12 days of Christmas {Swap}

I am playing along in an 12 Days of Christmas swap {early} with the gals inside wishrak this season and we started opening these packages on Dec. 1st... but, I did not have any time during the daylight for photos until day 3. so, these shots the first 3 days have been opened.

a closer look at the loot :) all the the wrappings are something I would have bought my self the colors are perfect for me. 

On day one is an vintage inspired hanger with an glamours gal painted on to the wood. with this tag.

on day two is a pair of vintage lace collars that belonged to my gals husbands grandmother... WOW.
I totally love how the holy triptych tag was done on this one I have never stamped the scenes into that tag frame so, its way cool to see. 

on the third day of Christmas Santa brought 3-D squares :) :) 
(which is like the best thing next to coffee) 

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