For Keeps

So, I've been on this clean it up jag with my space last week and the double sided sheet of pp ( the red/cream) has been laying on the table since mid Feb. ( yes, tired of dusting it finally) the thought way back when was to use it for Hubs Valentines card... nope, he didn't get one this year. Amazingly enough he didn't care... ( we have never done anything "romantic" or out of the ordinary for that day anyways) So... the thought at the time was to have the card look like the Queen of Hearts button was saying something, hmmm something funny. but, couldn't think of anything ( 'cept off with their heads!) which probably would not work for a love ya card SO... this is what happened to that paper since then, added the canvas tag ( no idea who makes those but, i have a stack of them some have black stitching on them) the red buttons from Jenni Bowlin, the Brown buttons unknown, the tan buttons vintage. the For Keeps puffy plastic-y heart thing is from MM. This ones 6" square in real life. the photo corners are from Heidi Swapp & the cream text cardstock is Bazzill.


LindainNCtoo said...

I wish that I was that coordinated and comfy with my sewing machine and fabric on cards!!

Great card!!

Janice M said...

How cool! Love the fabric tag!