Some Goodies from a While back

Some things I found a couple of months ago towards the end of yardsale season. ( there still are a few here and there in the winter but, its like one here and one there. and there is even one tomorrow, there hasn't been any for weeks. So, I'm sure it will be a zoo. 

no Idea what I want to do with those bingo cards yet but, this is the biggest stash of them I have come across so, it feels like there are "enough" to not have to hoard them all. same thing with the chips, since I have been finding these I have been trying to use up my tim holtz ones because, the reproductions are just HUGE compared to the real vintage ones. thickness wise. 

Just some different angles, the stamp that is kinda hidden the larger one is an PSX of an carriage with a just wed on it. its tiny.

these oldplaying cards are also just small enough they could be really cool on a card front. the dice are so textural - ly cool to hold too. 

during that same time frame also picked up this assortment a different weekend. the match holder is on the wall but, I have no idea what I want to put into it yet, the milk glass is way cool and something I usually pass by because, I'm more likely to pick up Portuguese stonewear in white than the milk glass but, this one was too pretty to pass up for 1.00

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