Hope you can cling to {day 15}

This was done for Barbara's Hope you can cling to challenge seen here. ( the idea is to ink the back side of a shaped clear stamp and stamp with that) so, this is the back side of a Penny Black Social Butterfly clear stamp that was inked with some tiny pads I did use a darker shade of blue on the outside edges and I let this sit on the block then applied the paper from the top and pressed down. ( I really did not think there was enough contact to pick up the stamp and do it like normal with the image stuck to the block)
after I thought well, it looks more like a road kill bat or something than a butterfly but, such is life. the sentiment was actually inked in a shade of purple but, all the colors really blended so, it doesn't look that way either. this whole thing was a crazy something different experiment for me.
The lace is vintage and the printed paper is from paperhouse.

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Princess Judy Palmer said...

It does sort of look like a road kill bat but it a cool blue nifty way. Love that background.