scalloped wing folds

So, this was totally done because, a gal wandered into the chat box thread a while back looking for instructions to make this card she had found on etsy. and this was my best attempt. best guess is the gal on etsy has some kind of a system to get the flaps at more perfect rounded flaps, but this is what I did... and the lace is so big and was such a mess on the back side I mounted the pockets to an actual 6" card base. the wings I did sew up and the cream piece in the center pocket will pull out. The handmade flower on this was made by my friend Janice, and she has the softest yarn. I have been hoarding these and decided to use one here. Thanks Janice!

this was an 12" piece of card stock that was scored at the quarters and then one quarter was cut out. This circle nestie die is from the grand circles set and I just traced it with a pencil and cut it out by hand then folded up the flaps to make the pocket. ( then this was too large ) so the whole thing went into the paper cutter and I took more off the straight edges and cut down the rounded flaps several times until I got the pocket to show the cream piece a few times. so the rounded parts being cut by hand are not so "perfect" as die cuts would have been. this may be easier if there was an arch shaped die. ( for all I know there is) but, this is what I came up with going with things I had laying around. 
no clue if that gal was able to create her own or not. we've never seen her again in the thread. 

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