them. some will get saved. some to be sold. the bottom two shelves are combinations of buttons and prima type flowers. the ones from wild orchid crafts are so lumpy they don't fit in the jars very well so, or rather the whole package does not fit into a jar. ( still hunting for more tall wide mouth ones) eventually there will not be any short jars. these shelves were made this deep to hold the jars. 

a closer look. its like my own personal penny candy isle :) 

for Imogene. these are just flat boards. no miters. 

what you see when you walk into the closet. the top plastic boxes are stamps. the middle row is embellishments sorted by color in cabela's boxes. the row under that is like "overstock" glues, bow maker, one basket is seam binding rolls, coloring things used to be on the table, more lace and ribbons on rolls. the closet is 5' longer than the one I previously had. 

this is the end of the closet at the east side of the room. got all the punchies hanging on the wall on this side of behind the door. the green ribbon rack that hubs made years ago holding the MS punchies is under neath this cropper hopper one. those binders on the shelf between stamp boxes are quickuts dies, sizzix alphabets in baseball card pages, and brass stensils and such. 

the west end of the closet. ( yes, I have joined the stamp to spend challenge... and the Christmas card challenge... and the I have been trying to do the featured stamper challenge ...) maybe I will make a dent in it. ( maybe) the problem with living in the middle of no where is you learn to buy in bulk. just got 1000 envelopes. various square sizes. things like that. buying some cardstocks by the ream. 

I'm shooting things on top of the stamp dresser. the bottom drawer is now being filled with unmounted stamps. the papers that were inside it have been moved to the closet or the vintage suitcase holding little pads. 

what the top of the table looks like. making a dent in that scrap pile. ( ha ) 
will shoot some other shots later. the best part is I finally got to have a play day yesterday. ( Christmas cards are coming, plus all the stuff I did not get around to uploading before the end of the year because of time limits.) 


Olga said...

that is one fantastic room!!!!! Thanks for following me, I am now following you too!!!

Janice M said...

Oh I see Olga found you! I'd love to "shop" in your penny candy isle!! Seriously though it would be a dream to come spend time/play with you in your comfy little stamp nook!! Awesome job Stacy!!