Decided there was room for one more tray on the ladders today so, put some vintage buttons into vintage jello molds again. 

they are all different and these molds are a little larger then the ones I did the first time a few years ago. 

found this vintage tub/basin at a yard sale last week? think it was last week for 2.00 its holding all the tall bags and all the little baskets I made for the booth with the pansy embroidered cloth that was a gift from Pansy. ( Thanks so much!) Its up on an vintage wood luggage rack. 

had time to do a couple more 4" simple note cards after everything was grouped together and or dusted for setting up tomorrow night. 
sentiment on the left is an Inkadinkado Kid Quote and the one on the right is from Paper and such. 

sentiment on the left is River City Rubber Works and the one on the right is My Favorite Things these are 4" notecards also. 

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