Coloring Book

I've spent a bunch of time coloring this last week, which is not that unusal but, this time i didnt turn the images into cards. these were done using copic markers. I have been mostly feeling like i did not have enough colors so, ordered a bunch this month and after the first box arrived started playing with those with the ones i had liked how the bottom right circle turned out so decided to try it again, did the top right circle just the sky, then thought change the ground did the top left circle ( too camo colored) but is interesting still to see. the colors are not like the lids exactly so this seeing how they look together. ( and i also have a few prisma and bic alcohol based markers) these use those too. Did this one, Liked how it turned out will have to try it again because as soon as i was done forgot what colors it is. so everything after this has "cheat sheets" so started gluing them into a notebook. Its a little yellow but works thinking will try this again with a frog not so much on the minty side. maybe an Olive toned one stump. this was hard, do not have enough greys yet. These were harder, colors are OK but the black bic mark-it tip is way to fat to get into the hook to color... so black Copics hit the top of the wish list. Greedy Greedy.. the more colors i get the more i "want" the cool thing is there is more then double the marker colors then pencils... told hubs i may not buy every color but, I'd imagine before its over with I will probably have at least half of them.

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LindainNCtoo said...

I love this idea of using a "coloring" book so you know what you used last time on a stamped image. AND like the colors that you used so you can reproduce the look.

I agree........I love Copics and I only have 24 of them.