Happy Birthday Old Thing!

Today a good friend of mine is of course older...
{ and she does not know how to let that go and forget about it...} this kid quote is heat embossed on a scrap of office supply vellum as is the Happy Birthday from the Inside and Out set, the inside of the card has the other half of the birthday sentiment in it. the pink satin ribbon runs around the part where the kids name and age is (hides it) the happy birthday i hit with the heat gun just a little bit too long to help warp it, so that and the brads are holding it to be dimensional. Happy Birthday Alice, Luv U you OLD thing!

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LindainNCtoo said...

I was going through my old button jar this past weekend. The old white clearish buttons that you used on the card. I have lots of.

Thanks for the idea!

I love the look of the white embossed stamped images on vellum.

Linda M.