Spring Faire day 1

hall way inside Hosanna Christian Schools spring fair. I've considered building walls to hang things from to out behind the display but, this is also a fundraiser for the school and a whole lot of people come by just to see it and or contribute so, for the people who want to show their grandparents their mug shot on the wall... it would not be a great day for them to see I have blocked the view. 

Tim got some additional rungs into the larger ladder on the right last weekend so, it was functional this round too :) the tub for the 3-d things is not working so great. I think it needs something under the cloth to boost that stuff up higher out so its more visible. did hang some of them on the hanging clips tonight before I left but, may change things in the morning. 

just more view, most of these were shot on auto as I was hand holding this and lighting is next to nil.

this basket on the bottom is all those 4" cards from the last few days... ( most did not sell today) however lots of 3" cards sold, a lot of mothers day, some cones, one thing of buttons. and birthday cards. a few funny friendship ones. but, the Easter (nothing Easter ) has sold, no tall bags nor paper baskets either. 

almost all the flower pot cards were gone today did remove this basket and consolidated what was left into other containers. 

just more views. 

the overhead lights stop about right here in the hallway and then are are none to the left of this ladder. 

From this angle you can see the other side of the hallway where I normally put this booth, so this side of the hallway has no door so, it is a larger piece of hall and there will be room for the spinner racks in November. because, in November the biggest seller is Christmas and of course there is none of that out in this display so, it looks a little small to me.


Bibiana Martinez-Ziegler said...

beautiful displays...love the ladders and the vintage suitcase...

Jennifer said...

Stacy, your displays are fabulous! Absolutely the most beautiful and creative and inviting I've ever seen.