Birthday Gifts

 So, these are in the order that they arrived for my birthday this year and this one came from Olga at scs BRAK. it has awesome textures that were hard to capture with a camera.

 This one came from Tricia and the colors are even prettier in real life.

 This one came all the way from Ireland and Sabrina and that stitching the thread is like what is the word Metallic and blingy. ( very cool layers of texture all over )

 This one came from Nylietta and was also from the BRAK at SCS.
isnt that mummy jar a hoot?

 This one was made by my friend at work June, those ribbons are iridescent in real life and that is all popped up and dimensional.
 Goodies from June. The birds are bling-y chipboard stickers and that washi tape is gold roses. ( so pretty)

And this haul came from my son. This has really impressed me so much the last couple of years that he has voluntarily gone into craft shops where he is stationed and picked these out to send them. The beans are very blingy on the card in person also.

We had a pretty peaceful weekend but, this cold has been ongoing and lingering. ( the people who can do "open burning" have started doing that kind of thing, plus some people here have their wood stoves going on green days so the air quality has gone to smog city in my lungs.

but, the cool news is we, Hubs and I ordered energy efficient heaters for our house last week and they are supposed to get delivered to the store today ( this means they should "not" be blowing dust around when the fans are blowing on the heaters) ( cross your fingers I am hopeful it is true) :)

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