Some other Studio Shots

These were shot after the furniture went in... 

This is the old corner that used to have all my stamping stuff in it. and the desk that belonged to hubs gma  is holding my sewing machine and will probably be staying there. need to get a shelf for the wall above it to hold the vintage 50's toy sewing machine and stuff I have collected. right now its on the floor or piled on the desk so it makes it hard to use the machine. 

 Grace is sitting near the door under the tv... this is the shot I said I would not do... the one showing hubs mess. haha this is friday afternoon which he spent some odd moments cleaning and organizing this weekend so a lot more of his stuff has been "put away" in his closets. ( he has both the closets on the east side of the room for "stuff" ) But, it was the only way to show the furniture.

Vintage suitcase holding a lot of 6" paper pads... this is pretty heavy so its on the floor under the rolling cart at the end of the table.  My old system was to pull out the papers I wanted to use and put them into the file cabinet in hanging folders sorted by main color. and this is more useful to know who makes them down the road as they are used... but, its also a pain to sit on the floor to dig through the case... so, I may end up going back to ripping up the pads and re-gifting the unloved sheets. 

Something funny, J drag's me through the Army Navy surplus store 4 or 5 times a year when he gets to go to Medford and the color of this old lunch tray caught my eye. ( this is a used one) they sell them new for more money if you wanted one for food.. but, I thought oh that looks "useful" in the same kind of way as the muffin tins I already own so... picked on up and started using it to sort buttons but, they kinda look cool and are fun to dig through like this so I left them this way. 

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