Shepherd's Market Display {2016}

 As you come through the foyer of the school to the right the hallway that connects the gym to the Cafeteria is where I have a booth in the hallway. This year I left the second spinner rack at home and piled up some of the lumpy boxed cards on the other ends of the ladder displays ( that have small tags and gift cards in trays and baskets) And this year they had the best display on the wall behind my wall with alumni Veterans from the school but, the rules for this booth are you have to have walls up so, it was a shame to hide that. 

 This is a closer look at the smaller ladder on the short wall.

 The longer side of the hallway wall. The suitcase near the spinning rack is holding Thank-you, note cards and all the other non seasonal holiday cards. The suitcase you can catch a glimpse of on the right is holding, nearly every other theme I make. Sympathy, get well, encouragement, Congratulations, Love, Birthdays and humorous friendship type cards.

 One of the trays of tags.

 These are smaller ones they are all 3" square in this tray.

A few tags on the wall. This particular snowflake shaped holder ( for Christmas cards) came from a Princess house party years ago. I have three of this style.
The off white ones you see came from Kohls last year and the rectangle ones came from a Craft warehouse a long time ago.
But, this is the time of year stores put that stuff out, its usually near the photo frames.

 This one has some fold over little cards and some gift card holders.

Some Christmas themed fold over cards with a few more tags.
We did not set up ever wall hanger this time because, sometimes it just gets to be too overwhelming to my eye and I have at least half of the shoppers are a lot shorter than me so, they cannot reach over the open suitcase lids to remove a tag so, those were left as open white space this time around.
my thought is if they are meant to find the tag, they will. Most people are not shy about asking if you have a specific kind of card or tag somewhere.

This is the suitcase on the short wall holding Christmas and winter cards.

And this is the "check out" the tablecloth is hiding a little folding plastic one from Costco. and peeking out besides that stool is an vintage Army case that is holding paper handle bags that I put purchases into when they buy more than one card and or they don't insist they can fit the cards into the bag they have already from another booth. I tend to go buy the seasonal ones at Joann's really close to Christmas and just save them for the next year. These have tags that have that "Share handmade Kindness" heat embossed on them or the "handmade in Oregon" fold over tags on them.
I don't know how it turned out at the end of Friday because, BOOTS ARE IN THE HOUSE!! we had to go to the airport and the flight was canceled and they moved everyone to a flight that went to an airport 80 miles from here, so by the time we were back in town it was after the booth had shut down for the evening and I was so blessed that my friend from work was able to go and actually work my both all those hours. So, today will be the second and last day and it is open from 9-5 if you are out and about stop in and say Hey.


Sabrina said...

Stacy, you really make it look better and better every year. I remember when you got those screens and were working on them - they look fabulous. I hear you on not putting things too high! I struggle reaching things sometimes in stores. Have a wonderful family Thanksgiving.

Jean Cross said...

Stacy, your booth looks so GREAT! Wow! I hope everything goes well for you. Thanks for directing us to see the pics. I really enjoyed looking.

Marg said...

Wow Stacy, it looks amazing, where do you get the time to make all the cards? Hope you do really well.

Marg said...

Wow Stacy, it looks amazing, where do you get the time to make all the cards? Hope you do really well.